Spin City

Season 6 Episode 3

Wife with Mikey

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 02, 2001 on ABC

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  • Michael J. Fox comes back...

    This episode was a nice way for Michael J. Fox to come back to bring back some loyal fan base for old Spin City fans. Mike came back to the show a couple of previous episodes before, and he's come back to return to his former job by working for the mayor. Charlie gets confused and jealous at the same time. Meanwhile, Caitlin dresses the mayor like a woman. This episode was pretty good, but it kind of shows how much the show changed after Mike left. Charlie Sheen is not a bad actor by any means, but I still prefer Mike. Anyways, not a bad episode, and good thing Michael J. Fox cut his hair shortly after this episode. It looked strange. lol