Spin City

ABC (ended 2002)





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  • I really like Spin City because the cast is great and it really shows what could go on in City Hall. They take something serious and make it a comedy. The tension between co-workers is great and to see what happens with that tension.

    This show is great because it has the executive producer from Scrubs. The two shows resemble each other in the way it can make you laugh even when something serious happens. It was great to see the two shows cross over when some of the Spin City stars guest starred on Scrubs. Those episodes were great. There is never a show in either series that is boring something exciting is always happening to keep you interested. Spin City's cast is flawless. I was only disappointed when Mike had to leave the show. I really never got used to Charlie but he had his moments too. Caitlin sort of took the place of Nikki but she did fine on her own. I wish this show had more appreciation.