Season 1 Episode 4

I Remember Nothing

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Sep 15, 2010 on W.
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I Remember Nothing

Henry and Suzy are surprised to find that the messages they posted online have resulted in a deluge of Henry Mallet fans camping outside The Elysian. Henry's interest is piqued by a suspicious man, who seems to know a great deal about Henry's life. Zac Hannigan's appearance and insights are not welcomed by the ghostly rock star when he begins to feel threatened by Zac's presence in Suzy's life.


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    Ashleigh Ross

    Ashleigh Ross


    Guest Star

    Charlie Rose MacLennan

    Charlie Rose MacLennan


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    Elyssa Saville

    Elyssa Saville


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    Elan Zavelsky

    Elan Zavelsky


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    Charlie Garber

    Charlie Garber

    Adam Two

    Recurring Role

    Angus Sampson

    Angus Sampson

    Zac Hannigan

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • We learn that Suzy is 36 years old (as of 2010) as she states that in 1982, when Henry fleed to Australia, she was 8 years old. This also means that she was 21 when she married Steve.

      • In this episode it is revealed that Henry Mallet was heavily influenced by Elvis Presley, when Zac Hannigan questions Suzy about her relationship with Henry.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Henry: You know what? I think I liked you better before, when you were high.
        Suzy: I liked you better when I was high too.

      • Suzy: It was you. When I was eight a strange old drunk guy gave this to me on a ferry. Who seemed old then, but now when I think about it, he looked...
        Henry: Like me. Charlotte gave it to me. And I gave it to you. 

      • Zac: I spent the last fifteen years researching a biography. He did so many drugs; I probably know more about his life than he did.
        Henry: I did do a lot of drugs.

      • Henry: Well look at this bloke, he could be anything couldn't he? He could be a threat...to kids.
        Suzy: He's the only genuine one out of all of them.
        Henry: Depends what you mean by genuine, though.
        Suzy: He's a professional.
        Henry: He's a shit digger, Suz. Look at his face.

      • Jonquil: I'm just saying, I don't think he should be spending that much time in his room. I don't think it's healthy.
        Henry: Zac Hannigan.
        Suzy: Oh, this is cosy.
        Henry: Yeah, just hanging with m' ladies.

      • Suzy: And sorry about the commotion before, I think they're junkies.
        Henry: Because they didn't pre-make their snacks.

      • Henry: Who are you to tell me? Who are you to know? The mad are only mad until they're normal somewhere else.

      • Suzy: I am trying to help Verity make friends but these girls are pure evil.
        Henry: I can't help you, Suzy, alright? I'm not their old man.
        Suzy: Righteo Captain Thunder-Cloud.
        Henry: Jesus Christ. Give it a rest, will ya? Why don't you ask your new friend to help ya, hey?
        Suzy: Wow, you're dead and you're still mean.

      • Suzy: We could go for a drink.
        Adam One: Sure. Sorry, just to clarify, I was never really into the 'being with a woman' thing.
        Suzy: No, that's okay. No, neither was I.

      • Suzy: Hey V-V, I was thinking it would be fun if we invite some of your friends for a sleep over.
        Verity: Can we have a cooking competition?
        Suzy: Good idea, I'll get some recipes.
        Verity: I can make the invitations!
        Henry: I'll make the hats!

    • NOTES (1)

      • Music:
        "Western Front" by Bridezilla
        "Come Said The Boy" by Mondo Rock [performed by Rodger Corser]
        "Wandsworth USA" by The Nerve
        "Fire On Your Feet" by Pop Levi
        "Coco" by Powersolo
        "Transmitter" by Regular John
        "Lavender Blue" a tradition English folk song [performed by Matt King]

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • The title of this episode, I Remember Nothing is an allusion to the song of the same name by Joy Division. The song was recorded between 1977-1980 for the album 'Heart and Soul,' which was released in 1997.

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