Spider-Man Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 6

Enter The Hunter!

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2001 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Sir Ram asks the Hunter (Counter-Earth version of Kraven the Hunter) to kill Spider-Man.

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    Michael Donovan

    Michael Donovan

    Carnage/Cassidy Kletwood

    Rino Romano

    Rino Romano

    Spider-Man/Peter Parker

    Tasha Simms

    Tasha Simms

    Lady Ursula

    Jennifer Hale

    Jennifer Hale

    Lady Vermin

    Ron Halder

    Ron Halder

    Sir Ram

    Richard Newman

    Richard Newman

    The High Evolutionary

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • When Spidey webs Karen to pick her up, the webbing is on her right shoulder. however, in the next scene, the webbing is on her left shoulder.

      • Karen: This guy's about as photogenic as Bigfoot.

        Considering that counter-earth is full of beastials (humans with animal characteristics), why would Bigfoot seem like such a big deal? Wouldn't people just assume it's a Beastial out in the woods? And for that matter, why exactly would there be a bigfoot?

      • As the Hunter insults the Ram Knight, Ram Knight pulls out a gun and aims it at the hunter. The camera goes up to Hunter's face who warns him to watch his tongue. The camera cuts back to Ram Knight, who willfully appoligizes, however, there is no gun in his hand nor did they ever show him disarm. Furthermore, not once in the entire scene do we ever SEE a gun attached to the Ram's Knights holsters.

    • QUOTES (12)

      • Spider-Man: Bingo! Meriphisome!
        Karen: Mary who?
        Spider-Man: Meriphisome! It's an endocrinadaptogenic. It can be used to mimic various hormonal and steroidal responses.
        Karen: Like the speed and strength of animals!
        Spider-Man: Exactly! It also screws up your liver, poisons your bone marrow, and cuts your life-span in half.

      • Spider-Man: Hey, I'm surprised to see you out in the open, though.
        Karen: A nice summer night, big harvest moon--a girl just can't help feeling romantic!
        Spider-Man: If this is you romantic, I'd hate to see you mad..

      • Leopared Beastial: Who asked you to interfere, wanna-be man?
        Spider-Man: Haven't you heard!? Interfering is what I do best.

      • Peter: So when do I get the eviction notice?
        Naoko: No no! That's not what I meant. Shane worships you, and I'm quote fond of your.. rent checks.
        Peter: Hah, Naoko, you say the nicest things!

      • Spider-Man: Glued to a porcupine while an octopus and a monkey try to use me for a wishbone. Boy, if I had a nickel for everytime THAT happened.

      • Naoko: I talked to [Shane's dad] on the phone...and he sounded so jealous.
        Peter: Don't worry, I can take care of myself. I've been threatened by the biggest of people. Its part of my job.
        I'm photogapher, remember?

      • Spider-Man: Give a guy a holographic projector and he thinks he's mysterio!

      • Spider-Man: (after The Hunter swings a webbed net around) Hey! Web-slinging's my trademark. I should sue.

      • The Hunter: (to Sir Ram) Very well. You can tell your boss that his arachnid troubles are over...and you can tell Spider-Man that his days are numbered.

      • Spider-Man: How do you stop a rhino from charging? (Rhino beastial charges at Spider-Man and Spider-Man jumps over him. The rhino then hits a stack of giant wooden boxes that then fall on him) On second thought, it would have been kinder to take away his credit cards.

      • Sr Ram: [Spider-Man] is definitely a formadable opponent.
        The Hunter: Of course he is Knight. That's why your here. You obviously lack the skill to take him down yourself.
        Sir Ram: Of all the nerve! (pulls out gun)
        The Hunter: Watch your tongue, or you just might lose it.

      • Spider-Man:(After punching a brick wall to scare The Hunter) Do you think it worked? Because I think I broke my hand.

    • NOTES (9)

      • Since the Ape-Man's Yellow SUV was destroyed in Episode 104, "Deadly Choices", this is his first appearance. Look carefully after Spidey and Karen are talking, you'll get a close-up of his face and green jacket as he's fighting a human, then runs at the sight of Spider-Man.

      • We learn of Naoko's ex-husband/ Shane's dad in this episode. He was once a happy guy with a great job before the High Evolutionary took over. But after that, he got laid off from work and was never the same person again. He started hanging out with rebels more and more until he left, and never said where he was going.

      • The Hunter is the first person to figure out Spider-Man's identity.
        Correction: Actually, he didn't know Spider-Man's name. Plus, he was later tricked into thinking he was mistaken.

      • Shane's dad/ Naoko's ex-husband's second appearance, though it is only a flashback. We also see his whole face.

      • In the beginning, The Hunter releases a fight-inducing toxin into the air, to lure Spider-Man out.

      • In this series, The Hunter is a hired hitman, who works for free.

      • We learn that The Hunter uses animal DNA to improve his strength, stamina, fexiblillity, etc..., which cuts his life-span in half.

      • In this series Spider-man and others are allowed to punch in the face, something that was not allowed in the previous series.

      • The Hunter is based on classic Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter, who has similar abilities to Kraven.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Karen: He's so fast, he's amazing!
        Spider-man: Nothing wrong with being amazing.

        As Spider-Man and Karen talk about the Hunter, Spider-Man uses the word amazing. This is an allusion to the +40 year-running comic book, The Amazing Spider-Man. Thus, that is the reason why Spidey so boldfully defends being amazing!