Spin City

Season 4 Episode 26

Goodbye (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 24, 2000 on ABC

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  • An awesome way for Mike to leave.

    I don't think I've seen very many things scripted so well, much less any other farewell episode by any other show. It was great how it was a tearjerker in some scenes, but at the same time they would break through and make you laugh as hard as you would if it was any other episode.

    Michael J. Fox's character goes out very gracefully, firing himself to save the rest of the staff. He then goes onto have some very sad (but also funny) goodbye scenes with each character in the show, essentially summing up his relationship with all of them. After Mike walks out of City Hall for the last time, he shows up in Washington, D.C. 6 weeks later as an environmental lobbyist. Throwing in a reference to his Family Ties character, Alex P. Keaton, there's also a feel good ending, and while the credits are rolling, he runs out to the bullpen, hugs each of the cast members, and waves goodbye to the audience.

    An excellent fitting end to Michael's run on the show. Unfortunately, this was the last great episode, as the last 2 seasons never quite lived up to the first 4.
  • Quite simply stunning tv

    I don't really want to write too much and spoil incase someone reading hasn't seen this already. Put simply this is some of, if not THE finest bit of television i have ever seen, it has everything, if you are yet to watch it, read Michaels book Lucky Man then watch it, awesome show awesome ending awesome cast. Some of the best television in years. Be warned though if you are an emotional person as my quick review states this is one HUGE tear jerker, i guarantee if you even have a bit of a heart you will shed some tears!
  • Does this make me cry because of the excellent use of music? Macy Gray and Bruce Springsteen... Or is it because this is what getting olders is like, what it's like to watch people you love, close or distant, become more and more ill?

    I know where I was Wednesday May 24, 2000. I'll bet on the night before Jackie came over and we had tater tots and Boca Burgers and watched Buffy. Was Jess still with Betsey? That seems true. Amstel Light at Paella and croqet at Angelica Kitchen. Does anyone else remember what the city was like then? The summer of 99 had been so hot, but 2000 cooled somewhat. I remember what the air smelled like. I remember the sound of the air purifier in our room. Fresh roses every day. I wish I had been watching this show then, but I really only watched Buffy. Later, after I left my job, I moved on to daytime Passions, Law and Order, and Murder, She Wrote.

    Anyway, this is really heartbreaking, Michael leaving so bravely, especially knowing it's real.
  • A fantastic last episode for Mike.

    This was a stunning episode. This was the 100th episode of the show and Michael J. Fox\'s last episode. His character was easily the best on the show, so there is one reason to shed a tear.

    The music was well-suited to its respective scenes.

    The goodbye with the other characters was a tear-jerker for them and for me (almost). I think a lot of those tears were real.

    Oh... and the mayor giving a video good-bye in the end (in front of Mike) is a hilarious but suprisingly effective touch.

    Revisiting Mike 6 weeks later was a good move. An environmental lobbyist. He meets his old character from Family Ties.

    Anywho.. what a good episode. Too bad it\'s the end of Mike on it.
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