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TELETOON (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • Arachna Power
      Episode 52
      After a fierce blow from Mantid's Arc. The Spider Riders try to recover. Hunter gets the power of all four Oracle keys to defeat Mantid.
    • Faces of Fear
      Episode 51
    • Ark of Destiny
      Episode 50
    • Welcome Back
      Episode 49
    • Manid's Trap
      Episode 48
    • Dark Deception
      Episode 47
    • Afraid of the Dark
      Episode 46
    • Labrynth
      Episode 45
      Before leaving Arachna, Beerain informs the Spider Riders that the only way to reach Invectid Headquarters is through the dreaded Labryrinth. Hunter persuades the others to join him, leaving Arachna under the protection of Slate. Lumen wants Sparkle to stay behind but is stunned when Ebony insists she must accompany them. With a reluctant Grasshop as a guide, the Spider Riders enter the Labyrinth.moreless
    • A Lack of Trust
      Episode 44
      When Buguese return to fight the Spider Riders, Hunter tries to negotiate peace. Buguese asks for the Oracle Keys in exchange for all battles to end. When Lumen asks for a guarantee, Buguese reconsiders. Now in order to decide who keeps the Oracle Keys Buguese and Hunter decide to fight. The battle is interrupted by the arrival of Beerain. Will Buguese listen to what she has to say about Mantid?moreless
    • Fly no Longer
      Episode 43
      After finding out about Mantids plan to destroy the Inner World, Beerain becomes a fugitive. After avoiding her old allies she is forced into fighting Aqune. Through an intervention by the Oracle, Bee rain is able to escape with her life. Now on the run from her own kind, what will Beerain do?moreless
    • Bad Omen
      Episode 42
      With his new powers, Mantid lights up the Invectid city which has been dark for years. Meanwhile Igneous uncovers and Invectid base with a cannon capable of destroy Arachna castle and the village surrounding it. Hunter and Corona are sent out to destroy it. Can they get to the cannon and destroy it before it is fired on Arachna castle?moreless
    • Returning
      Episode 41
      The Spider Riders finally return to Arachna and settle into their normal lives. After visiting with some friends and catching up on other things, it seems as if everything has calmed down. Things take a turn for the worse when Mantid sends a single Invectid Warrior, that was created through Invectid Science and the Oracles pwoer, to Arachna. Hunter barely manages to defeat the warrior with his Blue Bolt. Can the Spider Riders fight off a large army of these new Invectids?moreless
    • Oracle's Maiden
      Episode 40
      With Nuuma castle safely on the ground things are starting to return to normal. Queen Illuma then reveals that Aqune has been to the cstle before while she was training to be a Handmaid for the Oracle. And not only was she at the castle but her sister was there as well, who turns out to be Corona. Now with Corona confused about everything, the Spider Riders decide to return to Arachna. On the return trip the group is attacked by Invectids. With Hunter and Shadow the only two capable of defeating them, all seems lost. Can Hunter and Shadow defeat the Invectids?moreless
    • Protectors of Life
      Episode 39
      Hunter and Shadow take on Buguese's Battle Beatle. Although the two are unleashing everything they got the Beatle just won't fall. It seems everytime they destroy a piece of armor it is regenerated, making the Beatle invincible. Although the other Spider Riders try to help they to are easily beaten. With some help from Grasshop Hunter and Shadow finally beat the Battle Beatle. Although a celebration is called for, it was only a distraction so that Aqune could retrieve the Oracle Key. Now without the Oracle Key holding the castle in the sky it falls to the ground with everyone inside. Can Hunter stop the fall?moreless
    • The Confrontation
      Episode 38
      Things look grim when Stags buries Hunter under a pile of rubble. Quick thinking by Shadow saves Hunter and the battle continues. The problem is that Stags is fighting like he is keeping the Spider Riders from something else. Meanwhile Aqune and Buguese face off against Igneous and Lumen. Igneous' and Lumen's attacks are easily deflected and her return attack lets everyone know what is going on. With this Hunter tries to go fight Aqune and Buguese but Stags will not let anyone leave the room unless they defeat him. Can Hunter and Shadow defeat the strongest of the Big Four?moreless
    • Bitter Revenge
      Episode 37
      As the Invectids attack Queen Illuma orders the Spider Riders to flea. Hunter refuses to leave takes Magma and Corona with him to fight off the Invectids while Lumen and Igneous protect the queen. The three Spider Riders split up in search of Stags. Magma finds him but finds Stags is more then a match for him. Can Hunter get to Magma and Stags in time and defeat Stags to safe Nuuma? And what are Bugese and Aqune planning to do since they have gotten into the castle without being noticed?moreless
    • Nuuma Castle
      Episode 36
      The Spider Riders arrive in Nuuma only to find it under the control of the Invectids. A Nuumian named Solon finds them and leads them to a secret path to he castle. The presence of the Spiders causes the shield to form a path that the group can get into. Not long after the Spider Riders get in the castle the Invectids attack using Aqune and Portia to gain access into the castle. Have the Spider Riders accidentally brought the defeat of Nuuma?moreless
    • Spies and Lies
      Episode 35
      The Spider Riders interrogate Grasshop to see what the Invectids plan to do with the Oracle Keys. Meanwhile Buguese sends Beerain to stall the Spider Riders while Aqune tries to get them through the Oracles sheild so they can get in the Nuuman castle. Beerain enlists the help of Grasshop by promising he will be reinstated in the Big Four. Will Grasshop do what Beerain says or will he stick with the Spider Riders?moreless
    • Reunions
      Episode 34
      As the Spider Riders continue their journey across the desert they come across an oasis. Hunter wants to keep going but with everyone's persuation agrees to stop and rest so they can be prepared to fight the Invectids. At dawn Beenrain and here Buzz Rays attack. Hunter wants to take them on himself but Aqune reminds him he will never be a champion without his friends. Everything is going well until Buguese shows up and takes Corona hostage. Will Hunter give up the Oracles Keys in exchange for Corona's life?moreless
    • 12/10/06
      Igneous and Lumen find Grasshop and Sparkle traveling together to Nuuma and immediatly don't trust him. They don't trust him even more when the 4 are surrounded by a platoon of Invectids. The platoon does not know that Grasshop is no longer one of the Big Four so they hand power over to him. Things look good for Grasshop but change when he fights out he must destroy the Spider Rider prisoners. Will Grasshop go through with the destruction of the three?moreless
    • Hero
      Episode 32
      When a mysterious, old man claims to be the hero Quake, Magma is beside himself with joy at meeting his childhood hero. But Hunter remains dubious until Quake shows off more of his power by sharing a vision of Castle Nuuma floating safely out of reach of the Invectids. Hunter is eager to learn how Quake became a champion but the old hero keeps giving him menial duties. Quake finally shows his power when he sends the Buguese and his soldiers flying from the forest with a tap of his staff. Quake shares his secret with Hunter; no one can tell you how to be a champion. You must look deep within yourself.moreless
    • Paradise
      Episode 31
      Hunter, Corona, Magma, and their Spiders wake up in a mysterious forest. Aqune appears and is prepared to attack when her mask crumbles and she and Portia are released from their spell. Not long after Buguese attacks intent on recapturing Aqune and Portia with their Oracle Key and Hunter's Oracle Key. But as Buguese attacks the Spider Riders and their Spiders are pulled through tears in reality one by one leaving Buguese to wonder what happened. Now the Spider Riders are in a place where they are offered the decision to give up their lives as Spider Riders and live peacefully. Will Hunter and the other Spider Riders throw away their manacle's to live peaceful lives?moreless
    • Ghost Ship
      Episode 30
      The Spider Riders get lost in some fog on their way to Nuuma. While in the fog they notice what seems to be a ghost ship which is being piloted by the legendary Lost Mariner. While Mariner tells the group of his past the Invectids attack. With Beerain and her Buzz Rays on their tales the Mariner takes the group into the most dense part of the fog where it is hard to see. Aqune attacks and steals one of Hunter's Oracles Keys. Can Hunter get it back or will Aqune's strength be to great for him to defeat?moreless
    • Voyage
      Episode 29
      The voyage to Nuuma is not going well. The food is disguisting, seasickness and lazyness are rampant, and the quarters are disorganized. It is up to Hunter to get everything into order. But can he do anything against a channel of lava? After making one attempt to cross the ship is badly damaged. Will the Spider Riders make it across or with everything go up in smoke?moreless
    • 11/5/06
      The Spider Riders arrive in Fuushyu and decide they have to cross the Inner Ocean to get to Nuuma. Before they can do that they have to cross the upward falling Fuushyu Falls. The mayor of the town tries to help them get the right boat to cross the falls but the angry shipbuilder Quint refuses to give them a boat. Buguese and Beerain attack the city so it is up to the Spider Riders to defeat them. Will Hunter make the ultimate sacrifice to save the town?moreless
    • Fateful Desicion
      Episode 27
      Stags' army invades Nuuma and right at the Invectids are about to gain possesion of the Fourth Oracle Key the Oracle puts a shield around the castle and raises it into the sky. Meanwhile in Arachna Hunter continues to try and convince everyone that they should go to Nuuma. When Slate shows up the there is no one anyone can say no to going to Nuuma. Can the Spider Riders get to Nuuma before the Fourth Oracle Key falls into the hands of the Invectids?moreless
    • Action in Arachna
      Episode 26
      The Page from Nuuma has revealed that inside his box he carries another Oracle Key, and brings news that Stags has invaded Nuuma. Hunter wishes to venture to Nuuma because of the fact that another Oracle Key, but Prince Lumen won't allow it, he does not want Arachna with no defense, and Nuuma is far away. After learning of the two keys in Arachna Mantid sends both Beerain, and Bugeuse to retrieve them. Will the Spider Riders overcome this? Or will all life in Arachna be destroyed at the hands of the Invectids?moreless
    • Big Bug
      Episode 25
      Hunter finds out that the Invectids have invaded the city of Nuuma and wants to go and run them off. Only none of the other Spider Riders want to, even with the possibility of a third Oracle Key being there. Grasshop shows up with his new unstoppable ally Goldenbore to take Hunter's Oracle Keys. Can the Spider Riders create an opening so Hunter can defeat this foe or will Buguese and Aqune turn victory into defeat?moreless
    • Key to the City
      Episode 24
      Stags has his army attack Nuuma where another Oracle Key may be located. They find out though that the queen of Nuuma has sent one of her pages to Arachna to deliver a mysterious box to the Spider Riders. Mantid sends Grasshop to hunt down the Page and steal the box but during the chase the Page drops the box onto Lumen's head. Can the Spider Riders figure out the importance of the box and save the Nuuman Page or will Grasshop steal it from them while they save the Page?moreless
    • Dark World
      Episode 23
      After several losses to the Spider Riders, the Insectors must recover from their defeat. Beerain and Buguese are both wondering about Aqune, who seems to be the only hope for their dark world. The Insectors need to bring back Oracle's sun to their territory, but despise her favouring of the humans. Grasshop takes the time to see his wife and children, but is thrown into despair when he finds out they know of his many failures. Aqune is questioning how she must help the Insectors...And Mantid-sama seems to be keeping another secret in the closet...a mysterious girl.moreless
    • The Wages of War
      Episode 22
      When Hunter and Magma go to search for details about Brutus' sister, Portia, they geet to confront the masked spider herself! And who is this Insector girl, Lemin? It seems she has a much different view than her other insect peers, and does not serve under Mantid-sama as the others do... And when Lemin's life is in danger from Grasshop's crazy Machine Insect, a masked Aqune rushes in to help Hunter save the Insector girl!moreless
    • 9/10/06
      The Spider Riders are so worn out from the constant skirmishes with the Invectids, Corona begins to long for a "normal" life. But that will always be denied her with the Invectids around. Or will it? Lily uses her magic to show Corona how her life could have been. But with Hunter and Aqune as battle partners and Grasshop for a gentleman caller, Corona's dream soon becomes a nightmare. Corona comes to terms with her duty as a Spider Rider just in time to save her friends from Grasshop's latest trap and realizes she wouldn't want to live her life any other way!moreless
    • Hero Act
      Episode 20
      A theatrical troupe, who put on a play about a renowned hero name Quake, quits. So the Spider Riders decide the show must go on and fill in the places of the actors. While they are doing the play the real Grasshop shows up with a real Invectid army. Can the Spider Riders defeat the Invectid before the great play is ruined?moreless
    • Lumen's Love
      Episode 19
      Prince Lumen's childhood friend Lady Noia comes and visits Lumen. Lumen falls in love with her as soon as he sees her. The only problem is Lady Noia and her butler are Beerain and Grasshop in disguise trying to steal the Oracle Key. Thanks to Lumen's 24-7 care they never get a chance. When Lumen challenges Hunter to a duel Lady Noia asks Lumen to let her hold the Oracle Key. Can the Spider Riders stop Lumen before he hands over the Oracle Key to the Invectids?moreless
    • Unmasked
      Episode 18
      Magma and Hunter come to a school, in which they find an unmasked Aqune and without a Manicle. They find out that Aqune ended up at the school not knowing who she is or anything. Not long after Magma and Hunter find out that there is an Oracle Key in the school's Sanctuary. Come to find out that Aqune is after the key, but when she tries to take it turns out to be an illusion. Angered at this Buguese unleashes Aqune and Portia's full power on the Spider Riders. Can Hunter and Magma stop them or will they be destroyed by the ones they are trying to save?moreless
    • Return of a Friend
      Episode 17
      Igneous meets up with an old friend, from the Arachna Knights, named Slate. After starting where things ended between the tow Igneous tells Hunter that Slate has challenged him to a battle to the death. Can Hunter and Shadow stop them before they kill each other?
    • 8/6/06
      Corona and Hunter go and visit the town that Corona grew up in. Corona's friends and family try to make a couple out of the two even with both of them trying to convince the villagers they are just friends. Hunter talks to Corona's sister and learns about the vow Corona made when she was younger. He goes and visits the monument which Corona made her vow and makes his own. Not long after Beerain shows up with her Buzz Rays. Can Hunter and Corona defeat them before they destroy Corona's home?moreless
    • Ghost Spider
      Episode 15
      Corona asks Hunter to help her practice dancing for the Annual Dance Party. Hunter agrees but while they are practicing he sees the sihoutte of a giant spider. Corona becomes upset at this and tells him that anyone who sees the ghost will have bad luck until they see the ghost again. Soon everyone's luck starts to turn for the worst. Now it is up to Corona and Hunter to find the ghost before disaster fall upon them.moreless
    • Stag's Challenge
      Episode 14
      With the first Oracle key lost Mantid seems unconcerned. He decides that they will find the others then take the one that Hunter has. Stag the most powerful of The Big Four Generals decides he wants to test his strength against Hunters new power. He then proceeds in breaking into Arachna Castle and defeating Lumens guards. Stag then challenges Hunter. If Hunter does not accept then Stag will Arachna destroy Castle. Hunter accepts but cannot activate his new power. Can Hunter learn to activate his new power before he is defeated by Stag?moreless
    • A New Power
      Episode 13
      With Bugese in possession of the Oracle Key. The Spider Riders find themselves not strong enough to defeat his Battle Beetle. Lumen and Igneous hold off the Battle Beetle while Hunter and Corona chase after Bugese. When they catch up with him, Hunter and Shadow meet with the Oracle through one of the keys. This results in them becoming pure embodiments of her power. Will Hunter be able to save Aqune and Portia with his new power? Or will he have to go back on his promise to get the Oracle Keys?moreless
    • 7/9/06
      Hunter and the other Spider Riders follow up on the tip given to them by Grasshop. When they close in on the Spirit Oracle's Shrine they run into Beerain. Igneous and Lumen decide to stay and fight Beerain while Hunter, Corona, Magma, Venus, and Shadow go and defeat Buguese. Will Hunter and Corona be able to defeat Buguese. And what is the mysterious girl Aqune's secret?moreless
    • Deadly Distraction
      Episode 11
      Buguese has found the entry way to the Spirit Oracles shrine. The only problem is he has to get through an energy shield. Grasshops is sent out to distract the Spider Riders and buy Buguese some time. When Hunter and the other Spider Riders show up and defeat Grasshop he tells them what Buguese is doing. Will the Spider Riders be able to stop Buguese before he breaks through the energy shield?moreless
    • The Enemy Below
      The Enemy Below
      Episode 10
      Hunter and his fellow Spider Riders investigate sinkholes at a remote village and uncover a giant, Invectid Centipede named Celpido who is bent on destruction.
    • The Mask of Aqune
      Episode 10
      Hunter and his fellow Spider Riders investigate sinkholes at a remote village and uncover a giant, Invectid Centipede named Celpido who is bent on destruction. Buguese and his mysterious human ally, Aqune arrive at the village, proving there is more going on than they know. Hoping to understand her better, Hunter challenges Aqune to single-combat.moreless
    • Hunter's Holiday
      Episode 9
      After weeks of non-stop battle and training, Corona and Igneous arrange for Hunter to have a day off but they can't understand why he wants to spend it sleeping.
    • 6/11/06
      While on patrol, Hunter and Shadow fall into the Forest of Bewilderment, from which, legend has it, no one has ever escaped.
    • Princely Power
      Episode 7
      Prince Lumen's lackadaisical attitude and distaste for practice leave Hunter questioning his ability to lead the Spider Riders.
    • 5/28/06
      Every child in the kingdom of Arachna is playing with a sparkling sphere but Princess Sparkle. After Hunter discovers where the children found the spheres and gets one for her, Sparkle is afraid to tell him that it turned black when she tried to paint it. Little do the children know that the spheres are a trap to create a monster made by Grasshop to capture the children and make them guard the monster. When it captures Sparkle and HER sphere, Hunter and Igneous must defeat Grasshop and the monster to save her.moreless
    • 5/21/06
      Corona takes Hunter to the Hill of Champions; the place where spiders and humans first fought together against the Invectid invaders. They meet Galena, a woman whose Spider Rider husband disappeared many years ago. She cares for the monument while awaiting his return.
    • 5/14/06
      Hunter is quick to volunteer when the Village of Fragrant Blooms calls on the Spider Riders for help against an Invectid assault.
    • 3/25/06
      As Hunter and Shadow enter Corona's beloved "Arachna Kingdom", they confront a new Spider Rider, Igneous. Igneous challenges Shadow and Hunter to a battle at the "Arachna Collisseum". Who will be victorious, and will Shadow and Hunter work together?
    • Never Give Up
      Episode 2
      When the mighty and feared Grasshop attacks a nearby village, Hunter and his new found friend Corona must attempt to stop him. But Corona being without her Spider Venus can't help when Hunter just runs into battle without Shadow. Not only is he alone, but he doesn't know how to call upon his powers. Will he be able to figure out how, and will Shadow his stubborn partner finally work with him?moreless
    • The Inner World
      Episode 1
      When 11-year-old Hunter Steele gets bored one day, he decides to search for an old legend known as "The Inner World". As he searches, he accidentally stumbles into the mysterious world known as "Arachna". There he is attacked by a monster known as an Invectid and he can not protect himself!moreless