Spider Riders

Season 1 Episode 21

Because I'm a Warrior

Aired Sunday 10:00 AM Sep 10, 2006 on TELETOON
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The Spider Riders are so worn out from the constant skirmishes with the Invectids, Corona begins to long for a "normal" life. But that will always be denied her with the Invectids around. Or will it? Lily uses her magic to show Corona how her life could have been. But with Hunter and Aqune as battle partners and Grasshop for a gentleman caller, Corona's dream soon becomes a nightmare. Corona comes to terms with her duty as a Spider Rider just in time to save her friends from Grasshop's latest trap and realizes she wouldn't want to live her life any other way!moreless

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  • Ahh, another fine example of a good episode. With being torn, worn, and thrown down the Spider Riders are tired. Corona wishes for a normal life, but that just wont happen to a Spider Rider. In the end, she decides that shes perfectly suited to be a SR.moreless

    Ahhh, finally another simple episode thats easy on the eyes, no big battles, and the only battles contained the hillarious Grasshop. Back to that, after the Spider Riders defeated Grasshop, they go back to the castle tired and worn out. Lumen even suggests surrendering for a day, but Hunter just won't let that slide. Then...theres Corona, who now questions her life, and just wishes that there will be a time in which she can live like a normal girl. Buying dresses, shopping, and whatever it is girls do in there spare time. Sparkle tells Corona that something "Wonderful" is going to happen in her future, and that maybe Corona should go see Lily, which well she does. Lily's seer dolls show Corona nothing good, and she nearly goes as far as murdering one of them. Her alternate lives just always seem to still make her seem like not a ordinary girl. After seeing a life, in which Aqune and Hunter are battle partners, and her and grasshop are (*blah! eh!*) battle partners she realises that she is best cut out to be a Spider Rider. They have the funniest battle with Grasshop because once again...he has no clue of what is going on with Corona yelling at him about how her and him could never be battle partners and he should always stay out of her dreams. Now, I hope you didn't leave the room after the battle. Mantid reveals his next plan, to send Stags to Numa and retrieve the third Oracle key. Thats coming up in episode 24, don't miss it! Or else!moreless
  • Corona's character developes just a bit in this episode, as we see that she has SOME dpeth...not much, but at least enough to make the episode revolve around her!

    This episode had its ups and downs. I loved the beginning with Grasshop's HUGE monolgue that keeps getting interrupted by the Spider Riders. Villians that gloat are so kawaii XD Again, we see some of the best lines in the series, AGAIN by Grasshop! Who else to deliver the witty material? certainly not one of the Riders.... I do like the plot in this episode, as it shows a bit of Corona's inner feelings about her duties. Her dreams are funny, but some of it made me want to puke...a.k.a The crazy dream where Grasshop says he'd take her to what was it...."love nest?" O.o Get real. I do like how she comes back at the end and tells him to stay out of her dreams... Poor Grasshop gets so confused by this, its almost to cute to watch. While a bit humorous, I believe that the episode has a VERY dark undertone... Corona's fate is to be a Spider Rider...and youhave to accept whatever fate throws at you. My friend, who owns a blogger for the series, agrees on this point. Nevertheless, despite lackingthe awesome animation that the other episodes have shown to us, Because I'm a Warrior is one that teaches us this lesson of accepting who we have come to be, but to never EVER give up on dreams. I still yet may be able to marry Grasshop and have beautiful children....and I didn't just say that O.O' Yah...forget it....really....*runs and hides*moreless
Colleen Clinkenbeard

Colleen Clinkenbeard


Dan Goldman

Dan Goldman

Mantid (English)

Dan Goldman

Dan Goldman

Buguese (English)

Grace Fulliton

Grace Fulliton

Princess Sparkle (English)

Kinya Kotani

Kinya Kotani

Magma (Japanese)

Kumiko Higa

Kumiko Higa

Prince Lumen (Japanese)

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    • (Corona returns to her duties and is now facing Grasshop, ready for battle)
      Corona: Grasshop, it's because of you Invectids that I can't...have a normal, ordinary life. And now, I'm going to make you pay for that!
      Grasshop: I...have no idea what you're talking about.
      (Corona rushes in on battle Spider Venus)
      Corona: And get this straight... Stay out of my dreams or else!
      Grasshop: Is this some kind of riddle or puzzle? (motions to Cyber Cricket to perform Ultra Sonic BuzzWave) Maybe my Ultra Sonic BuzzWave will stop your prattling.
      Corona: I can't bear this pain much longer...I must...fight through it. Remember, Corona...this is why you have the strength to be a Spider Rider!

    • (starting a battle with all of the Spider Riders, standing in front of his giant Cyber Cricket Insector robot)

      Grasshop: Ha! I'm calling all Spider Riders! Calling you fools, that is! At last I can prove myself to Mantid and defeat you all. I'll bet he even gives me a raise for this! Oh, sure my last few plans haven't been so hot, but this is the one that will break me out of my slump! It's amazing how doomed you are! Call upon the Oracle all you want! My Cyber Cricket is unbeatable!...and the batteries were included.

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