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  • another show that should have the dvd treatment 5/10

    spiderwoman was ok but not as good as spider-man i remeber in one episode spidey and spiderwoman team up and this episode makes spidey kind of dumd but i think all the marvel comic's cartoons should be on dvd it a shame the spider-man never teamed with spiderwoman again in amazing friends
    or his solo series
  • A late 70's animated show....could have been around for a while if only a little more effort had been put into it....

    The Spider-Woman show debuted in the late 1970's and was geared towards fans of the comic book that had debuted around the same time as well as fans of super hero themed shows. The show centered around Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman's alter ego, who worked for a magazine and traveled with Jeff Hunt, a photographer for the magazine, and Billy Drew, Jeff's young friend. Each week, the trio would encounter a situation that would require Jessica to transform into Spider-Woman and do battle with menaces that ranged from evil robots to extraterrestrial threats and everything in-between. On the whole, the plots were fairly simple but had enough range to keep this reviewer entertained.

    As for the animation, Spider-Woman was fairly standard for the time that the cartoon was made. Static backgrounds with characters that moved stiffly and with a limited range are seen in the series' episodes but the character design is really well done and an overall plus to the show.

    Some people tend to dismiss this show as a cheap knock-off of the Spider-Man show but this reviewer think this is a bit mean spirited. Spider-Woman was a fun show to watch and if it ever was available on DVD, this reviewer would gladly pick it up.
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