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  • Season 2
    • I'll Close My Eyes
      I'll Close My Eyes
      Episode 10

      The King has left the building, but Henry and Suzy have bigger problems to deal with. The Elysian is being demolished, and Henry still cannot leave. Suzy must make a decision; to leave him and be with her family, or lose a year of her life and 'spirit' him to safety.

    • Yesterday's Hero
      Yesterday's Hero
      Episode 9

      Elvis is off to boarding school in London for six months, and it proves an emotional goodbye for both Suzy and Henry. Helen and Robbie struggle with the truths and limitations of their relationship. And Jonquil's obsession with mass murderer Darren Bonney reaches disturbing heights.

    • The Real Thing
      The Real Thing
      Episode 8

      A familiar looking man arrives at The Elysian claiming to be a very much alive Henry Mallet. Tensions run high between 'ghost' Henry and Suzy, when Suzy isn't sure who or what to believe. Strange happenings between The King and Jonquil begin to occur, and Jennifer regains the use of her abilities.

    • Dancing in the Dark

      After learning about 'spiriting' from Robbie, Suzy and Henry discover that they can meet, and touch, on a new metaphysical plane of existence. But spiriting has consequences. Will Henry and Suzy risk Suzy's real life to be together again? Meanwhile, Zac launches his book, Steve finds out the identity of his spirit guide, and a very unexpected visitor arrives at The Elysian.

    • If You See Her, Say Hello

      While the resident ghosts begin to mysteriously disappear from The Elysian, Suzy and Jonquil try to make sense oftheir long lost mother's choices, and take a trip back to Helen's childhood home.

    • Sweet Child O' Mine

      Helen, Suzy's estranged mother arrives on the doorstep of The Elysian, but she is hiding something. Why did Helen leave all those years ago? Why has she returned? and who is Robbie?

      Meanwhile, after Henry and Suzy discover that Henry can possess living bodies, and experience the pleasures of the mortal world, they begin to search for a suitable candidate on an internet dating site.

    • Blood Sugar Sex Magik

      After an enlightening dream, Suzy searches for her mother who she believes is working at a casino in Sydney. Henry accidentally possesses Zac and rediscovers the sensuous joys of a living, breathing body, including cheese, smoking, beer and, hopefully, sex.

    • Alone With You
      Alone With You
      Episode 3

      Things between Henry and Suzy are strained when Suzy finds herself the object of The King's attention. But his designs prove more sinister than sexy when his shocking past is revealed and Henry must go to great lengths to protect her from the villainous ghost.

      Elvis begins to realise that living with his dad is not all he thought it would be, Henry befriends a new and beguiling ghost named Antonia, and Suzy goes on a blind date.

    • Time After Time
      Time After Time
      Episode 2
      Stuck in an alternate dimension where Suzy never leaves Steve, Jonquil never meets Zac, and Suzy's mother returns to live with them, Henry must find his way to back with only the help of Potter, the cat.
    • Changes
      Episode 1

      Before they can establish a new normal together, Henry and Suzy are overwhelmed by an array of invasive ghosts that roam freely within The Elysian, wreaking havoc in Suzy's work and home. But by trying to protect her, will Henry change everything for the worse?

      Meanwhile, the Adams' have split, and Jonquil and Zac move into The Elysian.

  • Season 1