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Season 1 Episode 11

Goodnight Sweetheart

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 2002 on
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Episode Summary

Goodnight Sweetheart
After risking his life to save Hiyono's, Ayumu has finally won the battle against Rio. However, after she is safely back in the hospital, she confesses a few things. A shadow from Eyes's past begins to take form. Will this spell out more trouble for Ayumu and Hiyono?moreless

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  • Teehee, Ayumu loves Hiyono!!!

    Aw, Ayumu and Hiyono had a lovey dovey moment!!! Ayumu was uber tired after dueling with Rio all day so he fell asleep on Hiyono's shoulder!!! XD It was so cute!!! Well let's see, I am the Trusted Contributer for this show, so I guess I should say something smart about this episode. Um... Kanone makes is first appearance in the end... Rio spouts some stuff about believing in yourself... Eyes dwells on his past... Madoka thinks some stuff... Pretty much same old same old except Ayumu and Hiyono had a major moment!!! XD See, I got to 100 words!moreless

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    • (Japanese Version)
      Ayumu: What on earth are they trying to get out of me? What do these guys know of my brother?

    • (Japanese Version)
      Ayumu: The deal is established, isn't it? It can't be helped. What are you thinking? What am I to you guys?
      Eyes: It's not yet the time to tell you... You will eventually understand.

    • (Japanese Version)
      Ayumu: That's right... If my brother becomes sought after, my sister would...

    • (Japanese Version)
      Eyes: I see... Rio lost to Narumi's little brother...
      Ayumu: You too?
      Eyes: That's right, I am also one of the Blade Children.

    • (Japanese Version)
      Hiyono: What are you doing, Narumi-san?!? You made me so terribly worried, and then flirting over here! You are the worst!
      Ayumu: Don't get me wrong. Just call the ambulance immediately.
      Hiyono: Ambulance?
      Ayumu: Her wound is getting worse!

    • (Japanese Version)
      Rio: It's not luck or anything like that. Even at the very end, you quietly showed me that calm smile just like Kiyotaka-sama. Even while feeling the trembling and fear, without noticing those, you surpressed them inside yourself... Do not lose that courage!

    • (Japanese Version)
      Ayumu: Don't make a face like that. You are above me in terms of actual strength. I would never bet my life on will or pride. Furthermore, I have no faith in my power at all. If I could run away, I would. I am a coward who constantly searches for a safe place. Actually, even now I can't stop trembling. I don't even have the strangth to stand up. I am so pitiful.

    • (Japanese Version):
      Kousuke: My manners are bad, and you know I am a bad guy who does not keep his promises.
      Hiyono: But Rio-san is different, right?

    • (Japanese Version)
      Kousuke: Welcome back, little girl.
      Hiyono: Well, well, Asazuki-san. Narumi-san won!

    • (Japanese Version):
      Ayumu: I can only pray now. Oh God, please save this pathetic person!
      Rio: God doesn't exist.
      Ayumu: I wonder? Look. My Goddess is coming.

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