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  • Spiderriderfan21

    what i think of this show... it's pretty far good in my opinion. I don't care what everyone who dislike this show, this show is really interesting and funny to watch! i wish Teletoons bring back this series back on tv with new seasons/episodes just like pokemon/Yugioh does! Please Teletoons, bring this show back!
  • While the style of animation is all things you've seen before, this show is really worth giving a chance for its highly original story-line.

    Great show so far. Can't wait for more episodes so we can really see the story develop. The characters seemed to be semi-basic but I think with a little more fine tuning, the writers and producers could really dive into their personalities, strengths and weaknesses. The story seemed surprisingly original and the basis was solid. This is certainly not a show to just pass by without a second chance. I can already see the show developing into the next Yu-Gi-Oh! in terms of long-lasting airtime. Hopefully there won't be as many 5 part episodes like in Yu-Gi-Oh!, but I do hope there are some good story lines to come.
  • What the hell. This is the lamest, and I mean the LAMEST, show ever.

    While recovering from Yugioh-shock symdrom caused by the end of the series, 4-kids just had to put in another show. Yeah, it looked intresting at first, but as soon as a turned on the tv, OMG! THIS!

    It just dosen't make any sense at all. I mean, it looked like a good cartoon, but 4-kids ruin it. What killed it, in my opinion, were the voices. The girl, instead of saying: "Wow, you're amazing!" says: "Wow. YOU'RE! amazing..." No fun at all. I mean, come on, stop being a disgrase to the entire Japanese nation of anime. I can handel Shaman King and Yugioh, but THIS! Is this what you call a 'job well done."?
  • What.......the.......HECK!!!!!!!!

    Why did I even CONSIDER watching that!!!!!! This show reaches a class of lame only previosly reached by Sesame Street, Teletubbies, and Coconut Fred\'s Fruit Salad Island(Otherwise known as Nutboob Roundshort\'s Retarded Peninsula). If this IS a real anime, than it\'s been edited more than all the episodes of Pokemon COMBINED!!!!!! I usually watch anime because I can\'t stop laughing,but I don\'t think I ever laughed once while watching!!!!!!! And it\'s hard to watch an entire episode because the only thing you hear is \"Spider Riders\" every TWO SECONDS!!!!!!! If this show signifies Kids WB\'s taste in anime, then it\'s probably a good thing they dropped it all!
  • A terrible anime show.

    Its my lowest score i ever gave a show to this point. WHY?...WHY!!? Why did Teletoon air this terrible series. It went wrong from the VERY beginning, when i mean beginning i mean the theme song. Its a rap theme song and a real bad one at that. About 95% of cartoons have awesome voice overs, but this one doesn't sound right, like the voice actors are reading the scripts like pre-schoolers for something. The kid has pink hair... The story is terrible, the voice overs are terrible, Oh heck all of it is terrible!! Teletoon, can you please replace this waste of time with 6teen or something worth watching?...
  • Used to wtach it when WB showed Pokemon, but then lost track when there were repeats on WB, so I figured I wait till all the repeats were over, but I lost count and saw that I had skipped 5 episodes! Unable to keep up, I stopped watching. But it's good.

    Ah, the joys of watching this show. Had a thick plot that pretty much revealed nothing about itself. I remember some fave scenes, mainly the pilot's first few minutes, and the Blossoms of Darkness fight. I like the show, but I can't get any episodes anyway, so i'll just ask people at Spider Riders forums where to see all the eps. s.p.o.i. i like the show, cuz it's well made and stuff lol.
  • A terrible dub translation, lackluster animation, and a boring cast make Spider Riders far worse than it could have been.

    I'm not saying Spider Riders is an abysmal show, but it definitely has a lot of flaws that make it an unimpressive anime.

    Spider Riders is a bit of an example of how a decent anime becomes rotten when translated to English from Japan. The voice acting in the English dub is flat out terrible, with the characters stopping their sentences repeatedly to match mouth animations. The voices are also uninspired and the emotion is quite bad. It doesn't have nearly the right feel to it most of the time.

    Second on the list of flaws is the changes made in between the versions. Things like music are altered, changing from the original Latin-inspired chanting to poorly done rap and rock. Though this was probably done for religious reasons, it really weakens the overall effect.

    It's the same issue with action scenes; one of Spider Riders' strong points is a few good combat sequences, but there are too few of them to make a real impact against the lame ones. Also, quite a few of the combat sequences are altered for censorship reasons.

    But the biggest problem is the storyline. Even without the English dubbing, Spider Riders has a lame story. It might have a few funny or serious moments, but overall it is a bore to watch. There's too many anime cliches littered throughout the series, so much so that it makes the experience really generic and stale.

    Spider Riders isn't awful, but it's definitely not good. You'd probably be better off finding another anime to watch.
  • A great show,I give it 10 stars !

    Wow,I started watching Spider Riders about a year ago?
    it was so awesome seeing the first episode,me and my sister fell in LOVE with it! I was Corona,she was Sparkle..hehe,
    This show was the show I got up early to watch every saturday! I set my alarm-clock! I really hope they don't just stop at 52 episodes! that would be terrible!

    Please help keep Spider Riders on air,and not just some show that was a one shot deal and failed.
  • Worst 4:00 show. Ever.

    Well canada, before you go to japan make sure you come up with something better. A show about spiders who are slaves to the humans from the over world. Lamest plot ever. They have fight the crickets. What the freak? That main charater looks like a girl. What the freak? SRSLY this show fails at being an anime. They should of put yakity yak in this time slot.
  • Give this show a look. It won't kill you, really.

    Shounen anime has never really been my thing. Spider Riders has a special charm though. I suspect it's due to studio Bee Train's involvement with it. They've also been responsible for other favorites of mine, such as Noir and Madlax. Spider Riders feels like a constant mystery, with question after question popping up, even as I get further into the series. Another interesting factor about the series is that it has both a dark atmosphere and an optimistic tone at the same time. It can become very grim at times, but the characters all have such spirit and determination. The characters are part of the appeal of Spider Riders. While some of them are more flat than others, they still remain lovable. To me the most complex and interesting characters are Buguese and Aqune, who quickly became favorites of mine. They're a lot more then what they seem to be on the surface, and I look forward to seeing what they do each week.
    The only thing with drags this review down to an 8 is the fact that the second half of the show so far has been a disappointment in comparison to the first half. I partially blame that though on the fact that I've had to watch it in English, as I much prefer the Japanese version for various reasons.
  • Awesome show!!!

    This show is a awesome show. It has great music and graphics to the them song and when they transform into the battling stage. They picked great colors for it. I just love the show. The Spider Riders names are: Hunter Steel, Corona, Princess Sparkle, Prince Lumen, Igneous, Magma, and Agune. Agune is bad because of the mask she wears.The Invectid is controlling her, otherwise she good. Teletoon has a game for the show. It's not bad actually, it's kind of challenging. I had trouble playing it, but thats just me. My avatar wouldn't save, but that's OK, i was only testing the game out. anyhow gotta go to watch the show again. I in courage you to watch it, it's a awesome show...
  • a great show that should be loved..because its the best show out there.

    this show is the best and also my personal favorite. i can look at this show all day long. what a great show. if you dont like this show,then theres something wrong with you. if you like shows like pokemon or tom and jerry and stuff,then there seriously wrong with you. this show is the best cause it got a great plot and lovely characters.''never give up''!
  • It really is a good show...just not enough people understand it.

    As it says in the show description, it was based on a science fiction novel, or rather a multi-book account of the adventures of Hunter Steele, also known by its title "Spider Riders". To truly understand this series and appreciate it (just as with most stories taken from books and made into on-screen productions), you really should read the book first. While the anime story line on TV gives you enough information to get you by without reading it, you miss a few key details that make the story more interesting in the end. For example, in the book, Hunter met Corona way, way before he met Shadow. He was held under suspicion for a long time before the idea of letting him become a Spider Rider even came up. In the anime, some of his abilities to fight, sort of came with the armor. In the book, he had to train throughout, to really become a match in battle. They also left out a key part of the plot in the anime that probably would have made it more geared towards older audiences. In the book, the Oracle was made powerful by several crystals or gems of which I forget the name of now. These crystals or gems were the Oracle's source of power. Since she resided in the Arachnia city (in the book), she was the only other thing besides the Spider Riders that protected it. In the book, her power sources were stolen and scattered and the Spider Riders had to brave dangerous missions in groups to get them back. So, the book and the anime vary a lot, and if you really don't like the anime, you obviously don't get the story line behind it.
  • This is the lamest show ever created!

    When I saw the commercial I thought Hunter was a girl! Seriously, he sounds and looks like one!(totally gayness) Some cartoons that come from comic books are okay like yu-gi-oh(not GX), but this is ridiculous!The characters sound so plain and they're not even attractive. And Spiders!! Why would the spiders ever work with humans anyway! And the most important of all is that it's not even funny!!!
  • I know why you don't like this show!

    First you probably around 15-18 years old. you grow out your childhood around that age or not a big fan of action adventure.This show is for 6-12 years old. find a tv show thats around your age you probably really like that show better. you know you little brother like this if he around 6-12 years old. to tell you truth i see a lot of quitters that around under 12. this is a good encouragement for them. kids that young look up to the teens or adults. one wrong move that teens or adults kids do the same thing that they did. thrust me.
  • A good solid anime show.

    I started watching this show halfway through the first season and I actually enjoyed it. Hunter is quite the character he is funny and you can actually watch hime develop as a person. It appears that he has something for one of the other spider riders I won\'t give it away if you have not seen the show yet. Even the realtionship between Hunter and his spider Shadow is quite intersting they like to make witty commnets about each other but work well together and are one of the strongest spider riders on the team. The show is well drawn and the plot just keeps getting better with every episode.
  • This show is AWSOME. After the third episode I was hooked. I watch it almost every time it is onn. And if you are scared of bugs, I advise you not to watch it.

    This show is awsome! If you love bugs, or a good bug butt kicking, you will love this show. The characters are really funnys, if you enjoy a good laugh. And, most of the spiders are very friendly. Alot of the characters also happen to be friendly. And in my opinion, the bishies of this shows are probley Igneous and Hunter. Just in my opinion, tell me if you think so to. I personaley enjoyed this show, I got a good laugh and got some of my sense of humor from this show. So, if you don't like it, well it is you're opinion, not mine^_^
  • Wow! This Is Gay

    Wow! This Is Gay. What With Teletoon Putting On All The Stupid Show's. Oh! "Arakna Power". Stupider then Pokemon Oh!" I Found The Hidden Door Way...(Big Space)...I Found Inner World" What With the Pauses When They talk "So The Spider Riders Want me to destroy....The Spider Riders" What The, That Shows It's Complete Crap. I wish I can give it a 0
  • Calling all spider riders! Personaly I think this show rocks, but...

    I think some parts of the show are a little too obvious. I mean I know that the good guys have to win the battles, but they could make it a little harder for the spider riders to succeed in battle. Like not by adding more fighting or anything, but by making the violence more dramatic. Overall it's like my favourite show so I do wanna point out all the good things about it too! I think the theme song was a good intro. and also a good unquie use of names. The animation is good and I love all the backgrounds, especially the sunsets. I also still find the hummor pretty funny, but remember this show is ment for children youger than us though, so we should try to remember that before we write bad stuff about it. Remember to watch Spider Riders weekend mornings at 10 A.M. I hope they keep this show on teletoon and I know alot of other people that hope the same!

    Calling all spider riders!
  • A boy meets a spider - sound dumb? Well, you're wrong!

    I missed the premiere episodes of this show for an obvious reason. When I first looked at this show, I thought it was going to be terrible.

    Boy, I was wrong. Thank goodness Kids' WB! played a repeat of the premiere. Right when I looked at the show's beautiful animation, I was hooked.

    The plot is half-decent, and it's developing in every episode which is something that most animated shows do not have.

    Honestly, I'm not a big spider fan, and I don't think many of us are, but it doesn't really matter. This show is phenominal, and I think everyone should give it a try.

    From now on, I will not judge a television show by a "dinky" commercial.

    Long live Spider Riders! I hope I never let this show get away from my Top 10 Favorite Shows List.
  • I tried to watch it. After 5 eps had aired, I really and honestly tried to watch it with an open mind. I'll never make THAT mistake again.

    True, I didn't sit through the whole ep, but I did watch the last 15 minutes. And I sorely wish I hadn't. Usually I'm wrong when I'm biased and say I hate something before I watch it. But with this experience and Johnny Test and Coconut Fred, I'll trust my gut reaction from now on.

    They do NOT let you forget you're watching Spider Riders. It's worse repetitive than Pokemon, and that says something. All you hear is Spider Riders every 5 seconds. Are those the only two words the people and spiders in the world know?

    Switch it up every now and then. Instead of saying Sipder Riders every two seconds, say "Arachnid Jockeys" or "Arachno Commandos" if you want to rhyme.

    Hunter Steele sounds a lot like Mokuba to me, and I guarantee he'll win every single battle. If I'm right, I'm hunting him and his tarantula-for-a-butt pal, too. This sounds too much like Pokemon for my tastes. To be honest, it's worse than Pokemon.

    Or here's a better comparison, given you hate the show I'm comparing it to (I don't!)- this is worse than Loonatics Unleashed (my fave, BTW). It's worse than that drivel spewing bombastic Cocosponge Dumbasspants.

    Ace Bunny is better than this crap, and I can't stand Ace, regardless of how much I like the show. I'd rather watch Nutboob Roundshorts' Retarded Peninsula than "They who perch atop 8 legged creatures and demand be called heros".
  • Spider Riders: Waste of time, brains and money; Three things that are of the essence.

    I honestly tried to watch it, I really did. It was just too stupid. Spiders that could be chowing down on humans are being tamed by humans. WTH? This show is Pokemon all over again; people catching things and pitting them each other in battle except for the fact that they fight off evil. There's a girl who sounds like some robot and there's this boy who's so lucky he hasn't gotten eaten by his spider that won't co-operate with him. (sounds like Ash and Pikachu in the first episode in the first season.) The next time I want to watch something about spiders, I'll watch something on Discovery Kids or Animal Planet. The creators of this show deserve to be GARRETED.
  • The story of a young boy named Hunter Stelle who discovers a new world and later befriends a spider named Shadow.

    This show is so awesome! I had my doubts of this show at first, but when I first saw it, it was great. I hope KidsWB will keep this show because this is one of my favorites. A young boy named Hunter Stelle discovers a new world and meets a spider named Shadow. An evil organization of villains who are called Invectants attack villages and want to destroy everything. Hunter befriends Korona who is a Spider Rider. Later Hunter is proven to become a Spider Rider and saves Arahkna Kingdom from the evil Invectants. Only thing, he's going to need to work with Shadow better.
  • The first episode scared me away.

    There's no good looking chicks, the spider looks like a mixture of a spider and something you'd see from gundum, the main character looks like a girl (in the bad way, he's wearing a freakin' headband (that just shouts gay)) and there's no good looking chicks (I can't stress that enough). That goddess person is NOT pretty or beautiful or any other word used to describe a girl's looks in the positive way. I admit that the whole idea of an inner world inside the earth is pretty cool and it did look awesome down there but this person is soiling that idea with pathetic characters and ugly creatures. And the whole "eracna power" thing is just plain stupid.
  • Wow! There's no other word for it! The plotline and content of this show are completely original and will stick close to the viewers' hearts!

    When 11-year-old Hunter Steele follows his grandfather's diary in search of a mysterious world, he gets all that he's asking for, and more! Descending into the Inner World, the boy finds himself surrounded in a world plagued by an ages-old war against mutant isects and human-like residents known as Terrandot.

    It is there he learns of the great warriors, Spider Riders, who ride atop 10-foot battle spiders to protect the Kingdom of Arachna from the Invectids (insectors) and their diabolical leader, Mantid. Unbeknownst to him, Hunter is about to become one of these legendary fighters, and the show grows from there!

    The plotline and characters that make up this delightful show are original, realistic, and fun. Surrounded by humourous ordeals, intense battle sequences, and an engaging and interesting storylines, the viewer is immediatly drawn into the Inner World and the adventures of the Riders. However, not only are the Spider Riders candidate for favourite characters, but the foes as well. Grasshop (my fav.), Buguese, Mantid, and Beerain, and virtually every single invectid enemy are all appealing to the audience as individuals, and are sure to keep the show running with their numerous appearances.

    This anime is absoulutely perfect for any age of viewers, and is sure to swell and gain a wide audience as episodes continue to air. However, I wouldn't limit yourself to the show, as there are also other Spider Riders media out there. I encourange any anime fan to not only watch Spider Riders, but to take this show to the limit and dig in! You won't regret it!


  • "Hunter Steele" what the hell kinda name is that?

    Well I thought this was completely stupid and rembering Kids WB's other crap I expected I would be right. So I watched today and I found that this was some of the dumbest programing I had ever seen in my life. This show is incredibly stupid and whoever thought "people who ride giant spiders ohh!] must of been high.
  • Love at first sight.

    I ran across Spider Riders accidentally about three weeks ago. I was channel surfing and happened to catch 4 episodes back to back on the WB. Cats and kittens, it was love at first sight. The show premise is extremely interesting, and the episodes I have seen thus far are expertly crafted in every way. The individual storylines display perfect balance between pulse pounding action and side splitting comedy. The characters are well rounded, interesting, and highly believable. The relationships between the Riders and their respective Spiders are entertaining, and just as importantly, totally believable. I especially like Prince Luman and Princess Sparkle. I sincerely recommend Spider Riders.
  • When i heard off this show i thought it be dumb, but it rocks and i hope its here to stay..

    THis show looked like a dumb show at first i mean im not one for spiders and when i here that there making a show about it. I would be the last one to see it. So one day i wake up kinda late ad turn on the tv and theres the very first showing of it. I disided that its the only thing worth watching so i start to watch it and kinda liked the story line. It created mistry wih a new power i do wish that they would go more into depth with his background, but as for every thing else its pretty cool.
  • When I first heard of this show, I immeadeatly thought Dragon Booster. The idea that Hunter Steele is just an average boy, then gets plunged into the task of being a hero. And then there's the riding animals part "COUGH Dragons COUGH"

    When I first heard of this show, I immeadeatly thought Dragon Booster. The idea that Hunter Steele is just an average boy, then gets plunged into the task of being a hero.

    And then there's the riding animals part "COUGH Dragons, COUGH".

    And for whatever they say when they transform
    (which takes an awful long time)
    they might as well be saing:
    "Release the Spider"

    This show, no matter how many copied ideas they've got, Spider Riders is very intersting to watch and will satisfy many people's need for adrenaline, if the viewers are very agreeable.
  • From the way the title sounded...i thought it was going to be a stupid show. i was mistaken however...

    I think that WB has got a great show on their hands. Its action pakced and got a very unique and original plot. Thought the voice acting could do with some new direction, its a fairly good show. The fact that the spiders their riding arent acutally great giant furry things also helps too, because i really dont think i'd watch the show if these people were going around on the things we saw in eitght legged freaks. No, its a really good show with good spiders and good animation. The only downside, besides the voice acting, is the fact that at times, Hunter looks like a girl, even for anime standards, Hunter Steele looks like a girl. Its just something your eyes have to adjust to though. I like him anyway.
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