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  • Spin City has held up over time.

    You know how you look back on shows you used to watch back in the 90s, and remember how much you loved them?

    Then the show comes out on DVD and you buy it, excited to be able to watch your old favorite again!

    ..except it isn't as good as you remembered. Case in point: 3rd Rock. I used to watch it all the time when I was about 10 to 15, but when I bought the DVD sets I was dissapointed.

    Spin City however was a show that I never really cared for when it was initially on, but now that I've seen a bunch of reruns on FX I'm surprised that the show wasn't a bigger hit. Each episode was hilarious, all the characters were likeable, and it was just so different. 3rd Rock was like that too but it really was just a lot of puns and the novelty of them being aliens didn't stay funny after all these years. There was no novelty in Spin City - just good characters, good stories and funny actors.

    I'll be waiting for this to come to DVD in full seasons, or at least track down MJF's "favorites" that I saw a while ago at Wal-mart.
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