Season 1 Episode 10

Only One Wise Action

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 2002 on
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Only One Wise Action
The game is underway, but the victor is still yet to be determined. As Kousuke rushes to intercept the tape from Ayumu's control, Rio decides to meet Ayumu face to face to see the game to the end. Who will come out on top?

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      • (Japanese Version)
        Eyes: The good fortunes of the people who believe... Is that guy really the key to saving the Blade Children? "Don't sweat it, wait for the appropriate time". There isn't much time left... We are living on the very brink of death...

      • (Japanese Version)
        Ayumu: My brother said it, "The power to believe can even change fate."

      • (Japanese Version)
        Rio: Little brother has no chances left. Something like a miracle... there is no way it could happen.

      • (Japanese Version)
        Rio: Only ten minutes before detonation, isn't it?
        Ayumu: True. If I don't act fast, I am going to die.
        Rio: What you're after... is this, isn't it?
        Ayumu: You brought it? I am saved.
        Rio: I will never press the button. You will die.
        Ayumu: No. I wil never die. It's kerosene. If the bomb explodes, it will burn with much energy. Along with this. You won't be satisfied unless you have both my head and the tape. Unless you press that disarming switch, you will die, too. More accurately, I should say that it's for your identity and pride.

      • (Japanese Version)
        Rio: Thanks to my pain, my senses are becoming sharper. Even my handicap is my ally. Little brother, there is no chance of you winning.

      • (Japanese Version)
        Hiyono: (answering cell phone) Narumi-san!
        Ayumu: Yo!
        Hiyono: It's not "yo!" Listen to me. I am at Uchiyama station right now. The earliest train to return will be the express lane at 2:16 PM. It will arrive at Shumari station just before 2:30 PM. If I can give you the key as I slide on to the platform, we can just barely make it!
        Ayumu: No way, no way. Asazuki would be waiting at the station. Don't rack your missing brain.
        Hiyono: What do you mean by "my missing brain"?! Even with this I was trying to...
        Ayumu: I know. But for now, follow my instructions. Okay?
        Hiyono: Yes.
        Ayumu: The plan is this...

      • (Japanese Version)
        Kousuke: (on cell phone) Sorry, Rio! He took the tape. (silence) Hello?
        Rio: Kousuke-kun, you fool!

      • (Japanese Version)
        Ayumu: Let's go! To victory!
        Kousuke: Wait up, you bike theif!

      • (Japanese Version)
        Kousuke: The postman being so punctual really helped. To reduce the risk of being noticed by someone, I only have 10 seconds.

      • (Japanese Version)
        Ayumu: (talking on cell phone) Are you listening?
        Hiyono: Yes...
        Ayumu: It's okay, I have ways of staying alive. She said that she has the switch to detonate the bomb. If so, she should also have the disarm switch. At least, she should have a spare key. I am betting on that.
        Hiyono: Betting on that... What are you going to do?
        Ayumu: I will create a situation in which she will also die if she does not disarm the bomb.
        Hiyono: That's...
        Ayumu: I am going to hang up.
        Hiyono: What?!
        Ayumu: I am going to call again. Don't worry, just wait.

      • Ayumu: All I can do now is pray. I beseech you O'Lord, hear my prayer. Save this pitiful sinner!
        Rio: There's no such thing as God.
        Ayumu: Are you so sure? Because my goddess has just arrived!

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