Spider Riders

Season 1 Episode 2

Never Give Up

Aired Sunday 10:00 AM Mar 25, 2006 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

This episode takes off as if directly after the first episode. Hunter is shown a few tricks of the trade by Corona, such as demorphing. She also explains that he will have to come with her to Aracna Castle.

While on their travels, Corona explains much about the Inner World to Hunter, and after insulting Shadow, explains plenty more about the Spiders. When it seems like they will get to the castle soon, Corona receives a message from Venus (Her Spider)-(Side note: The manacles double over as a walkie talkie) saying that a village where Corona and Hunter are near to. So being Spider Riders they go to check it out.

Upon arriving you are introduced to Grasshop of The Big Four, whos kind of a big mouth, but none the less gives the powerless humans a chance to defend themselves by fighting his one, thats right "one" Invectid warrior in a duel. After not finding someone to fight his warrior he just decides to pick one, but before the human can except his offer Hunter jumps into the ring out of no where.

Hunter and Grasshop exchange comments, until Hunter reveals hes a Spider Rider. Upon showing his manacle he attempts to activate it by yelling.....

Hunter: Alright, its time to transform......Transform!!!!!

Uhhhh, nice try buddy, it doesn't work that way. After this failed attempt to morph he fights a losing battle with the warrior. All seems lost, and it looks like this hero will have his flame put out pretty early in his hero career, but Shadow finally deciding to help him welcomes himself into the fray. Hunter along with Shadow easily defeat the Invectid warrior, and all seems fine.

But Grasshop goes back on his word to leave the village if his warrior lost and launches an attack. Corona now teamed with Venus morphs in time to help Hunter.

The episode ends off with Corona and Hunter along with Venus and Shadow walking into the sunset as Corona attempts to explain the partnership between Hunter and Shadow to Venus.