Spin City

Season 1 Episode 11

Dog Day Afternoon

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 10, 1996 on ABC



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    • Mike: Well, man was his best friend. And as far as hobbies go, I'd have to say digging holes and licking himself.

    • Stuart: This isn't a wedding. We can't exactly say Bingo got cold feet.
      Nikki: Well, actually..

    • Mike: Now I don't care how you do it. You find me that dog or a damn fine replacement. I want everybody thinking about one thing and one thing only-- B-I-N-G-O! And the first person who says "...and Bingo was his name-o..." is fired!

    • (phone rings)
      Mike: Hello...Paul! This better be good news Paul...You better listen to me Paul. You better find me that damn dog or I'm gonna come over there, duct-tape a fur coat to your ass and shove you in a little box!

    • (Answering machine message)
      Carter: Mike it's Carter, here's the situation...Ow! Get off!
      Paul: Mike, Paul here. We seem to have run into a slight logistics problem with Bingo.
      Carter: Slight logistics problem? Mike, Paul lost the dog!
      Paul: I knew you were gonna blame me!

    • Cab Driver: I am not a racecar driver.
      Carter: No, you're a racist driver.

    • (playing air hockey)
      Stuart: You see, Grasshopper...One must understand the rhythms of the game--(Bruce Lee yell)--in order to truly master it. Eb and flow, Yin and Yang. Are you prepared to do battle?
      Janelle: (sarcastically) No, I want you to talk some more.
      Stuart: Begin.
      (Janelle immediately scores)
      Janelle: Yang that.

    • Paul: You know, I've been allergic to cats all my life, but at the pet morgue, nothing. Turns out I'm not allergic to dead cats.
      Carter: Then you should definitely get one.

    • Mike: Anybody read this? Bingo died.
      Karen: Ohh! Who's Bingo?
      Mike: Only the city's most decorated police dog.
      Nikki: Oh, yeah, right. He pulled that drowning kid out of the reservoir.
      James: And didn't he sniff out 10 kilos of cocaine at La Guardia?
      Mike: Yeah. Poor little guy didn't sleep for weeks after that.

    • Mike: Now, I don't want to hear any excuses.
      Stuart: You sure, cause I've been saving the doozy. It starts out as an excuse but I end up blaming James.

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