Spider Riders

Season 1 Episode 2

Never Give Up

Aired Sunday 10:00 AM Mar 25, 2006 on TELETOON

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  • This marks the first time I saw my Grasshop and fell in love!!!! Do I really need another reason to adore this episode?

    This episode is one of my personal favourites, for it marks the first appearance of the character that MAKES the show- an irrisistable, handsome, witty blue bug by the name of Grasshop. He simply makes the episode spin with humour and charm and you immediately fall in love with him from the first words that pop out of his mouth! XD The episode is a great one, where a pivitol lesson of the Spider Riders is learned, also. "Never Give Up", introduced and executed in battle with Grasshop's Invectid warrior, has become one of the series main slogans, almost as common as "Arachna Power!" and "Calling all Spider Riders!" This episode just expands on the first one, as we see Hunter's character develop, and we also get to see more of Shadow and Corona, along with a new Spider appearance, Venus. Witty and bursting with fun, this episode is a must see of the series, and almost number one on my personal favourites list! Go Grasshop! You rock my sox, baby! Woooo! *hugglez*
  • Hunter Steele fight the Invective\'s Champion. He was about to lose, but then Shadow help out and they beat the Invective\'s Champion. Also the first time Venus(Corona\'s Spider) came out.

    It a little sad when Hunter get punches from the Invective\'s Champion again and again. Never give up is 60 % Chance of winning, and teamwork is 40 % chance of winning that Hunter will get. Shadow alway fight for himself and Hunter also fight for himself too, but fight alone alway lose. Carona is very powerful but Hunter challenge Invective\'s Champion not Corona, the Hunter Steele on Never Give Up is just a poor Spider Rider. Venus is a Spider Warrior of Corona and she is very strong. Corona use her Bold and Arrow to finish off the Invective.
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