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ABC (ended 2002)





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  • This is one of the most under-appreciated shows in TV History!

    Spin City is my favourite show. Its been off the air almost 4 years but still makes me laugh out loud whenever I watch it and I am always trying to get people to sit down and watch it!

    The Show was different from most other Sitcoms for its large cast, an average of nine regular characters populated the first four seasons and although the show always centred on Michael J Fox's Character, the amazing supporting cast would regularly steal the show.

    Michael J. Fox left at the end of the Fourth Season to give himself time to battle Parkinsons Disease, he was replaced by Charlie Sheen who was entertaining, but couldnt fill the collossal void left by Fox. The Fifth Season also saw the departure of several cast members bringing the show down to a sitcom-standard 6 cast members for its final years.

    Spin City was at its best at a time when there were many great Sitcoms around and was sadly overlooked by many but it deserves all the credit in the world for being a hilarious, original show which did more for a office sitcom than Just Shoot Me or Less than Perfect could ever dream of.