Spin City

ABC (ended 2002)





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  • Always good for a laugh.

    A year ago i was flipping trough channels, and all of a sudden i was watching spin city.

    I started to look it reguarly, and after 2 weeks i was hooked.

    I love Charlie and Mike, they are both great actors, and even though i love Mike more than Charlie, Charlie does a great job to.

    The mayor is really funny, the make him look so dumb and unknowing. It is good to see he has this great crew behind him.

    James, he is so unknowing and cute. He is the little brother of the team.

    Stuart is so juvenile, and yet so fun.

    Paul is the dumbass, but i think he h as more than that.

    And finally Carter xD, he is portraited so gay it is not funny anymore. But i love how he plays it.

    Then there are all these women, and they are strong and everything, but i have the feeling they are more eyecandy than really part of it.

    The episodes are funny, they make you laugh, but if you stop watching during an episode you don't have this nagging feeling that you really need to see the ending.

    All in all, this is a nice show that i love to watch.