Season 1 Episode 1

Pyramids Of Terror

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 22, 1979 on ABC
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Pyramids Of Terror
Spider-Woman and Spider-Man investigate a strange pyramid that arises in Egypt and the alien mummies that dwell within.

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  • Are You My Mummy? Where Is My Mummy?

    Jessica Drew and her Justice Magazine coworkers, travel to Egypt where a strange new pyramid has been discovered. It seems as if similar pyramids are popping up around the globe and are space ships for an invading army of Mummy-like creatures. Is the earth doomed?

    Luckily, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew's secret identity) and Spider-Man (I guess Peter Parker was sent to Egypt by the Daily Bugle) team-up to stop this alien invasion.

    "Pyramids of Terror" is technically the pilot episode, although none of the episodes need to be seen in order (the title sequence covers Spider-Woman's origin story, and Jessica Drew's work as a journalist for, what I suspect is, some sort of progressive/feminist magazine).

    Frankly, I am not entirely sure why this Spider-Woman animated series only lasted a brief season (1979 - 1980), before being sentenced to relative obscurity.

    The animation and voice work acting is quite good (considering when the show was made) and the show's writing is generally enjoyable, albeit it does have a few areas where improvements could have been made.

    Spider-Woman battled a lot of original villains, who often seemed like the nemesis from an old science fiction film. The downside to this, is that the show avoids opportunities to connect this cartoon series to the larger Marvel Universe.

    The team-up with Spider-Man is nice (alas, it only happens twice), but the series could have benefited from more familiar team-ups as well as more familiar villains. This is something that was done much better a few years later with, Spider-man and His Amazing Friends.

    Finally, Jessica Drew works for this Justice magazine and while its a nice story would have had more impact if didn't feel like Drew and her coworkers/sidekicks were the only employees in what had to be a very successful magazine (given the fact that it clearly had a generous travel budget)

    I realize that this was probably just a budgetary issue, (fewer characters to animate and give lines to, is good for the bottom line) but I always felt like more could have been done with the Justice magazine, then being a quick excuse for Jessica Drew to be wherever the villain was.

    Spider-Woman is a fun, well-made Saturday Morning Cartoon series, which deserves more recognition. Sure, "Mummies from Outer Space" may seem a bit goofy, but the "classic, serial sci-fi" story is actually well story boarded and fun to watch.moreless
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Ilene Latter

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • It is never explained just how Spidey just happened to be in Egypt at the beginning of the mummies' invasion. Perhaps his spider sense went into overdrive and compelled him to go to Egypt?

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (After Spider-Woman frees Jeff & Billy)
      Spider-Man: Any minute now and. (Struggling against his energy bands) There. (Freeing himself of the bands) Hang on fellas. You'll be free in a (Seeing that there're already free) Huh?
      Spider-Woman: You were saying.
      Spider-Man: Spider-Woman!
      Spider-Woman: You were expecting maybe the Hulk?

    • (After falling in the Mummy King's trap)
      Spider-Woman: I don't think I like the looks of this.
      Mummy King: Don't worry, Spider-Woman. You won't be seeing it for long.
      (The Mummy King laughs sinisterly as the trap door closes)

    • (At Justice Magazine)
      Jessica: I don't understand it. How did the mummy come to life? And where was it going?
      Jeff: Oh don't worry about it, Jessica. It's probably just some publicity stunt that the museum dreamed up.
      Jessica: (Thinking to herself) My spider sense says otherwise. (Looking at the mummy photos) But these photos seem sinisterly real.
      Jeff: Forget it, Jessica. It was just a one in a million freak accident I'm sure we'll hear nothing else about it.
      Billy: Aunt Jessica. Have you heard. There have been mummies spotted all over the country.
      Jessica: One in a million, huh. I better call Chief Cooper.
      Jeff: (To Billy) Thanks a lot.

    • (after Jessica tells Jeff and Billy that Spider-Woman saved her)
      Jeff: I told you this work is too dangerous for a woman. You could've been killed!
      Jessica: Don't be ridiculous. I'm as brave as any man. (a spider crawls up on leg and she screams) Ahhh, a spider!
      Billy: Oh, aunt Jessica. If only you could be a little more like Spider-Woman.

    • <>(inside the pyramid)
      Spider-Woman: I've studied hieroglyphics before but I've never seen anything like these. They look like scientific symbols of some advances civilization.
      Mummy King: That is correct, Spider-Wioman. So advanced that we must rid the earth of your inferior human kind.
      Spider-Woman: I'll admit we are not perfect but I wouldn't say we are any less civilized than your gift wrapped friends.

    • (as the curtain rips and Jeff falls from the window)
      Spider-Woman: Hmm, looks like it's curtains for Jeff.
      (Spider-Woman shoots a spiderline out catching him)

  • NOTES (4)