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Mike or Charlie?

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    No One can beat Mike

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    Oh, Mike easily. First, season six was the first season I saw, and I knew Charlie from Two And A Half Men (watched the show on FX a few years back), and at that point, I haven't seen MJF in anything. But, by the end of the pilot, I already preferred Mike by a mile, and then I started getting into his other stuff, and the rest is history.

    Just to elaborate, seasons one through three are, in my opinion, some of the greatest episodes in sitcom history. Absolutely hilarious, and MJF deserves a ton of the credit there. Very rarely was their an episode below average, and below average for this show was still great. Then season four came, and so did Caitlin. Also, Stacey left, which was disappointed, but in the end, that didn't matter. Season four was bad, for at least half the season the laughs were getting farther and farther a part. It picked it up later in the season (note:for awhile, then it went downhill again) but it still wasn't anywhere near the quality of the first three seasons. The only episodes that were the quality I came to expect from Spin City were the two about Fox's departure. Those were amazing, but the rest I'd rather forget.

    I actually think season five is an improvement over five, and that's because of Charlie. The average is, in my opinion, better than the average season four episode. Still don't like Heather, but I felt an improvement in her character, and I think that's partly because she clicked better with Charlie than she did with Mike. Overall, I actually think Charlie was one of the best things in five. Sure, Mike is better, but I wouldn't list Charlie as a negative. My main problem with five is the absence of half the cast. I mean, Mike lost his job to protect theirs... he obviously failed because James, Nikki, and Janelle were all canned. Most irritating was they didn't mention it. Season 6 was a downgrade from five but eh.

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