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Spiral Zone

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Before anthrax was making headlines and the threat of a terrorist attack with biological weapons was even considered there was a TV series back in the 80s that imagined it all. Our worst fears were reality in Spiral Zone.

In a not very distant future an evil group called Black Widows has released an infectious bacteria across the world that enslaves the human mind. This biological agent has spread in a spiral pattern around the globe and now covers nearly half of the Earth. The infected areas have been labeled the Spiral Zone and the people who are infected called Zoners, mindless slaves under the control of the Widows.

To fight the Black Widows an international team of elite soldiers known as the Zone Riders has been assembled by the nations of the Free World. The Zone Raders have been selected for their exceptional skills from armies around the world. In special suits that protect them from the infectious bacteria, the Zone Raiders battle to free the entire world from the dominion of the Black Widows and their zone of evil.

Black Widows

The Black Widows are lead by Overlord, a renegate scientist who has invented the insidious zone generators that creates the field of sickly green bacteria, turning anyone within range into mindless zombies. People infected with the bacteria loose their will and conscience, they also develop yellow eyes and red blemishes on the skin.

Overlord not only has created the zone generators but also a process that has turned him immune to the bacteria and given him control of the enslaved zoners. He has used the same process on his small group of lieutenants to help him cover the whole world with the zone.

They rule the Spiral Zone in style from their headquarters at the Chrysler Bulding in a ghost New York. The Black Widows also have a very elegant black aircraft that can land and take-off verticaly as a Harrier fighter jet. On the ground their vehicles are the Sledge Hammers, which look like thrones on caterpillar tracks.

These are the members of the Black Widows:

Overlord - Leader of the Black Widows Bandit - Master of Disguise Duchess Dare - Assigment Expert Razorback - Bladesman Expert Reaper - Manhunter Zone Raiders

After Overlord's first strike most of the worlds main capitals were under the zone. But something good came out of this chaos, countries forgot their diferencies and united. Old adversaries like the United States and the Soviet Union (remember that the show is from the 80s) joined forces to defeat a common enemy. They put all their resources together to find a way to stop the spiral zone.

Thanks to the new international cooperation scientists have discovered a rare material that protects people from the bacteria. Unfortunately this special material has been found in such a small quantity that only five protective suits could be made out of it.

The suits have been given to a force of elite soldiers called the Zone Raiders. The commander of the Zone Raiders is Colonel Dirk Courage from the American army. But the team of freedom fighter has members from contries all over the world, like Katerina Anastasia from Russia..

The Zone Raiders' base is located inside a rocky mountain. The sumit opens to clear the way of their underground hangar. From there they fly on a aircraft jet to fight Overlord's plans around the world. On land all the raiders drive special motorcicles, except for the comander who rides a futuristic vehicle that looks like a cannon set on a giant wheel.

These are the Zone raiders:

Col. Dirk Courage - Commander (America) Stg. Tank Schmidt - Heavy Weapons Expert (Germany) Lt. Hiro Taka - Infiltration Expert (Japan) Katerina Anastasia - Unknown (Russia) Max Jones - Unknown (Unknown)

This guide is still incomplete. If you know anything about the Spiral Zone that is not in this guide, tell me.

Dan Gilvezan

Dan Gilvezan

Cmdr. Dirk Courage

Hal Rayle

Hal Rayle

Max Jones

Neil Ross

Neil Ross

Tank / Overlord / Bandit

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Razorback / Dr. Lawrence / Rawmeat

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Katerina Anastasia / Dutchess Dire

Michael Bell

Michael Bell

Lt. Hiro Taka

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  • Best described as a "Dawn of the Dead" for kids. The people look and act like zombies, the world (in the zone) looks like the apocalypse. A military strike force sets off to cure the world of zombieism for it people and buildings (?).moreless

    This badly produced series stands out in my memory for two reasons:

    A) Zombies in a cartoon. How could they make Dawn of the Dead into a cartoon for kids and sell toys for it? The way the diesase spread and the look of the zone is very much like the modern film version of zombieism.

    B) It is one of the few American cartoons featuring an Asian male as one of the main characters, Lt Hiro Taka. Sure, there was Sulu in the animated Star Trek, but that was only because he was in the live-action show. There were other cartoons that featured Asians, but they were Asians in an (stereotypical) Asian world like Hashimoto-san or The Chan Clan. Usually when an Asian is featured in an international team (always at least two Whites, a Black, and an Asian), that character is almost always famale.moreless
  • A show that would've been a classic...if it had been released later.

    Spiral Zone's problem was that it was too cutting edge for its time. It had a disturbing premise and grotesque villains, who were disfigured by bacteria that had turned half of the world into mindless zombies. That's a pretty scary idea for the sterilized cartoons of the 80's where nothing bad lasted more than a few episodes and nobody ever died, and probably why it didn't catch on with most people. Me, that's exactly what I liked about it, and why I still like it. The show had guts, plain and simple. "Dirk Courage" and the outlandish vehicles were the only "cartoony" things about Spiral Zone. It's a dirty shame it hasn't been released on DVD to a mass market because I'm sure it'd do a lot better now than it did 20 years ago.moreless

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