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This series is a spin off of the Spider-Man show in 1994. Hijacking a space shuttle to save John Jameson, who crash-landed on another planet as the result of Venom and Carnage attacking his ship during its flight into space, Spider-Man ends up stranded on Counter-Earth, an Earth-like planet in the same orbit on the other side of the sun. On Counter-Earth, he finds a high-tech society where humanoid animals, also known as beastials, rule under the leadership of the High Evolutionary, while humans, the minorities, are seen as second class citizens and must be "tagged" with tracking devices that prevent them from attempting to rebel against the beastials. If that wasn't bad enough, Venom and Carnage are about, having their minds set on global domintation through the help of the Synoptic - a hivemind producing spores that turn people into its mindless slaves. This series ended on a cliffhanger, as Marvel's bankruptcy brought the show to an unexpected end after the first season. Six episodes were produced for the second season, including a conclusion to the first season's finale (which was intended to be a multi-part episode), but never aired. There are currently no plans for a home video release, although Disney has acquired the rights to air and release episodes of the series.

Rhys Huber

Rhys Huber

Shane Yamada-Jones

Ron Halder

Ron Halder

Sir Ram

Brian Drummond

Brian Drummond

Venom/Brock 'Eddie' O'Reilly

Rino Romano

Rino Romano

Spider-Man/Peter Parker

David Sobolov

David Sobolov

Lord Tyger of the Next-Men

Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale

Lady Vermin

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  • Spiderman unlimited was marvels answer to batman beyond

    If you think about it, it came out a year after batman beyond, and spiderman had all of batmans power( flight, plus his spiderpowers. also, bb was real popular so yeah. marvels full of bull.
  • Horrible just.... Horrible

    Geez where do I start?

    Continuity errors abound... Venom and carnage are jelly now? Since when? There's dudes in those suits freakin get it right jackasses. The drawing looks like an extremly cheap phoned in version of anything before it. There's no vibe... No life... The plot premise is hideous... Hey aunt may I'm going to an alternate earth bye!!! Ridiculous. Piloting a ship without controls practiced? Seriously? And the whole cartoon looks totally cheapmoreless
  • Still good

    This was my least favorite of the Spider-Man series' I watched as a kid growing up (not including the MTV version), but it still had its charm. The story was a bit iffy (alternate earth and all), but the futuristic Spider-Man costume was pretty cool. It was a good continuation of Spider-Man TAS. I also wasn't a huge fan of the dark atmosphere, but it works looking back now.
  • A satellite launched to outer space discovers a new world, and exact duplicate of Earth, John Jameson is set on a trip to counter earth but then Venom and Carnage sneak in on his ship, Spiderman sees them and steals another space ship to try and stop themmoreless

    Why was this show canceled? on Wiki it says that it had fair ratings but was overshadowed by Pokemon, Hey you know what? F*** Pokemon that show was just *** ****** *** ******* ***.

    Spiderman Unlimited is awesome, and I say they should redo the show and continue where they left off.

    I really liked the whole new theme and upgrades he got in this show, and the whole changing of the environment and all, I've been searching everywhere to watch this show and get back to my childhood.

    It's an awesome sequel to the Spiderman Animated Series, and it was totally g@y of them to cut off the show like that in the middle of a cliff hanger, again, F*** Pokemon.moreless
  • If you want to go to sleep. Watch this.

    I tried watching it, but lost intrest right away. If you want to have a show that is exciting do not get this. The animation kind of annoys me a bit. The characters all look like they have to loose a few pounds. If you like shows with not so good scripts and/or backround information, loook at this show. Exactly what you want. I know that i probably cannot put my review into more words because all I can say is that is sucks ans i am glad that they cancelled the series. I really believe that-I'm typing too much-if you want to be addictes to a show it has to have a good plot line, well developed characters and more. Gosh...I feel like i am a critic.moreless

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