Spin City - Season 5

ABC (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • A Shot in the Dark (Part 2)
    A Shot in the Dark (Part 2) is the twenty-third episode in the fifth season of Spin City. When Charlie learns Caitlin has a new boyfriend, he struggles to find a girlfriend for himself. His rush to show Caitlin he also has moved on leads him to date a less than desirable female.moreless
  • A Shot in the Dark (2)
    Charlie and Caitlin double date with Tim and Charlie's crazy ex. However, Tim dumps Caitlin, who calls Charlie to come over. They kiss; he freaks out and just wants to be friends, but reconsiders and shows up on her doorstep later. The mayor remembers why he and Chad didn't get along in the first place.moreless
  • A Shot in the Dark (1)
    Charlie and Caitlin fight as she plans to go to the Caribbean for a week with Tim on the night of a police ride-along. On the ride-along, Charlie is shot...by Paul. Charlie fakes the severity of his injury to get Caitlin's attention. Charlie and Caitlin almost kiss, but Tim interrupts. Meanwhile, Carter and Stuart worry that they bicker like an old married couple and the Mayor hires an old prep school buddy who is now a bum.moreless
  • A Shot in the Dark (Part 1)
    A Shot in the Dark (Part 1) is the twenty-second episode in the fifth season of Spin City. To get to know the police officers in his city better, Charlie goes on a police ride along that goes terribly wrong. An emotional turn of events, makes Stuart and Carter question their friendship.moreless
  • Brotherly Love
    Brotherly Love
    Episode 21
    Charlie attempts to interfere with Caitlin and Tim's burgeoning relationship. Meanwhile, Carter hires his sister to work at City Hall and will go to any length to avoid people discovering their connection.
  • Science Friction
    Science Friction
    Episode 20
    Caitlin falls hard for a rich, young, sexy philanthropist. The Mayor is threatened when Charlie temporarily takes over as acting Mayor, and Paul becomes addicted to Carter's nicotine gum.
  • Minor League
    Minor League
    Episode 19
    Charlie tries out for a minor league baseball team, trying to relive his high school glory days. Caitlin encourages the pitcher to go easy on him. The mayor receives a death threat so he gets a bodyguard. After discovering that his job requires him to come into contact with the mayor so often, Paul receives a bodyguard also. Rags spends a day at the office.moreless
  • You've Got Male
    You've Got Male
    Episode 18
    Stuart is hired to write a porno movie. Charlie and Caitlin compete for a donation from a wealthy male chauvinist. After Paul poses as the Mayor's son for a golf tournament, he becomes confused when the Mayor actually begins paying attention to him.
  • Rain on My Charades
    Rain on My Charades
    Episode 17
    The mayor's daughter Meg returns and inspires Caitlin to be more spontaneous and free. Paul, Stuart and Carter give Charlie advice about compromising with Julia. This leads to Charlie deciding he's ready to commit, while Julia decides she's not.
  • Trainstopping
    Episode 16
    Julia's having a hard time dealing with her kiss with Charlie, so he asks her out. Their first date is a nightmare. Meanwhile, the mayor and his staff take the subway to prove that the mayor is in touch with the people. The train gets stuck in a tunnel, screwing up Charlie's plans for a second date. Meanwhile, Paul tells an exclusive cafe that Carter is Cuba Gooding Jr. to get reservations.moreless
  • The Image Maker
    The Image Maker
    Episode 15
    Carter discovers an old love letter written by Stuart. He decides to set Stuart up with the addressee of the letter, a woman who turns out to be Stuart's ex-wife. The woman quickly manages to set a whipped Stuart into his old rut. Meanwhile, Caitlin hires an image consultant when the mayor's approval ratings go down. The consultant discovers that the mayor has a problem with women, causing Charlie to make himself over. And also, Paul worries that he's unrecognizable.moreless
  • In the Company of Dudes
    When a supermodel sues the mayor, Charlie hires his old college friend to defend him. Charlie finds himself torn between two friends after Scott hits on Caitlin. Meanwhile, Paul and Stuart compete for the same woman.
  • The Gambler
    The Gambler
    Episode 13
    Paul, Stuart and Carter rope reformed gambler Charlie into their poker night, and are responsible for his subsequent gambling bender. Caitlin tries to teach the mayor to be more self-sufficient.
  • Hey Judith
    Hey Judith
    Episode 12
    Caitlin sets the mayor up with her neighbor, Judith, who becomes way too much of an influence on the mayor. Carter helps Stuart prepare for a million dollar shot at a Rangers' game. Paul thinks he's Canadian.
  • The Perfect Dorm
    The Perfect Dorm
    Episode 11
    In an attempt to get over Claudia, Paul decides to move into a college dorm. Caitlin tries dating, after ending her relationship with Mike--but doesn't have much luck. The Mayor builds an access ramp after he gets caught parking in a handicapped parking space.
  • Toy Story
    Toy Story
    Episode 10
    Paul struggles to find the best joke for the mayor's Christmas card. Carter convinces Caitlin to volunteer with him at a retirement community. The mayor's attempt to be more involved in the office process goes awry.
  • The Burgers of Wrath
    Mike has been in Zimbabwe for three weeks, so Paul teaches Caitlin about celibacy. Stuart convinces Angie that he's a biker guy. War on unemployment forces the mayor to work at a burger joint.
  • All the Wrong Moves
    An overworked Charlie causes problems after beating the mayor at racquetball. Paul's annual request for a raise is approved by the mayor after his loss of self esteem. Stuart hires an actor to go out with Carter.
  • Lost and Found
    Lost and Found
    Episode 7
    Caitlin and Charlie fight the attention of Caitlin's new friend. Carter, Stuart and Paul compete for a trip to New Orleans with the mayor.
  • Balloons over Broadway
    Paul convinces his mother that he is dating Caitlin, so she won't be upset that Claudia left him. Charlie tries to prove to Caitlin that his girlfriend isn't dumb. A quickly made balloon for the Thanksgiving parade goes awry in New York.
  • Blind Faith
    Blind Faith
    Episode 5
    Caitlin goes out of her way to prove that she's fun after a blind man won't date her because she's not. Charlie accidentally talks Claudia into becoming a nun; she leaves Paul. The mayor researches religion.
  • The Bone Collectors
    Caitlin auditions for the job of co-host on "Live with Regis." Stuart and Paul work together supervising after bones are discovered under the Westside Highway. The mayor has an audio/visual link connected to the office while he is on vacation.
  • The Spanish Prisoner
    Caitlin causes a misunderstanding when she believes that Charlie is taking a Spanish class to improve relations with the Latin American community. Paul and the mayor struggle to create office water-cooler talk. Stuart becomes jealous of the time Carter has been spending with Caitlin.
  • Smile
    Episode 2
    Charlie tries to get the mayor to a dentist before an important photo shoot. Caitlin hires a new male assistant only because he's attractive. Carter and Stuart deal with someone who keeps parking a bike in their parking space.
  • Hello Charlie
    Hello Charlie
    Episode 1
    Charlie Crawford is late for his first press conference as the new deputy mayor. He later runs into trouble trying to settle a tollbooth worker's strike when their lawyer is an ex-flame of his.