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  • One of the best comedies ever. Spin City has a great cast and funny storylines that keep you laughing every episode. There is never a dull moment in City Hall.

    This situation comedy originally starring Michael J. Fox is very catchy, and will leave you wanting more and more everytime you watch it. From seasons 1-4, Michael stars as the deputy mayor of New York, Mike Flaherty. He must help the mayor get though all the events that go along with being mayor, as well as juggle his many romances. Mike is joined by the Mayor, as well as the rest of the City Hall staff, to make for some hillarious events. The cast is what makes this comedy stand apart from all the rest. Each character has their own story and different personality. Stuart is a sex-crazed womanizer, Paul is a very clumsy and usually clueless press secretary, Carter is a black gay man who stands up for what he believes in, Nikki is the office accountant who just cannot seem to find that true romance. These are just a few of the great characters that make up this show.

    After season 4 Michael J. Fox had to leave because of his parkinson's disease, which ended up changing others in the cast as well. Nikki, James and Janelle all left without an explanation, but this didn't stop the show from being great. The new deputy mayor of Ney York was Charlie Crawford, played by Charlie Sheen. A lot of people say the show went downhill from here, but I still thought it was wonderful. Charlie brought a differnt personality into the office, and it worked great with fellow employee Caitlin Moore (Heather Locklear). The show remained very funny with great storylines and certainly wasn't a disappointment to me.

    Spin City spanned over 6 great seasons without a single dull moment. Watching one episode of this show just isn't giving it a fair chance. Let the characters grow and you and you'll find that you'll feel like you're part of the City Hall staff. Once you get to this point you might understand why I think the show is so great. I can watch the epiodes over many times and still laugh because they are just that funny. This show has it all, which is why I say it's the best comedy ever, period!