Spin City

Season 4 Episode 21

Don't Get on the Bus

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 26, 2000 on ABC

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  • Michael kisses Caitlin, Paul and James grow a moustache and shave their heads. Stewart teaches Nikki how to get a stranger to bed in one date.

    Aside from Michael running over Wolf with a bus, the high point would be Michael and Caitlin kissing each other at the hospital.

    In this episode we learned that Paul can grow a full moustache in half a day just by missing one of his many barber's appointments.

    Paul and James decided to grow a moustache so that the Mayor would pick them to help him instead of Carter. Doesn't work though.

    They even tried shaving their heads (Paul uses a bald cap).

    Nikki learns form Stewart how to ask a stranger to a date and how to ditch him the next day.
  • Mike needs to learn to drive!

    This story is based on Caitlin and Mikes relationship. Caitlin has been dating her old husband, and this made mike really jealous. Caitlin ends up announcing to mike that she is getting engaged to him again while he is driving a bus. Mike ends up running over Trevor.

    Another Story: Paul and James are trying to find ways for the people at the office to respect them. First they try growing facial hair to reflect Carter, but that does not work. At the end, they shave their heads, and that doesnt work either.

    Last Storyline: Stuart is mentoring Nikki on how to pick up men. Nikki ends up dumping a guy she likes because of stuarts advice.