Spider Riders

Season 1 Episode 17

Return of a Friend

Aired Sunday 10:00 AM Aug 13, 2006 on TELETOON
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Igneous meets up with an old friend, from the Arachna Knights, named Slate. After starting where things ended between the tow Igneous tells Hunter that Slate has challenged him to a battle to the death. Can Hunter and Shadow stop them before they kill each other?

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  • When Slate, a good friend of Igneous returns to the castle, Igneous immediatly knows something is wrong, but what? He soon finds out when Slate challenges Igneous to a battle to the...death! Hunter must find a way to stop this before...he loses a friend.moreless

    Meh, this episode started off with Sparkle (w00t!), Igneous, and of course our hero Hunter. Hunter and Igneous have been to assingned to protect her while she shops around, but all hell breaks loose when she mysteriously dissapears. After running around like chickens with their heads cut off looking for her, they find her under the protection of Igneous good old friend Slate. Slates offered a room in the castle, and fights side by side with Igneous in a battle to save the village, but still..Igneous has a strange feeling. Why would Slate come back to the castle after all this time? This question is answered when Slate challenges him to a battle to the death. Hunter just wont let this slide even though Igneous tells him to stay out of it and not to avenge his death if it comes to that. But Hunter being the guy he is doesn't listen and goes on a hunch. Luckly enough hes right and found that Grasshop has attacked Slates village and threatens to destroy it if he doesn't defeat Igneous. Hunter defeats him, and gets back to Slate and Igneous only to find that they will still battle. After both of them destroy their swords they call it a draw and come to the conclusion that they will never figure out whos better between the two of them.moreless
  • Return of A Friend. Hmm...Ok. At first when I looked at this episode it seemed like an average episode, but I was wrong. This episode told me friends forever.

    While taking Princess Sparkle out for a strole in the village Sparkle gets lost. Luckly a knight finds her. It turns out he's Igneous' childhood friend. When they were younger the knight said he must leave. He went to protect his own village. Later on they find out that he's working for the Invectids. The Invectids said they'd destroy the village if the knight didn't battle against Igneous and win. Igneous understude after the knight told him. The battle was a classic. And the episode was kinda sad. It was sad to see two best friends fighting. It turned out to be a draw in the end. The Invectids decided to attack the village anyway. Igneous and his friend stoped the Invectids. While Hunter watched carefully. Hunter seemed amazed at the battle stratagy they used.moreless
Grace Fulliton

Grace Fulliton

Princess Sparkle (English)

Kinya Kotani

Kinya Kotani

Magma (Japanese)

Kumiko Higa

Kumiko Higa

Prince Lumen (Japanese)

Saeko Chiba

Saeko Chiba

Corona (Japanese)

Takashi Kondo

Takashi Kondo

Shadow (Japanese)

Takehito Koyasu

Takehito Koyasu

Ignus (Japanese)

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    • (watching the battle between Slate and Igneous while sipping from a glass)

      Grasshop: Oh, goodie! The show is starting! I wish I had popcorn... (thinking) If Slate defeats Igneous then the Spider Riders will suffer a major blow. Ha! And if Slate is defeated my soldiers will enjoy destroying the village! Either way, I win!

      (holds out his empty glass)

      Grasshop: REFILL! (stands up, realizing that his army has disappeared) Huh? Wait a minute...Where did everybody go!? Are you playing hide and seek?

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