Spin City

Season 2 Episode 19

A River Runs Through Me

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 18, 1998 on ABC



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    • (talking to James, who is hiding in the bathroom stall)
      Mike: Yes! You are my go to guy.
      Nurse: Mr. Flaherty who are you talking to?
      Mike: Sorry, sometimes he needs a little encouragement.
      Nurse: Oh...
      Mike: You are the man little buddy. I am so proud of you.
      Nurse: I'll wait outside.
      Milke: I want you to stand up and take a bow.

    • James: Mike, if you dump your sample you're gonna to have to replace it.
      Mike: Why do you think I bought you three Big Gulps on the way over here?

    • Stuart: I just had a thought.
      Mike: Please, would you share it with me.
      Stuart: Why on Earth would Nikki be taking birth control pills?
      Nikki: Sometimes a girl carries an umbrella just in case it rains.
      Stuart: Well I'd sell that umbrella and stock up on sun screen 'cause the forecast calls for another year of drought.

    • Mayor: Mike, I broke the Punsee bowl. It was an unavoidable accident.
      Mike: How did you do that sir?
      Mayor: I was spinning it on a stick and it fell.

    • Stuart: Mrs. Lassiter, so lovely to see you. You are a vision.
      Abby: (backing up) Now Stuart, remember our rule?
      Stuart: Ten feet.

    • Carter: James, I'm sure the only reason Mike is taking me is because I like the Punsees. I'm a member of an oppressed minority.
      Stuart: Minority? You're black and you're gay... you cover two thirds of the Earth's surface. You're like water.

    • Mayor: I've often wondered if Indian children played cowboys and Indians.
      Mike: I believe they did sir, but...they called it for God's sake would you please stop killing us.

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  • Allusions

    • This episode title is a reference to A River Runs Through It, the 1992 film (based on the eponymous novella) directed by Robert Redford and starring Brad Pitt.