Spiral Zone

(ended 1987)





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  • Best described as a "Dawn of the Dead" for kids. The people look and act like zombies, the world (in the zone) looks like the apocalypse. A military strike force sets off to cure the world of zombieism for it people and buildings (?).

    This badly produced series stands out in my memory for two reasons:
    A) Zombies in a cartoon. How could they make Dawn of the Dead into a cartoon for kids and sell toys for it? The way the diesase spread and the look of the zone is very much like the modern film version of zombieism.
    B) It is one of the few American cartoons featuring an Asian male as one of the main characters, Lt Hiro Taka. Sure, there was Sulu in the animated Star Trek, but that was only because he was in the live-action show. There were other cartoons that featured Asians, but they were Asians in an (stereotypical) Asian world like Hashimoto-san or The Chan Clan. Usually when an Asian is featured in an international team (always at least two Whites, a Black, and an Asian), that character is almost always famale.
  • A show that would've been a classic...if it had been released later.

    Spiral Zone's problem was that it was too cutting edge for its time. It had a disturbing premise and grotesque villains, who were disfigured by bacteria that had turned half of the world into mindless zombies. That's a pretty scary idea for the sterilized cartoons of the 80's where nothing bad lasted more than a few episodes and nobody ever died, and probably why it didn't catch on with most people. Me, that's exactly what I liked about it, and why I still like it. The show had guts, plain and simple. "Dirk Courage" and the outlandish vehicles were the only "cartoony" things about Spiral Zone. It's a dirty shame it hasn't been released on DVD to a mass market because I'm sure it'd do a lot better now than it did 20 years ago.