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Spiral (FR)

Sunday 10:00 PM on BBC Four Premiered May 28, 2006 Between Seasons



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Spiral (FR)

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This French drama, which is called Engrenages in France, is one of the country's most critically-acclaimed dramas. The detective series, set in the Paris suburbs, investigates the drug and crime culture on the city's streets.

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Season 4 : Episode 12

Grégory Fitoussi

Grégory Fitoussi

Pierre Clement

Audrey Fleurot

Audrey Fleurot

Josephine Karlsson

Caroline Proust

Caroline Proust

Laure Berthaud

Fred Fromentin

Fred Fromentin

Frédéric "Tintin" Fromentin

Philippe Duclos

Philippe Duclos

Francois Roban

Thierry Godard

Thierry Godard

Gilles 'Gilou' Escoffier

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  • Simply amazing!!

    I was surprised at the opening of the first episode.... kept watching the whole season at the edge of my seat.... the manipulation, sometimes lies.... the dark world of human traficking and drugs and biting my nails thinking the murderer might not get caught -eventhough there were other stories interwoven, seemed to me they never lost perspective of the main story.

    In my humble opinion, excellent program.

    Just loved it....

    My only complain is that Netflix is not showing the season 2 and 3 - jumped to season 4. - now I have to go hunting for these .....moreless
  • Pleasantly surprised

    I've pretty much run out of good things to watch on Netflix, so when it suggested Spiral to me I was initially skeptical since it seems incapable of accurately predicting my taste in movies. Still, I turned on an episode and quickly deduced that this was not the usual snore-fest most imported French movies prove to be. This show is gritty, violent, and fast-paced.

    I initially thought of Law and Order, given the mix of cops, judges, and lawyers; however, this show is way more graphic and the body county and corruption are about 100x more pronounced than L&O ever became. The acting is good and the characters are believable. Fans of tense dramas will thoroughly enjoy this show, which features a prosecutor whose personal relationships seem to be collapsing around him while he tries to do his job properly; a creepy, sly, old judge who wants to make his career; and a savvy police captain who's trying to solve crimes and hold her team together.

    I only watched a few minutes with the subtitles, but they seemed to be fairly accurate, so that's good, I guess.

    If you're American and haven't studied France at all or read The Stranger, before you watch the show you might want to invest in a brief wikipedia exploration of the French criminal justice system so that you understand how all of the players relate to each other and the system itself.moreless
  • Think 'Damages' but even better.

    Yep, this french tv series challenges one of my favorite shows on TV, FX's Damages with amazing Glen Close.

    But I have to say 'Spiral' is even better than Damages. First off, it is way more realistic. Those who've seen season 3 of Damages will understand what I mean.

    Secondly, while some of the characters display a definite french flare (think the redhead lawyer), what makes them interesting is precisely their darkness and unpolished behaviour, unlike CSI or Damages, where everyone is beautifully manicured and hair dressed.

    No, Spiral is as realistic, vivid and crude as a show can get, which makes it extremely captivating from episode 1 of each season. It is intricate with a lot going on (a-la Damages) on several layers of connected stories, and most importantly, on different perspectives (police, prosecutor, lawyer).

    Actually, I think it's the only show that achieves to deal with the 3 sides of one story so brilliantly, and with an utmost concern of being real. The screenwriters apparently work closely with professionals to make sure they keep it real.

    In other words, despite the subtitles, I guarantee you won't be deceived by what I think is the best legal show ever created. I even would compare it to The Shield to some extent, especially thanks to its realistic depictions of criminal cases, and that says a lot if you are a fan of The Shield like me.moreless
  • Its nice to watch a tv show that isn't american

    I was trying to find something on tv that was not american as i am sick of american tv shows, once you've seen one you have seen them all, and i came across spiral, i read the synopsis and it sounded quite good so i thought i will watch it and see. I like French films because they are different than american films which seem to be the only type of films on in the uk so i expected it to be good and when i watched it, it was a lot better than i expected. I loved the actors they all work well together and the plot and all the little things happening in each episode made me love it.

    So basically everyone has got to watch it!!moreless

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