Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 1

The Party

Aired Unknown Jul 11, 2003 on MTV - Music Television

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  • like it

    Its nice I love it so much
  • I liked how they made the characters look.

    This is the first episode I watched. This episode was cool. I liked how they made Electro. Electro looked scary and I like his attacks. Overall, this episode is superb! Although, they should make the fight between Spider-Man and Electro longer and more violent! The Electro in this Spider-Man series is the best than the one in the 90s. The guy who turned into Electro - Max -...I felt sorry for him. He was always picked on and he was embarrassed by the 3 guys at the party. Too bad he became bad. Max seemed like a good person. Anyway, that's it.
  • A good episode and features Electro

    This episode is one of my favorite episode of this series. This episode was the third episode that I see and is one of my favorite because to me likes the charachter of Max Dillon but don\'t like me that He became so crazy at the end, he is very inteligent and a good person. Electro is one of my favorite villain of spider-man and that He get a new look in this show as being made of Electricity is good like the changes of some of the characthers of \"The Batman\" and sometimes that is good but sometimes doesn\'t
  • Electro has always been a favorite of mine, so I liked this episode.

    I haven't seen this episode in a while, so just try to bear with me.
    Plot: Max Dillon is shunned and embarassed at a party, so he runs out into a storm and is struck by lightning next to a "High Voltage" sign. It turns him into Electro, so he uses his powers to seek revenge on the people at the party, so it's up to Spider-Man to stop him.
    Originally, Max Dillon was a guy that worked on power lines, got struck by lightning in a storm while working on a power line, and became Electro. He comitted crimes in a green and yellow suit. But here, it's different, as I mentioned in the plot. I like how they made Electro's electric attacks look, but I think that he could have posed more of a threat. His new look is frightening, but I preferred the green and yellow Electro of the 90s cartoon. The action was good, and Spider-Man eventually won by trapping Electro in something(can't remember). There was one memorable quote that I liked:
    Spider-Man:(to Electro) Where were you when we had an energy crisis?
    So, I enjoyed the plot, the action(although it could have been better), the character development, especially in Max, and that one quote I mentioned.
    I felt sorry for Max, the poor kid. He was being pushed around by almost everybody.
    Okay, that's all. It could have been better, but I enjoyed it still.
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