ABC (ended 1980)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • A Deadly Dream
      A Deadly Dream
      Episode 16
      Spider-Woman must battle the alien Mumara and her sleep inducing powers that threaten the entire world.
    • Return Of The Spider-Queen
      A race of human spiders believe Spider-Woman is their long lost ruler and enslave the heroine to their cause of ruling the world.
    • A Crime In Time
      A Crime In Time
      Episode 14
      A scientist named Dr. T gets control of a time traveling machine and it's up to Spider-Woman to foil his plans of taking over the world.
    • The Great Magini
      The Great Magini
      Episode 13
      The powerful magician known as the Great Magini threatens to steal the world's landmarks and only Spider-Woman can stop him.
    • Invasion Of The Black Hole
      Spider-Woman takes on a black UFO, whose commader plans to blanket the Earth in black hole rays in preparation for invasion.
    • The Spider-Woman And The Fly
      Spider-Woman battles a man that has mutated into a giant human fly, who has abilities similar to her own.
    • Dracula's Revenge
      Dracula's Revenge
      Episode 10
      Spider-Woman takes on Dracula and other legendary monsters as she tries to stop the world's population from being transformed into similar monsters.
    • Shuttle To Disaster
      A recently launched space shuttle carrying astronauts and civilians ( with the latter including Jessica, Jeff and Billy) is highjacked by the villain Steeljaw. He takes the shuttle to his bse on the moon where he intends to use his kidnapped victims as manual labor in digging for valuable moon gems. It's up to Spider-Woman to stop his evil plans.moreless
    • Games Of Doom
      Games Of Doom
      Episode 8
      Jessica, Jeff and Billy are covering the U.S. team for the World Athletic Games in Moscow. The plane carrying the team is attacked in mid-air by another craft, with the whole crew disabled by a knockout gas. One of the athletes is kidnapped and taken aboard another craft. Spider-Woman rescues the athlete, unaware that he has been replaced by an android duplicate. At the games in Moscow, Bruce Thompson, the kidnapped competitor, proceeds to break all pole vault records by performing with apparently super-human strength. A Russian athlete is the next to be kidnapped and replaced by an android, and he too proceeds to break all weight-lifting records. Jessica decides to enter the games herself as a long-jumper, in order to discover what happens to the missing individuals. She too, is kidnapped and replaced by a duplicate, but she manages to escape as Spider-Woman, and discovers that every country now has a representative android carrying a gold medal. It is the plan of master criminal Jacques Le Rod, to take over the minds of everyone on Earth with the medals carried by the replaced athletes. Spider-Woman has to deal with her own replacement for Jessica, and disable all of the other androids before they take over everyone's minds.moreless
    • The Kongo Spider
      The Kongo Spider
      Episode 7
      Spider-Woman, along with visitor Spider-Man, join forces to fight a giant spider in the Kongo.
    • The Lost Continent
      After an Air Force squadron disappears over the Bermuda Triangle, two more planes are dispatched to discover what happened only to disappear as well. Meanwhile, Jessica, Jeff and Billy visit an aircraft carrier in the vicinity of the Triangle after being granted an interview with the ship's commander. With the situation becoming more dangerous, the Justice Magazine crew is ordered to leave the area, but their jet-copter disappears like the jet. The trio discovers a hidden dimension containing a prehistoric-like island in the Triangle. Jessica and her team explore the island, and after Jessica becomes Spider-Woman to deal with some dinosaurs, they discover a tribe of Neanderthals. They are using advanced technology and are under the control of a man named Dr. Morrison, who discovered the island thirty years ago and is preparing to take over the Earth. Spider-Woman attempts to free Jeff and Billy from Morrison but she too ends up as a captive along with the missing pilots. The doctor orders his cavemen to go to the Bermuda Triangle in his advanced jets and destroy the fleet stationed there. Spider-Woman escapes from her prison and stops the jets. However, Morrison then uses his mind-link device to control the actions of the island dinosaurs and sets them loose on New York. With the city overrun by the ancient reptiles, Spider-Woman must find a way of breaking Dr. Morrison's mind control over them, and save the city.moreless
    • The Kingpin Strikes Again
      Underneath the First National Bank in New York, the Kingpin and his henchmen tunnel their way into a bank vault. Spider-Woman quickly turns up to stop the Kingpin and his men but fails to stop the Kingpin from escaping with his loot. Jessica decides to devote the next edition of Justice Magazine to the Kingpin, which annoys him greatly. He decides to steal a new government-built invisibility ray in order to get revenge on Jessica Drew for writing derogatory remarks about him. The Kingpin uses the ray to infiltrate Jessica's work place and discovers her secret ID. She is soon contacted by the Kingpin, who tells her that he knows who she really is. He ambushes Spider-Woman with the help of the ray, and announces on television that Jessica Drew is Spider-Woman. With Spider-Woman still a captive, the Kingpin steals jewels from the International Jewellers Convention. Spider-Woman is left with the task of escaping confinement, saving Jeff and Billy from the Kingpin, and disproving her identity as Jessica Drew.moreless
    • The Ghost Vikings
      Off the coast of Norway, a cruise ship is almost sucked into a whirlpool. With Jessica and her companions covering the Nobel Peace Prize conference in nearby Stockholm, it isn't long before Spider-Woman arrives to save the ship. Afterwards, she discovers that the whirlpool was caused by a sunken Viking ship. The old ship is raised by the sea authorities, and the press is invited aboard. Billy finds an old treasure chest and puts it onto the deck of the ship However, when Jeff opens it, it releases three malevolent Viking spirits. The journalists (including Jessica) are thrown into the sea. Soon, Spider-Woman shows up and rescues them before dealing with the Vikings and their ship. The Vikings' ship leaves Norway and travel to London where they begin stealing riches from the Tower of London. Jessica gets Jeff to fly them all to London, where she then confronts the Vikings as Spider-Woman. Unfortunately, she is captured and banished into the past ( the year 952 A.D., to be precise) where she confronts more Vikings in their own time. She discovers that the ghost Vikings were sent into the future to steal its riches. Spider-Woman has to defeat the Vikings of the past before they all go to the future as well and find a way back to the future herself to stop the ghost Vikings as well.moreless
    • The Amazon Adventure
      Fort Knox is raided by a group of Amazon warriors, who steal all the gold that is stored there. News of that, as well as other thefts by the Amazons, reaches Justice Magazine. Jessica, Jeff and Billy travel in the Justice jet-copter to the Amazon river where they encounter the Amazon warriors. Jeff and Billy are taken to their leader while Shanna and Jessica as Spider-Woman followed them to their hidden city of gold. She tries to free Jeff and Billy but instead is forced by Shanna to lead her warriors in their final raid. Billy manages to free Jeff while Spider-Woman helps the Amazons to steal more gold for Shanna. When Spider-Woman returns to the hidden city, Shanna tells her that the stolen gold is to be used to construct a solar-powered device to take over the Earth. As Jessica, she disguises herself as one of the Amazons and frees Jeff and Billy. However, Spider-Woman is still left with the task of stopping the Amazons' fleet and their solar laser.moreless
    • Realm Of Darkness
      Dormammu the demon has ben sumoned by a tribe of worshippers on a Pacific island. Dormammu proclaims that he plans to rule the Earth and only Spider-Woman can stop him.
    • Pyramids Of Terror
      Spider-Woman and Spider-Man investigate a strange pyramid that arises in Egypt and the alien mummies that dwell within.