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Spider Riders

Season 1 Episode 1

The Inner World

Aired Sunday 10:00 AM Mar 25, 2006 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

When 11-year-old Hunter Steele gets bored one day, he decides to search for an old legend known as "The Inner World". As he searches, he accidentally stumbles into the mysterious world known as "Arachna". There he is attacked by a monster known as an Invectid and he can not protect himself!moreless

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  • Okay..so I jumped into this anime, unsuspecting...thought it would be cheesy at first when I started watching,but oh did I get more than what I bargained for! XD

    This new anime series is simply a stunning masterpiece. For a first episode, this is everything it should be and a whole lot more...not only do we get a great introduction to the completely original storyline, but we also get to see humour and action...all in one great little package! I hate to admit it, but when I first accidentally turned it to WB that fateful Saturday morning...I thought this was going to be a bit of a cheesy anime, and I was mostly attracted by its artistic style. However, after watchingthis episode I was hooked by all means...Hunter Steele really shines his personality through in this one, though I found (and still find) the Corona character a bit bland. It, in actuallity, was the Invectid captian that really sparked my ineterest, as his short appearance was filled with attitude, and a bit of mystery. He came off as quite the spunky litle character...the action sequences they decided to throw inhere were breathtakingly prettyful, from Hunter and Shadows transformation to the glorious victory. Adventure is taken to the next level in this episode especially, starting with Hunter Steele looking for the mysterious ruins. I found the whole concept of an Inner World to be amazing, and am glad they titled the episode so... Overall, wonderful episode that shouldn't be missed as it reveals a ton of storyplot about where this series is going. After watching this one...well...its hard not to get hooked, and even completely obsessed with this quirky little anime! The first episode, though not my favourite in the series is a must see...by all means check it out!moreless
  • The Inner World eh...

    When 11-year-old Hunter Steele finds the Hiddin Temple he wanders in. When an earthquake starts everything comes crashing down on Hunter. Including a manacle. Suddenly the ground opens up and swallows Hunter. When Hunter wakes up he's in the Inner World. Hunter soon finds a huge spider named Shadow, who starts chasing him. Shadow explains to Hunter how it is said that an earthan (someone from earth) will create havac. Shortly afterwards invectids attack Hunter and Shadow. Working together Hunter and Shadow manage to defeat the invectids. Afterwards they meet a girl, Corona, that Hunter saw in the forest. He claimed she was trying to attack him, but she was really just defeating a bug that was attacking Hunter. Overal this was a very entertaining episode being the first and all, but I felt they could've shown how Hunter got into the Hiddin Temple a little bit better.moreless
  • Hunter Steele is trying to follow his grandpa's journal to try and find the Inner World and he succeed's when a manacle get's attached to his arm.Where he meets his soon-to-be partner Shawdow. But they soon realize they have to team up to defeat an enemy.moreless

    In my opinion this episode rocked. But I felt that they could have showed how Hunter got into the Inner world a little better and made it longer. I found it kind of short, and a bit of a downer. I thought this series wasn\'t going to be any good because the previews threw me off, but boy was I wrong. But I\'m definately watching the rest of the episodes in this series. But what I liked the most was the catchy theme song.moreless
  • So...spider riders...

    This show has an unbelievably original concept. Its funny ( at times ) and is action packed. Its drawn in anime style sort of, but im not sure if thats exactly is classification. i'll just assume it is. Anyways, this episode, i think was a good start, it left me eager to watch the new episodes. Catchy theme song, interesting characters, im sensing much potential in this show. Much potential indeed. Not exactly a cliffhanger, but prettey darned good, i hear its based off of a book series, the shows good enought to make me even want to read those...kind of, well, its a good show, give it a chance. I'm sure you'll fall in love with it eventually.moreless
  • wow i was wrong

    Man i was wrong about this show. The frist time i saw a commercial for it i thought it was going to be lame, but as they say don't judge a book by its cover. This was a great Series Priemeire a kid named Hunter Steele traces his grandfather's footsteps to the inner world where he meets a girl named Corona and a gaint spider named Shadow and learns that he is a spider rider. Spider Riders are people who ride spiders to stop some gaint insects called inverterbers(or something like that) to take over the world.

    They are right now traveling to arachna castle so Hunter Steele can become a great spider rider.moreless
Saeko Chiba

Saeko Chiba

Corona (Japanese)

Takashi Kondo

Takashi Kondo

Shadow (Japanese)

Sandy Fox

Sandy Fox

Corona (English)

Sanae Kobayashi

Sanae Kobayashi

Venus (Japanese)

Lex Lang

Lex Lang

Shadow (English)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • Hunter: (To Shadow) Now it's your turn to answer my question. Where the heck am I anyway?
      Shadow: This cliff is at the southwest tip of the Arachna Kingdom.
      Hunter: Hello? Where's that?
      Shadow: In the inner world, everyone knows the Arachna Kingdom.

    • Hunter: (To Shadow) Hold it, why are you chasing me, creepy crawler?
      Shadow: You bring trouble here, human.
      Hunter: Actually, trouble brought me.
      Shadow: Stop fooling around, kid, and tell me, where did you steal that manacle?
      Hunter: I'm not a kid, okay! And my name is Hunter Steele, remember that.
      Shadow: Answer the question!
      Hunter: Hey, I didn't steal it, it just attached itself to me.
      Shadow: Impossible! Only a great warriors are chosen to wear a manacle, it's not a toy for kids.
      Hunter: I told you, I'm not a kid, okay?

    • Hunter: (About Corona) That girl seemed normal. I should have played it cool. "That's some Arachna Power you got there".

    • Corona: (After she sees Hunter in the inner world) A stranger, with a manacle. Wait, don't move! I don't believe it! That manacle, that boy is a Spider Rider.

    • (Looking for the door to the inner world)
      Hunter: I might as well face it, there is no door. No way! Shake it off! Remember what gramps always said "never give up!" then he'd jump and yell "Arachna power"!

    • Hunter: This place is everything gramps said it would be, Aranchna power!
      (Hunter and Corona both laugh)
      Shadow: What's so funny?

    • Hunter: My gramps was right! Never give up, partner!
      Shadow: What do you mean "partner"?

    • (After Shadow defeats the evil invectids)
      Hunter: Yeah! We beat 'em!
      Shadow: What do you mean "we", earthin? You did nothing.
      Hunter: Are you kidding? We kicked butt!

    • Hunter: (talking out-loud to himself) I did it gramps! I found the door, I found the inner world!
      Shadow: Did you just call me gramps, earthin?

    • (Shadow corners Hunter)
      Shadow: You will go no farther, human. Where did you get that manacle, boy?
      Hunter: No way. Talking spiders? I'm officially freaked out.

    • (Hunter kicks a boulder at Shadow)
      Hunter: I got ya! (Shadow jumps up and spreads it's legs and lands) don't got ya. (Shadow glares at Hunter) Oh come on, can't you take a joke? (Shadow comes toward Hunter and Hunter almost falls off the edge) What would gramps say..ah! Arachna power!
      The Oracle: It has begun.

    • (After Hunter sees Shadow)
      Hunter: SPIDER! (Hunter starts to run away and he falls) Ug, oh boy. (Hunter starts to run again) Ah! Spider!!

    • (A spider comes down from it's web)
      Hunter: AH! Another spider, huh? Not this time pal. It takes more than just a little spider to scare me!

    • Fortune Teller: No! Princess Sparkle, the shadow of an earthin has crossed my crystal! This is a sign of great evil to come!
      Princess Sparkle: What does it matter? Great evil came to this world a long time ago, and made itself at home..

    • Hunter: Nothings going to stop me from finding the inner world!
      (A spider drops down from it's web) Spider! (The walls start to collapse, then it stops and Hunter looks at the spider) I wasn't scared of you, ya know.

    • (Before the giant invectid tryed to stomp on Shadow while he was down)
      Hunter: Stop!
      Shadow: Get away from here! Get away from that killing machine.
      Hunter: No, I'm staying right here, with you.
      Shadow: I thought I told you to get out of here!
      Hunter: Then why don't you get up and make me?

    • (Hunter jumps on Shadow when he jumps away from a blast)
      Shadow: Get off me! I will not be mounted without permission!
      Hunter: Don't mind if I catch a ride, do ya?
      Shadow: Actually, I do!
      Hunter: Well your stuck with me for now (Hunter looks down from the sky) because it's a long way down!
      (Shadow lands)
      Hunter: Easy on the landing, kay?
      Shadow: Your lucky I didn't drop you!

    • (About the invectid)
      Hunter: We can take 'em!
      Shadow: Your out of your league.

    • Hunter: (after seeing the invectid) Yeah, this has got to be a dream.

    • Hunter: (referring to Shadow) Hey there webster! Chill out!

    • Hunter: What's an earthin?
      Shadow: Beings from an outer world. You are from the outer world, right?
      Hunter: If this is the inner world, I diffentily came from the outer.
      Shadow: A bad omen. It is said that an earthin will reek catratrophy over the inner world.
      Hunter: What? That's not me. They must of meant some other earthin.
      Shadow: I can't take that chance.
      (Shadow raises his leg, about to strike)
      Hunter: Back off!
      Shadow: I never back off!
      Hunter: Well then, can we just talk?

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