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  • Season 2 Episode 1: Destiny Unleashed (2)

  • This episode has never been aired. We actually don't know if this episode concluded the saga, it could have been a 3 parter.

  • This is one of 6 more episodes never aired but were produced.

  • Season 1 Episode 13: Destiny Unleashed (1)

  • The story arc was never finished.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Enter The Hunter!

  • When Spidey webs Karen to pick her up, the webbing is on her right shoulder. however, in the next scene, the webbing is on her left shoulder.

  • Karen: This guy's about as photogenic as Bigfoot.

    Considering that counter-earth is full of beastials (humans with animal characteristics), why would Bigfoot seem like such a big deal? Wouldn't people just assume it's a Beastial out in the woods? And for that matter, why exactly would there be a bigfoot?

  • As the Hunter insults the Ram Knight, Ram Knight pulls out a gun and aims it at the hunter. The camera goes up to Hunter's face who warns him to watch his tongue. The camera cuts back to Ram Knight, who willfully appoligizes, however, there is no gun in his hand nor did they ever show him disarm. Furthermore, not once in the entire scene do we ever SEE a gun attached to the Ram's Knights holsters.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Steel Cold Heart

  • When exactly did the Rebel Base move from under the sewers, to a big steel building outside of the city?

  • As the mole has his big paw up in the air and is about to stomp Shane, Spider-Man shoots a web at the paw to try and prevent the mole from moving. The web starts to break and Shane yells "Nooo! Peter!". Why exactly does Shane yell Peter, when Spider-Man is right there?
    EDIT: He probably was calling Peter because he was frozen from fear, and Spider-Man was busy trying to stop the mole.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Deadly Choices

  • As Naoko opens the door, she finds a weakened John Jameson who collapses upon her at first sight. As she is holding him up, we see his right arm with no eclipse moon shape brand, yet in every other episode, he has it. It is also ironic that he doesn't have it in this episode, yet in the next episode it focuses on the brand.

  • Early in the episode, Spider-Man runs out of webfluid for his webshooters. After morphing into his costume, Spider-Man grabs one web-cartidge, and loads it in his right arm. However, not once does it show him load another web cartridge in the other arm, yet throughout the episode both arms shoot webs.

  • After meeting with three of the Knights of Wondergor, he places a spider-tracker on the back of Lady Vermin's Hovercraft. However, not once elsewhere in the episode is the tracker mentioned, nor did it serve a purpose, as they end up working together.

  • As Git and Spider-Man are battling the Knight's Enforcers, Git jumps on back of an Enforcer, it explodes, and Git goes flying. Git unwinds himself and rewinds himself into his normal form, and he's wearing NO CLOTHES when he's on the ground. It cuts to Spider-Man real quick, and then back to a running Git who is wearing a RED trench coat. Then, in the next scene, Git is again wearing all the clothes he was wearing before they got blasted off. Hmm.. Must shop quite frequently--and at the same place..

  • After Git fistfights the Ram Knight, Ram pulls out a turqouise pistol along with 2 of his loyal knights. In response, Karen and Bromley pull out two Red pistols and aim at the Knights, while spiderman and Git are caught in between. Suddenly it cuts to commercial, and when it comes back from commerical, it shows a bird's eye view. However, the bird's eye view clearly shows only two nights with two PINK pistols, and two revolutionaries with two PINK pistols. Then, it does another close up view, and the Knights now have their Torquoise pistols and there is the other knight. Then, it cuts to Karen and Bromley who now have red pistols. Simple coloring error.

  • In this episode, Spider-Man states that Git has "saved his life more times than he can count," but this is only the fourth episode, and he hasn't even appeared yet!

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Where Evil Nests

  • The Daily Byte is similiar to The Daily Bugle. This is probably the parallel, Counter-Earth version of the newspaper company from back on Earth, in New York.

  • After Spidey catches the camera from falling and mentions that he can get 5000 dollars for these pictures, he passes by a sign that says "10,000 Reward: Spider-Man Pictures!" Hmmm..

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Worlds Apart (2)

  • As Spidey is explaining to John Jameson that he can't kill the beastials, it shows John with his head resting on the gun, with on eye closed, and the other eye looking through the scope of the gun. Suddenly, after Spidey says something compelling about not killing, It shows John Jameson's face with both eyes open, head non-angled and no gun in sight, then it suddenly shifts back to him holding the gun.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Worlds Apart (1)

  • When the last Spider-Man series ended, Spiderman left to find Mary Jane. In the pilot for this Spider-Man series, which hypothetically takes place after the last series, Mary Jane is home and well. It was never explained how Spider-Man found Mary Jane or where she was.

  • Venom and Carnage appear in the episode. Although, if this is a sequel to the '94 Spider-Man series, then it is never explained how they escaped from the portal they were trapped in.

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