Spider-Man Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 4

Deadly Choices

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 23, 2000 on FOX
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Spider-Man and the Beastials must find Git, who has stolen a sample of one of Sir Ram's experiments - not knowing that there was a hidden time-bomb inside of it, before Git is blown to bits.

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  • one of the resistance members manages to steal a experimental "capsule" from Sir Ram's lab unbeknownst to him that the item has a nuclear charge set to go off if it leaves the lab. The knights and the resistance team up to find him before it's too late.moreless

    although this episode lacked on the action side and ended alittle too "conveniently"(those of u who've seen this episode probably know what i'm saying) this was one of the better episodes of the series. we also get a better glimpse at who (and/or what) Git Hoskins is and/or was as the case may be. this episode also shows that maybe the knights arent completely merciless and evil. they could have just let Git blow up along with whatever hole of the city he was hiding in. and upon retrieving the device and the final faceoff at the end of the episode, why dont they just attack the resistance members right then (if i remember correctly spidey was a little tied up at the time so he's a non-factor, right?). but nope, Git actually seems to forgive Sir Ram for what he did now wanting to stoop to their level before smashing the "capsule" or whatever it was so the knights couldnt do to anyone else what they did to him. great episode imo, but the resolution could've been darker and more profound, but hey that's me.moreless
Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

Carnage/Cassidy Kletwood

Rino Romano

Rino Romano

Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Tasha Simms

Tasha Simms

Lady Ursula

Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale

Lady Vermin

Ron Halder

Ron Halder

Sir Ram

Richard Newman

Richard Newman

The High Evolutionary

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • As Naoko opens the door, she finds a weakened John Jameson who collapses upon her at first sight. As she is holding him up, we see his right arm with no eclipse moon shape brand, yet in every other episode, he has it. It is also ironic that he doesn't have it in this episode, yet in the next episode it focuses on the brand.

    • Early in the episode, Spider-Man runs out of webfluid for his webshooters. After morphing into his costume, Spider-Man grabs one web-cartidge, and loads it in his right arm. However, not once does it show him load another web cartridge in the other arm, yet throughout the episode both arms shoot webs.

    • After meeting with three of the Knights of Wondergor, he places a spider-tracker on the back of Lady Vermin's Hovercraft. However, not once elsewhere in the episode is the tracker mentioned, nor did it serve a purpose, as they end up working together.

    • As Git and Spider-Man are battling the Knight's Enforcers, Git jumps on back of an Enforcer, it explodes, and Git goes flying. Git unwinds himself and rewinds himself into his normal form, and he's wearing NO CLOTHES when he's on the ground. It cuts to Spider-Man real quick, and then back to a running Git who is wearing a RED trench coat. Then, in the next scene, Git is again wearing all the clothes he was wearing before they got blasted off. Hmm.. Must shop quite frequently--and at the same place..

    • After Git fistfights the Ram Knight, Ram pulls out a turqouise pistol along with 2 of his loyal knights. In response, Karen and Bromley pull out two Red pistols and aim at the Knights, while spiderman and Git are caught in between. Suddenly it cuts to commercial, and when it comes back from commerical, it shows a bird's eye view. However, the bird's eye view clearly shows only two nights with two PINK pistols, and two revolutionaries with two PINK pistols. Then, it does another close up view, and the Knights now have their Torquoise pistols and there is the other knight. Then, it cuts to Karen and Bromley who now have red pistols. Simple coloring error.

    • In this episode, Spider-Man states that Git has "saved his life more times than he can count," but this is only the fourth episode, and he hasn't even appeared yet!

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Spider-Man: Contagious, that's a word I've never liked much.. right up there with root canal and broccoli.

    • Spider-Man: I gotta get off this planet before I wind up dating outside my species!

    • Ram Knight: Stand aside, insect!
      Spider-Man: I keep telling you, it's Arachnid!

    • Lady Vermin: Tread softly, my love. When you insult one Knight of Wondergor, you insult us all.
      Spider-Man: Oh, well, that's convenient. And would you PLEASE, stop calling me your love?

    • Spider-Man: You know, the trouble with this field is that everyone is always shooting at someone, namely me, without ever taking the time to talk!

    • Naoko's Ex-Husband: (to himself) Well, Peter Parker. I'll have to deal with you, won't I? (punches wall)

    • Shane: Did you hear about Spider-Man and the rat-lady in the paper? YUCK!
      Spider-Man: Yeah, I know, who would have thought it? Especially when there are women like your mom around.

    • "Daily Bytes" Editor: Nice doing business with ya.
      Peter: Same here. Let's keep it nice.
      (Peter sticks out hand)
      ("Daily Bytes" Editor mumbles, then hands Peter the money.)

    • Sir Ram: I'll destroy [the bomb].
      Spider-Man: What makes you think I can trust you?
      Sir Ram: You have my word as a Knight Of Wundagore. That should be enough!
      Spider-Man: Yeah right. That and a nickel will--
      (Git snatches it from them and hands it to Sir Ram)

    • Spider-Man: Sir Leg-A-Lam!

    • Spiderman: (to Lady Vermin) And would you PLEASE, stop calling me your love?

    • "Daily Byte" Editor: Things have been tough since the High Evolutionary took over. People want more than action. They want realism, excitement. They want to know what this Spider-Man does in his free time. Or better yet, who's his girlfriend. That's your assignment. Find out who's he's seeing. Nothing like an embarrassed public figure to sell papers.

    • "Daily Byte" Editor: Well these are some nice pictures, but nice don't sell papers, do it? You seen one guy swinging on a web, and you've seen 'em all.

  • NOTES (9)

    • X51 was the Fifty-first robot off of the assembly line and considered an antique since he is over 2 decades old.

    • Git Hoskins is a mummy-like resistant who can unwind his body to grab things, or get into narrow pasage-ways.

    • In the begining, Spider-Man jumps on top of the Yellow SUV which the Ape-Man drives. This is the 4th consecutive episode the Ape-Man driver is seen.

    • As Git is sitting on the curb having a flashback, it shows him walking up to the kids and them responding with throwing rocks. Look carefully at the young boy with spiked blonde hair and goggles--It's Bromley!

    • Naoko's ex-husband/ Shane's dad apparently has super-strength, since he punches a brick wall and his fist goes totally into it.

    • We learn Spider-Man places his web-shooters on the top of his wrist, and the suit absorbs it.

    • We learn in this episode that Spider-Man requires web shooters and cartriges, like in the previous series, and unlike the Spider-Man movie franchise. In which it is organic.

    • The High Evolutionary and The Human Revolutionary must ally to catch Git, who has stolen a bomb from The High Evolutionary, that, if activated, will destroy the city.

    • We learn the history of Git Hoskins in this episode. He was an ordinary boy who was mutated into a mummy-like form by Sir Ram's experiment and has been living as an outcast.


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