Spider-Man Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 3

Where Evil Nests

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 1999 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The Daily Byte is similiar to The Daily Bugle. This is probably the parallel, Counter-Earth version of the newspaper company from back on Earth, in New York.

    • After Spidey catches the camera from falling and mentions that he can get 5000 dollars for these pictures, he passes by a sign that says "10,000 Reward: Spider-Man Pictures!" Hmmm..

  • Quotes

    • Goblin: (to Spider-Man) You can think I'm stupid, just don't talk to me like I'm stupid.

    • (As Spider-Man is falling)
      Spider-Man: At least the Goblin got Naoko and Shane out..
      (Goblin flies by)
      The Goblin: Going up!?
      Spider-Man: Yes, please. Push the penthouse button, would ya'?

    • Venom: You've troubled us for the last time, Web-head. You are history!
      Spider-Man: History was never my favorite subject. I prefer Phys-Ed!

    • Spider-Man: Here's a song dedication to the symbiote slime balls, from your friendly interplanetary Spider-Man... Sonics on!

    • Spider-Man: Goblin, look out! Behind you!
      Goblin: Ahh! Booger at 12 o'clock!

    • Spider-Man: (To The Goblin) I trust you about as far as I can throw you one-handed.

    • Naoko: You don't know where this Spider-Man is going to show up!

    • Naoko: I need a border with a steady paycheck. A job.
      Peter: (about photographing Spider-Man) This is my job. I used to make a living doing this, well, more or less.

    • Spider-Man: My spider sense is tingling.
      Goblin: Your what is doing what?

  • Notes

    • This episode was adapted into Spider-Man Unlimited #2 (1999 Series). The remaining three issues consists of original stories.

    • This is the only episode not being a 2-parter that shows what happened previously.

    • The same Ape-Man driver from Worlds Apart (1 & 2) can be seen driving the same Yellow SUV as Spider-Man jumps on it.

    • After this episode, the series was put on hiatus for a while.

    • This episode was also released into comic book form by the same name, by "Marvel Animated."

    • We learn of Venom and Carnage's plan in this episode. Their plan is to take over the world by releasing an army of symbiotes.

    • Peter starts working for the Daily Byte.

    • Spider-Man's spider sense is mentioned in this episode.

    • Counter-Earth's version of the Green Goblin, The Goblin, is a hero, not an enemy of Spider-Man.

    • Counter-Earth's version of The Green Goblin debuts with 2 differences from the classic Green Goblin:

      1. He's called The Goblin.
      2. His Goblin-glider is a high-tech backpack that sprouts bat-like wings that allow him to fly.

  • Allusions

    • Oddly enough, Counter-Earth's Green Goblin's alter-ego is named Barry Norman Osborn, with no relation to the original Osborn.
      Edit: What are you talking about?
      Edit: It seems that the Green Goblin's real name is Barry Norman Osborn. Google it and you'll see enough sources to back it up.

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