Spider Riders

Season 1 Episode 7

Princely Power

Aired Sunday 10:00 AM Jun 04, 2006 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

Prince Lumen's lackadaisical attitude and distaste for practice leave Hunter questioning his ability to lead the Spider Riders.

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  • This episode has made me see Lumen in a whole other light

    I think this was a fantastic episode and really crucial as far as character developement goes. Before, Prince Lumen kind of struck me as a token character, somebody who was just... there, but never again. I love him in this episode and from now on always will. Hunter seemed kind of annoying, Corona always annoys me, and Igneous... well, he's Igneous. Good action and good comedy in this episode. I still dont know whats going to happen to all that paper work piled on Lumen's desk but hey, its a cartoon, it can work a little of its magic and make it all just poof. Great episode.moreless
  • Invectids invade a nearby town and Prince Lumen tries to settle it peacfully, but to no avail. In the end he brings out his Spider, Ebony.

    I loved this episode. It let us get to know lumen and why he makes his decicions the way he does. When Lumen decides to let the Invectids rummage through the town and gives them their own village if they leave the village alone, Hunter and the other Spider Riders are wary of his decision. But when the Invectids go back on their word we see what Lumen is all about. He wants to resolve things without using violence, peacefully, even if it saves a pretty girl now and agian...Also in this episode Ebony, Prince Lumens spider is shown. We find out that lumen rarely lets him battle because he is too powerful and he doesn't want anyone innocent to get hurt. I give this episode a 9.8 because it was a great plot to lead to the unveiling of Ebony. I didn't give it a full ten though because it was sort of likea filler episode.

  • Prince Lumen tries to save a town without fighting.

    The episode starts off with Hunter, and the other Spider Riders training. Hunter tries talking to Igneous about Prince Lumen's laziness.

    Igneous doesn't seem to care about Lumen's actions, because he's the prince, and he knows he will make the right decisions.

    In a short amount of time, we find Invectids destroying a local town. Prince Lumen tries defending the town, by bribing the Intectids by saying that he'll give them their own town to hang around in if they stop attacking the town.

    The Invectids gladly accept, and they begin having a good time. The Invectids soon realize that they are only 85% happy, because they're main purpose is to destroy humans.

    Nights later, the Invectids return to their previous scheme - destroying the town. Lumen is there to protect the town, where he has no choice other, but to fight them.

    Lumen defeats the Invectids easily. As the other Spider Riders watch on, Igneous explains to Hunter that Lumen is easily the greatest Spider Rider living today.

    An average episode, nonetheless. Nothing really important happened, but most importantly, we learned about Lumen's personality.moreless
Kumiko Higa

Kumiko Higa

Prince Lumen (Japanese)

Takashi Kondo

Takashi Kondo

Shadow (Japanese)

Dan Goldman

Dan Goldman

Mantid (English)

Dan Goldman

Dan Goldman

Buguese (English)

Grace Fulliton

Grace Fulliton

Princess Sparkle (English)

Phil Williams

Phil Williams

Igneous (English)

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