Spin City - Season 3

ABC (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Dead Dog Talking
    Dead Dog Talking
    Episode 1
    The staff prepares for the mayor's bid for re-election announcement. Mike becomes a hero when he saves a runaway baby carriage, but the reality of the situation isn't what it seems. Carter adopts his family's 19-year-old dog. And, Paul teaches Stacy how to get a sick day without being sick.
  • There's Something About Heidi
    After Mike's picture with model Heidi Klum is in the tabloids, people assume he's dating her. But, he soon is after she asks him out. As a result, Nikki reveals to Carter that she has a secret crush on Mike. And The Mayor can't stop laughing at VERY inappropriate times.
  • Gone with the Wind
    Gone with the Wind
    Episode 3
    Mike prepares to have sex with Heidi Klum for the first time. After "it", Heidi asks Mike to keep their relationship a secret. James receives his Aunt Sarah's ashes in the mail; his Aunt Sarah was a cow. Mike daydreams while making a statement to the press and accidentally reveals his relationship with Heidi; she breaks up with him. Paul's new fan creates problems for Aunt Sarah (take a wild guess).moreless
  • The Deer Hunter
    The Deer Hunter
    Episode 4
    Carter, Nikki and Mike go deer hunting in a fundraising attempt. While Mike is gone, Stuart becomes Stacy's boss for the day. And, with Claudia's help, Paul campaigns for a raise.
  • It Happened One Night
    The Mayor brings an abandoned baby to City Hall. Mike's old girlfriends voice opinions about him. The Mayor sends James to see a psychiatrist for him, concerning his sexual problems. Mike wants to adopt the baby. The Mayor takes Viagra to help him out. Mike's interview with the social worker doesn't go very well. Nikki prepares to tell Mike about her crush on him, but can't quite get the words out.moreless
  • Three Men and a Little Lady
    After the Mayor is photographed throwing a baseball "like a girl," Mike tries to give him a more macho image. But when a teenage girl mugs the mayor, Mike and Paul; Mike's got more damage control than even he can handle. Meanwhile, Stuart loses his heart to Deirdre, a woman who's just as detestable as he is.moreless
  • An Officer and a Gentleman
    Mike discovers that his childhood pal, Nate Scott, has more in common with Carter than meets the eye, and finds it difficult to deal with this revelation. Meanwhile, Paul instructs Stacy in the finer art of being a cheapskate.
  • Quest for Fire
    Quest for Fire
    Episode 8
    Paul has moved to Harlem and is annoying Carter and Janelle because he thinks that he's black. The Mayor is preparing to run the Olympic torch around City Hall, but can't because the Nigerian speed walker supposed to deliver the torch to him has disappeared, lost in the city. Mike struggles with the fact that he can't live without his job, while trying to take a vacation. Nikki finds a ringer to pose as her boyfriend, for them to have dinner with Mike. Stacy spills the beans to Mike about Nikki's feelings for him.moreless
  • The Kidney's All Right
    Stacy's staying with Carter and Stuart while her apartment is fumigated. Her partying cramps their style. Trying to outdo NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and NBA player Jayson Williams, the Mayor promises his kidney to a young boy. Unfortunately, his doesn't match--but Mike's does. Meanwhile, Mike's playing the jealousy game with Nikki and promises to donate his kidney to the boy in hopes that she'll break up with Arthur for him. But when she offers him a chance to speak up about his feelings, he's anesthetized for his surgery and can't say anything.moreless
  • Gobble the Wonder Turkey Saves the Day
    The Mayor is disturbed by a campaign commercial by his opponent, starring his ex-wife. Mike plans the City Hall Thanksgiving, scheduled to be televised live throughout New York City, with the Mayor's father scheduled to attend. At the dinner, the Mayor blows up at his father on live TV. Meanwhile, Stacy mistakes Stuart for her boyfriend in the dark and lays a big wet one on him, making her think twice about her feelings for him.moreless
  • Local Hero
    Local Hero
    Episode 11
    The staff prepares for the Mayor's costume ball. Stuart tries to break up with Deidre. And after Mike sets Stacy up with a councilman to get his vote, she likes the set-up as the councilman plays the hero.
  • Monkey Business
    Monkey Business
    Episode 12
    Carter and Stuart plan to spend Christmas together. Mike must baby-sit a smart monkey that will be given to the city zoo as a gift from Ghana. The staff prepares the City Hall greeting card. Carter and Stuart meet two old men from their building who mirror themselves in 30 years.moreless
  • Taxi Driver
    Taxi Driver
    Episode 13
    Mike can't stop thinking about Nikki. Nikki is ready to take the next step with Arthur, but Mike is worried about that. Paul unwittingly has an affair because Stuart needs him to. Stacy dates a job-obsessed cabbie just because he looks good. James inadvertently causes a taxi driver strike, which interferes with Arthur getting to the airport. You see, if Arthur misses a plane, he and Nikki will have sex.moreless
  • The Nutty Deputy Mayor
    The mayor submits a personal ad in a newspaper as the rest of the office men prepare for the mayor's annual male bachelor charity auction. Mike chooses to spend some extra city money on a futuristic new bathroom for City Hall. The new bathroom is insensitive to overweight people. The mayor asks Paul for advice on how to approach a woman. Stacy teaches James how to model so that he can garner more money than Mike in the big auction. Mike puts on a fat suit to appease the head of the overweight person's commission. Stuart's sister is in town but no one has seen her.moreless
  • Not in the Line of Fire
    When the mayor starts to worry about becoming the object of a violent attack, a videotape showing Mike apparently leaving him in the line of "gunfire" damages their relationship. Meanwhile, Nikki sees Mike in an entirely different light after her viewing of the same tape reveals he was trying to protect her. And, Arthur wants to propose to Nikki, but puts his relationship with her at risk by confiding in Stuart.moreless
  • Internal Affairs
    Internal Affairs
    Episode 16
    Mike and Nikki struggle with taking their relationship to the next level, i.e. sex. Stacy runs a phony psychic hotline on Paul. And the rest of the staff participates in a stakeout to demonstrate the city's new police technology.
  • Dick Clark's Rockin' Make-Out Party '99
    Mike and Nikki decide to keep their relationship a secret. Stacy's Aunt Marie visits. Deidre files sexual harassment charges against Stuart after he dumps her. Carter is talking about himself in the third person. Marie tries to seduce James. Stuart is close to being fired. Deidre offers to drop the charges for sex, immediately, with Mike. Thanks to the building's new security cameras, Deidre is exposed. The mayor finds himself growing attracted to Janelle, and the two kiss while discussing the sexual harassment case.moreless
  • Back to the Future IV: Judgment Day
    Mike's political mentor is preparing to visit with the mayor preparing to appoint him head of the city's millennium project. Marie is still in town and messing around with James. The mayor and Janelle plan a get-together. Owen has changed a little over the years and believes he is the Messiah. After Carter puts Rags in Paul's care, Paul accidentally kills the ailing dog. Owen brings Rags back to life with a touch.moreless
  • Politically Incorrect
    Nikki wants to make her relationship public knowledge. The mayor prepares to appear on "Politically Incorrect." Carter is dating a gay boxer. Paul becomes addicted to Stacy's aunt's meatball subs. The mayor accidentally outs his relationship with Janelle while on TV. Nikki and Mike fight after he's not ready to expose their relationship yet.moreless
  • That's Entertainment
    Mike makes the staff work on Oscar Sunday due to a screw-up of Paul's. The staff reminisces about their favorite movie moments to pass the time.
  • The Last Temptation of Mike
    Mike agrees to donate sperm for Paul and Claudia, not realizing what Paul forgot to tell him. A City Hall tour guide is harassing Stacy. James has been commissioned to write a piece for "Sassy."
  • Carter & Stuart & Bennett & Deirdre
    A feuding Carter and Stuart become friends with the other's ex, just for spite. Nikki wants to go public with her relationship with Mike. James dislikes The Mayor's submission for the City Hall Newsletter. Mike gets a temp secretary while Stacey is sick.
  • The Mayor With Two Brains
    It's Nikki and Mike's four-month anniversary. James is still the only person who knows, but he wants to tell. Stuart takes Carter's job for a day, helping the mayor deal with various ethnic groups. James develops a rash from keeping the secret. Mike prepares for a magazine interview, but during the interview, the reporter's focus shifts to Carter. Stuart enlists Stacey's help with the ethnic groups. James spills the beans.moreless
  • Wall Street
    Wall Street
    Episode 24
    The staff pesters Nikki for details about her sex life with Mike. James asks Mike to invest his life savings in an Internet company, but when Mike holds off on investing, the stock goes up several points, and Mike must find a way to make the money back. Meanwhile, the mayor has an action figure made of himself but unfortunately, they're all anatomically correct.moreless
  • Klumageddon (1)
    Klumageddon (1)
    Episode 25
    Mike is tested when Nikki is out sick and the mayor hires his ex, Heidi Klum, to help publicize the new animal rights campaign. Meanwhile, the mayor and Paul try to inject some humor into their press conferences. When Mike accidentally tells Nikki that even though Heidi came onto him, he had feelings for her and still turned her down, she walks out.moreless
  • Klumageddon (2)
    Klumageddon (2)
    Episode 26
    Mike tries to convince Nikki that nothing is going on between himself and Heidi Klum. The mayor doesn't understand that Janelle wants to break up with him. Janelle gets Mike to do it for her, but Nikki overhears Mike talking to Carter about it and thinks that Mike is going to break up with her. After Rags poops in his shoe, Stuart gives him to Heidi. Nikki breaks up with Mike. The next day, there is tension in the office. Carter tells Nikki the truth. She goes to Mike's apartment where Mike is hung over. As he goes back into his room to put on his pants, Heidi sits up in his bed...moreless