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  • Spiderman unlimited was marvels answer to batman beyond

    If you think about it, it came out a year after batman beyond, and spiderman had all of batmans power( flight, plus his spiderpowers. also, bb was real popular so yeah. marvels full of bull.
  • Horrible just.... Horrible

    Geez where do I start?

    Continuity errors abound... Venom and carnage are jelly now? Since when? There's dudes in those suits freakin get it right jackasses. The drawing looks like an extremly cheap phoned in version of anything before it. There's no vibe... No life... The plot premise is hideous... Hey aunt may I'm going to an alternate earth bye!!! Ridiculous. Piloting a ship without controls practiced? Seriously? And the whole cartoon looks totally cheap
  • Still good

    This was my least favorite of the Spider-Man series' I watched as a kid growing up (not including the MTV version), but it still had its charm. The story was a bit iffy (alternate earth and all), but the futuristic Spider-Man costume was pretty cool. It was a good continuation of Spider-Man TAS. I also wasn't a huge fan of the dark atmosphere, but it works looking back now.
  • A satellite launched to outer space discovers a new world, and exact duplicate of Earth, John Jameson is set on a trip to counter earth but then Venom and Carnage sneak in on his ship, Spiderman sees them and steals another space ship to try and stop them

    Why was this show canceled? on Wiki it says that it had fair ratings but was overshadowed by Pokemon, Hey you know what? F*** Pokemon that show was just *** ****** *** ******* ***.

    Spiderman Unlimited is awesome, and I say they should redo the show and continue where they left off.

    I really liked the whole new theme and upgrades he got in this show, and the whole changing of the environment and all, I've been searching everywhere to watch this show and get back to my childhood.

    It's an awesome sequel to the Spiderman Animated Series, and it was totally g@y of them to cut off the show like that in the middle of a cliff hanger, again, F*** Pokemon.
  • If you want to go to sleep. Watch this.

    I tried watching it, but lost intrest right away. If you want to have a show that is exciting do not get this. The animation kind of annoys me a bit. The characters all look like they have to loose a few pounds. If you like shows with not so good scripts and/or backround information, loook at this show. Exactly what you want. I know that i probably cannot put my review into more words because all I can say is that is sucks ans i am glad that they cancelled the series. I really believe that-I'm typing too much-if you want to be addictes to a show it has to have a good plot line, well developed characters and more. Gosh...I feel like i am a critic.
  • Well it had potential...

    Spider-Man unlimited is the supposed sequal to Spider-MAn the animated series basically about Spider-man going to an alternate universe of sorts (actually, a planet on the other side of the sun; but same thing) to rescue John Jameson. There he finds gentically altered animals are the rulers and humans are second class citizenss:/ So as you can figure out from jsut reading this review so far: it's not much like the comics.

    The downfall of the show can be attributted to numerous things. One of said things was unaviodable, the popularity of Pokemon over it, but the others were really mistakes on the part of the production team. Despite it supposedly being the sequal to Spider-Man the animated series, it has little in common with it. The animation and character design are COMPLETLY diffrent and there are major continuity errors (MJ and Peter are married and sharing an apartment, but when we left TAS MJ was still stuck floating around in a wormhole). If the production team had a brain they'd have the two shows sepereate. Little character development (with the expection of MAYBE Peter) is shown and it's one of those annoying continuity shows were you have to watch every episode in order (nothing wrong with that if everythig isn't WAY too fast paced). Spidey trying to link Nicko (his friend/land lord) to MJ just got annoying after awhile. Especially when romance was hinted (for crying outloud he's MARRIED and spends every episode trying to get back/wanting to go back to Earth to see said wife!!!). Addionly some elements are just too wierd (the Goblin's a good guy on Counter Earth? And he's likly Nicko's husband? Soap Opera Much?)

    Not to say the show was horrible; it was unique how they made it seem like a comic book and the jokes are (as always with Spidey) pretty witty. However, the show's run never came to a conclusive ending and we were left with a cliff hanger. I won't mind seeing those unproduced episodes to be honest, but the real hard-core spidey fans maybe a bit put off.
  • Terrible...the Spiderman series that came before this (Spiderman: The Animated Series) was one of the best cartoons ever, and Spiderman Unlimited is one of the worst cartoons ever.

    FOX really should've stuck with Spiderman the Animated Series...this was a huge downgrade.

    Why was it so bad? Let me count the ways.

    No character development (one of the biggest strengths of the previous series, this series just didn't care).
    A boring plotline.
    Too many changes. I'm all for some futuristic updates, like Batman Beyond did, but this show took away almost every single thing associated with the old Spiderman. Basically, replace all the good stuff with sucky stuff, except keep the name "Spiderman" for your hero.
    Even the voice acting was shaky, no emotion at all, just some monotone exposition, and yelling during the action.

    Basically they tried to move everything too fast...you've gotta take a little time and develop a story. I think the creators had some kind of licensing problem with the Spiderman universe, which explains why they had to change everything...if this is the result though, why bother?
  • Spider Man Unlimited is a discrase and a mockery to the excellence that was Spider-Man the animated series. Traveling to a counter-earth infested with Man-Beasts to save Jameson's kid?! THe Hell?!? MY SCORE 3.6

    Story: 4
    Ridiculous story that doesn't follow the previous show or the comic books. The only thing good about it is the Spider-man was true to feeling responsible for bad things happening and tries to solve them which he does. thats about it. the rest of it was random and crap. for example WTF did Nick Fury angent of shield come out of no where to try to stop him from going into space?? why not someone of lesser importance??! The show also lacks continuity as is doesn't follow up on the gaps between the last show, even though it used the old shows theme song in the very first episode. How did MJ get out of Limbo?! Why are Venom and Carnage working together? they hate each other? where are Brock and Cassidy? What happened to Aunt May? Seriously... and it goes on and on... Design: 2
    they completely changed every characters design and gave them all new voices actors... the new costume of spider, Venom and carnage all suck... Spider looks like a new age DC character with that cape of his... Venom looks retarded with teeth protruding from his back, and Carnage with an elogated neck.. The hell? The colors are also way more vibrant with way more Black color in the show. the contrast almost makes your eyes hurt. it doesn't follow the previous color scheme at all. so dark it almost makes you want to think they made a daredevil show instead. Animation: 5
    The changed nothing. they actually took out the 3d sequences and replaced them with hand drawn which isn't bad but the fact that the fluidity stays the same is bad... its freaking 1996 man. come on. 3.6 ass
  • Unlimited or ulitimate,i get confues this thing is great and awsome for TEENS

    Another great spider-man comercial ,unlimited is a very fun comerical,it got some pretty rad story,and pretty great series.Its pretty great for kids under 10 yrs old ,and for TEENS mostly to enjoy.It might not really look like anything special but its still pretty fun to watch.Too bad it had been never finished and it let the series fall in the cliff hanger.For starters spider-man ulimited is not like the prevoius spider-man series.Its really different now.They are now in the space,there are really cool charaters now and its pretty fun.Its pretty cool for teenagers and might be kids even enjoy it too.

    If your a fan of the series of the previous spidr-man series,this one would seem a really different ,but still it is very fun to watch.
  • a decent show

    If you are a fan of spider man then you should watch this show
    Why did I watch this show? Probably coz of venom the coolest villain of all time and spider-mans sense of humor Too bad it was taken off the air…….such a waste They should have at least completed the series
  • Spider Man Unlimited was the greatest show ever made,period. I don't know why it was possible to take this show off the air.

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  • Bring this show back!

    This show is cool. Why did they cancel this show? This show was going so well. The least they can do is not leave a cliffhanger. They should aired the episodes that was to finish the show. I don't know why, but why are show companies and channels canceling good shows. First, they canceled my favorite show Yes, Dear, then they canceled this show, and my all-time favorite show: Spider-Man (2003). Sometime, I think those show companies/channels are out of their mind for canceling very good shows. Anyway, I also like this kind of Spider-Man because the way Spider-Man looks, Venom/Carnage look, and because of the way they made the show look like a comic world.
  • Perfect!

    Nice Sci-fi! This series was made to be a spin off to the Spiderman show in 1994. Hijacking a space shuttle to help up John Jameson against Venom and Carnage, Spider-Man ends up stuck on Counter-Earth, an Earth like planet in the same orbit on other side of the sun. There he finds a high tech society where humanoid animals, the beastials, rule under the leadership of the High Evolutionary, while humans are seen as second class citizens.

    And if that wasn't bad enough, Venom and Carnage are about, having their minds set on golbal domintation through the help of the Synoptic - a hivemind producing spores that turn people into it's mindless slaves.
  • nother good version of spider-man in animated TV form.

    I grew up watching this show. It's actually the thing that got me into Spider-Man. I just loved the many adventures they went through. All the characters, voices, everything was perfect. All though, I could have done without the repetitive animation. Regardless, this show was one of my favourites. And still is. I admired it's suberb writing, voice acting, animation everything. It also brought something to Spider-Man that the other shows didn't bring: struggle. Spider-Man finally seemed more 3 demensional. He always was in a fit. Not knowing wheather to abandon his loves, to save others. His jokes and puns were hilarious too! My only beef was Madame Web. Arrg! She stiked me as a tad bit too arrouguant. And not to mention she made Spidey seem stupid. He always seemed to be getting along well in the episode, until he's stumped and Madame Web comes to give him some advice and a lesson. Not that that was a big problem though. Anyway, I felt the show ended at the right time. It had done it share of worthy adaptions, characters, and much much more. But, I do wish we could have figured out what happened to MJ. But her not returning does make it much more sad for Spidey. After all his battles he never got see her again. Or did he?
  • This show is the sequel to the animated Spider-Man show that thrilled us in the mid to late '90's on FOX but without the good stuff.

    This show is the sequel to the animated Spider-Man show that thrilled us in the mid to late '90's on FOX but without the good stuff. The show has Spidey following Venom and Carnage on board a spaceship piloted by J. Jonah Jameson's astronaut son. Mayhem, of course, is the result with the ship going out of control, landing on an alien planet and J. Jonah of course blaming it on Spidey. They end up on an alien world where the massas are kept down under a ruler and his genetically enhanced farm animals. Venom and Carnage align themselves with them of course and Spidey armed with his new nano-tech suit fights with the Jamison seed and the downtrodden to gain their freedom. As you can tell the story arc is sorely lacking and the characters were uninteresting. This sequel lacked everything that the previous show did except having Spider-Man in the title.
  • Why is that badly animated 1981 series on Jetix instead of this? This show was cool!

    Spiderman was good as a dark cartoon, and I never did get into Batman. This show isn't as good as the 1994 cartoon, but it was good to watch on Saturday before Digimon came on. Spiderman goes to an alternate planet, led by a box of mutant animal crackers, it seems. This show had more freaks, computers, and aliens than any of them. Carnage and Venom are blobs of chaos in this uber-cool show. And Jetix, take off the stupid "Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends" and put this on.
  • A different version of the animated Spiderman series.

    A different version of the animated Spiderman series. In my opinion this was just another marketing ploy to sell more merchandise. Money makes the worls go around. This version starred Rino Romano as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. other vocal stars inclided Michael Donovan as Carnage and Cassidy Kletwood, Tasha Simms as Lady Ursula, Jennifer Hale as Lady Vermin, Ron Halder as Sir Ram Richard Newman as The High Evolutionary, Brian Drummond as Venom and Brock 'Eddie' O'Reilly, Kim Hawthorne as Karen O'Malley, Christopher Gaze as Bromley, David Sobolov as Lord Tyger of the Next-Men, Rhys Huber as Shane Yamada-Jones, Akiko Morison as Naoko,
    David Hayter as Captain America and John Payne as John Jameson. An ok sereis but nothing to write home about.

  • Spider-Man/Peter Parker are looking Venom and Carnage. New Spider-Man/Peter are finding the future earth. John J. is alive. Is Spider-Man finding Venom and Carnage? Was Spider-Man fighting Venom and Carnage? Were Venom and Carnage taking Spider-Man? Venom

    Spider-Man/Peter Parker were looking Venom and Carnage. New Spider-Man/Peter were finding the future earth. John J. is alive. Is Spider-Man finding Venom and Carnage? Was Spider-Man fighting Venom and Carnage? Are Venom and Carnage taking Spider-Man? Venom is Eddie. Carnage is Cassidy. Will Spider-Man/Peter do? I can love Spider-Man Unlimited.
  • Probably the worst Spider-man animated series in the history of animation.

    The series was created for two reasons.
    One, the producers of the show wanted to continue the story for Spider-man started in the '90's with the best Spider-man animated series till now.
    And two, the producers also wanted to make their show more futuristic, so it could compete against the Batman Beyond series.
    Batman Beyond lasted 4 seasons and had an animated movie at the end of the series, while Spider-man Unlimited was taken off the air after only one season, not even ending the major storyline of the show.
    So you probably guessed which of these two shows was more popular.
  • A horrible knock-off of Batman Beyond, Marvel fails to make it's flagship character more futuristic.

    The story is lame. The characters are lame.
    Villains, to heroes, to everything.

    This show was a very disappointing mistake by
    Marvel. Batman Beyond was a huge success, so they
    attempted to play it off by making their most
    famous character, Spider-Man, and TRYING to do
    the same thing.

    Which of course, failed miserably.

    The only somewhat interesting aspect of this show
    is that the main villain is the High Evolutionary
    (although not even close to being similar to his
    comic-book counter-part), and that Spidey's
    costume itself, is pretty cool.

    Other than that, everything else sucked. (Even the
    intro and it's theme!)

    They should've just made Spider-Man 2099. Shame
    on you Marvel.
  • gay

    i hated this show it was retarted they should have stopped trying after that super duper spiderman cartoon in the 90s but they kept making them this one suked i hated it so bad and not cool at all no funny part either like old spidermans of yester years

  • Although it ended on a cliffhanger and the series was never able to come to an appropriate end, the show was ahead of it's time and served as excellent story-line for one of our most beloved superheroes--Spiderman.

    If you are an avid Spiderman TAS fan, then at first glance, Spiderman Unlimited may seem to be too different for your tastes. And that, it is. With difference always comes change, and the change in Spiderman: Unlimited is absolutely amazing. It amazes even the non-spiderman fan with a bold and influential story-line, wonderful characters, and a whole new set of villians and heroes.

    Spiderman: Unlimited begins at the lunch of a space shuttle going to an Un-Charted planet known as Counter-Earth, where lone-astronaut, John Jameson, is going to discover. Naturally, Father Jonna J. Jameson is there to root for his beloved son, and as always, Peter is there to photo the event. Without the blink of an eye, the changes of the new Peter Parker are quite evident. Is hair is a different style, his clothing and he's voiced by a new person. Don't let this get to you! His new persona, which is very similar, is just as awesome--and better! Changes like this are evident through the show, but they give the show it's own feel and manner that I wouldn't want to see any other way.

    Without thought, Petey's Spidey-sense goes off, and he quickly changes into Spiderman. He goes off to find out what clicked off his Spidey-sense, when he sees two conspicious guards suddenly melt into everyone's favorite symbiotes--Venom & Carnage! Spiderman is quick on the case, and immeditely goes into battle. Unfortunetly for Spiderman, he gets knocked down rather easily and Venom & Carnage sucessfully make their way to the shuttle. Reluctant to just give up, spiderman hops on to the shutttle that is departing and fight Venom & Carnage mid-air. As they ar battling, Venom & Carnage gain the upper hand and successfully throw Spidey off the ship. As Spider makes a web parachute, he only thinks to himself how bad the situation may get now that Venom & Carnage are lose to roam around and create havoc.

    Spiderman makes it to the ground, only to find the mass angry with him for what they view as him sabotaging the flight. Of course they are unaware of Venom & Carnage, so Spiderman is the culprit. This incident only makes it harder for Spiderman, who questions why everyone is mad at him when all he tired to do was save John Jameson's life and protect the people. It even progressed further, when Spiderman saves a woman from a burning building, and the firemen attack him. A build collapses under him, and all that is left is his mask--He is now dead to Earth.

    Mary Jane is worried, until Peter finally comes home and tells him how wonderful it is that is he home. She mentions that although Spiderman did alot for the worl, Peter Parker can do even more. Peter Parker takes this into mind, and then--six months later. Spiderman is back, with a new suit made from nano-technology, and he is now wanting to go to counter-earth to save John Jameson. He finds a shuttle that will be launched in space. He hijacks the flight and sets the controls for Counter-Earth!

    Upon arriving to Counter-Earth, Spiderman finds that things aren't quite right. And so the saga begins. Be prepared to watch Animal races collide with humans, symbiotes and all different types of heroes and villians. This show is full of surprises and has an incredibly detailed atmosphere of excitement and mystery.

    Will Spiderman make it through and ever return back to Earth? Only time will tell. But before it ends, stap yourself in, grab some popcorn, and prepare to be amazed--It's Spiderman: Unlimited!

    Such a show only deserves nothing less than 95 %.
  • It was pretty good.

    Spiderman Unlimited was a great TV series, but it should not have ended on a cliff hanger.

    Spiderman's costume was great and it seemed to be the most originial I ever saw on Tv.

    I like the name, and I think this series was one of the most origininal spiderman shows that was ever out.

    Rino Ramano Landed the Part of Peter Parker and Spiderman well.

    I love how they made this series like an animated comic book. It was clever and something I never saw happen on anything accept commercials.

    All and all I give Spiderman Unlinited and 8.4 out of Ten. Great Show.
  • Should not have ended with a cliff hanger.

    It had a great primise, plots, and characters. I don't think it should have been in the same continuum of the last series, just in its own universe. The cliffhanger was a great episode, and they should have made more. I would have definitely tuned in for more. Had it not been for the Pokemon/Digimon rivalry, season 2 would have been put into production.
  • Good, but not as good as the The show for the mid and early 90s.

    Spider-man Unlimited, a show that take place in a futuristic world where our caped hero has a new Costume that does stuff for him. This series is Came out before Batman Beyond but didn't catch on as well. This shows art style while nice and crisp at times has one pining for the older series, the character designs changed (for better or worse). This show proves the talent of Voice actor Rino Romano, currently The Batman. This show has its awkward moments such as Spidys costume having characteristics of a the Venom suit.
  • Watching is like having a root canal, while your toe nails are being clipped. I know that makes no sense, but neither does this show.

    I’m guessing not so much thought as many buzz words as possible were the main idea in creating this show, for some reason (trust me I don’t know it!!) Marvel were determined to go back and fix their old animated shows with new “snazzy” ideas, even though their old shows were met with easy success. The three shows lined up for the execution block:

    Avengers United, okay this one never had a show of its own before and no, this is of no relation to the show with the bowler hat, leather-clad duo of spies. This is based instead on Marvels comic book The Avengers, a group of world famous super-heroes fighting diabolical super-villains (don’t you love that word? diabolical), the team is the answer to DC’s Justice League and constantly changes members like, every issue, but the main figure heads are Captain America, Thor and Iron man. I don’t like the book very much, but if you do read it you get why others do, peoples favourite super-heroes fighting, talking and hanging out with their other heroes with some second stringers to add background noise. Instead of doing this show though, writers, creators and whoever else was in charge decided to do a completely different show based on the second stringers, with some neat power ranger like stances, terrible stories and characters which made you question if there was even a point to getting up in the morning… to watch, well cartoons. Rather than have any kind of origin it starts off like it’s at the end of some show which has dragged on for years. Diabolical is one word, crap is another.

    X-men evolution was their second show and the only one that had success, I liked it, wasn’t a massive fan but it filled time with a reasonable amount of entertainment, the overall idea behind it was to take the x-men back to their roots, teenaged outcasts with super powers fighting prejudice and lunatics with feelings of superiority and delusions of grandeur. Plus, you know, wolverine kicking the crap out of everyone in his way. The original show was good, but looking back on it, needed updating, the animation seems sluggish and prone to goofs and the stories ranged from okay to the making no-sense variety. Evolution changed that, trying its best to base it more in the real world, but occasionally got too gushy (I don’t know another word for it), when it did end I wasn’t broken up over it and don’t get me wrong I wasn’t emotionally involved with the cartoon but I did feel closure on some light level, like all the loose bits were tied up. As a remake or reinvention or re-envision (whatever) it did its job nicely and if it couldn’t surpass its original it did manage to match it.

    Aaaaaannnnnd here it is Spider-man Unlimited, seriously, three words
    The reason why this review includes short reviews of the other shows rather than just mention them in passing, as I usually would have done is too try to explain the faults and then compare them to this. Okay here’s the quick version of events, X-men evolution was good, big action, good compelling stories and characters that developed nicely throughout it’s four season run, Avengers United, useless and about as entertaining as watching Gigli, but there was no terrible loss, people who read the comic could go “ugh I feel sick” and go back to reading the comic, even fans who had demanded a cartoon of their heroes and were disappointed could do this. In short, The Avengers aren’t Spider-man and that makes all the difference in the world.
    Created in 1962 this character has went through every change possible, different costume, different life, different guy, different powers, he was cloned, killed, resurrected, re-written, re-envisioned, watched loved ones die and when that wasn’t enough watched a few more get killed, fought every major villain in Marvel history, he was a comic book and still is to this day, he was a cartoon, a live action TV series (Complete with live action TV movies), another cartoon, a spin-off of the cartoon, yet another cartoon, a major motion picture with sequels and Sam Riami, a spin off cartoon inspired by the movie with MTV, a computer game (actually like a dozen games), his own brand of tooth paste, yup life’s been good for this guy and his many, many, many incarnations.
    Then came the day when they made a series which made no sense at all, the plot for Spider-man Unlimited (if you can call it that) is that a second earth has been found, fine, okay, whatever, in the world of super-heroes this is a normal occurrence, after an accident for which he is blamed spider-man goes to save the astronaut (John Jameson) who got trapped on Earth 2, accompanying him are the evil symbiotes Venom and Carnage and a spiffy new nano suit. Once on this earth our hero discovers he is trapped and that humans are slaves or lower life forms or some sort of oppressive crap to walking, talking animals, also most of his bad guys except Venom and Carnage are actually good guys on this freaky upside down pokemon reject earth. Instead of reinventing the series as x-men did this is supposed to be a sequel to the 1994-1998 series, which was unfairly cancelled. Everything seems to have been designed to look good and hope you don’t question gaping plot holes or anything smart like that. Basically it feels like a different show to anything spider-man has been in previously and while that kind of gamble is gutsy the show falls flat on its feet, its Flash Gordon, with no Flash Gordon. Watch the 90’s TV show reruns if you like spider-man or rent the movies, play the games, even brush your teeth with some nasty flavoured Spidey toothpaste, but for God’s sake put this one back in its box with the other TV trash.
  • Waste of time.

    A few years ago, Marvel tried to re-launch their animated series for the new millennium. To do this, they created three new series'. These were Spider-Man Unlimited, Avengers United and X-Men: Evolution. X-Men Evolution was the only one of the new series' that was actually good.

    Basically, Spider-Man Unlimited is about Spider-Mans adventures on an alternate Earth where humanoid beasts reign supreme and humans are the lower beings. Spider-Man is on this world because he is trying to rescue John Jameson who crash landed there during a space mission. Venom and Carnage are also there with some snazzy new powers. To compensate for this new world, Spider-Man has created a new suit consisting entirely of nanites. This new nano-tech suits have multiple new tricks such as sonic emitters and a cloaking device.

    This alternate Earth, like all good alternate worlds, is similar to the real Earth except it's twisted. For example, on this world the Green Goblin is a good guy unlike the real Earth Goblin who is a complete badass villain.

    Is the series any good? Nope. The humanoid beasts are a completely lame idea and Spider-Man's new nano-tech suit is too gimmicky and too different from his original red and blue outfit. As for the villains, they're nothing more than some weird animals in armour riding hover bikes. Had the beastials idea been dropped, this could have been a better series. But, alas, the idea remained and this shall go down in history as one of the worst superhero animated series'. It's still better than Avengers United though (although it would be hard for it not to be given that AU sucked).
  • New costume. New World. Nice One.

    Spiderman Unlimited is the sequel to Spiderman TAS and it rocks. The series casted Rino Romano as Spiderman and he ROCKS. Rino is one of my favourite VAs. He is the best voice for Spidey. Venom and Carnage are my most favourite Marvel villains. This alternate reality where Spidey landed is awesome. It has strange look humanoids everywhere in that world and the humans are treated badly. New villains like the High Evolutionary ROCKS. Spiderman's new costume is so COOL. Believe me a nano-tech costume is way better than a costume made from normal cloth and the new cape kinda made him look like a DC hero. Spiderman is one of the BEST superheroes ever made along with DC's batman. MARVEL & DC ROCKS!!!!!!!!
  • Spider-Man hijacks a Fantastic Four and Adam Warlock story. Insanity ensues.

    This is the worst kind of comic book plot, one which the writers obviously wanted to do, but didn't have access to the right hero for it. So instead of tossing it aside, which they should widely do, they instead find a way to shoehorn in the hero despite how utterly wrong it is for him to be there.

    Okay, so we have a take on Spider-Man 2099's costume, and a plot out of the Fantastic Four and Adam Warlock comics. Sure, Spider-Man isn't an interstellar hero, but what does that matter? Kids'll eat it up, right?


    Stay gone, Unlimited. You're an insult to intelligence.
  • The awful revamp to the already amazing Spider-Man: The Animated Series from the 90's.

    This is one of those sad incidents where a good cartoon gets a new animation house and is rewired to become crap. Watch Spider-Man: The Animated Series reruns only, and just forget about Spider-Man Unlimited; I don't recognize this show at all. The supporting characters were weak, and any show with animal people is going to suck.
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