Season 1 Episode 8

If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Oct 13, 2010 on W.
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If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?

With Apollo gone and Steve recovering from his near death experience, Suzy and Henry attempt to return to a reasonably normal life. However, this desire for peace and quiet is soon lost when a new cab to 'the other side' appears outside the Elysian.

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      • Linda: I don't think your sister needs her teeth checked.
        Suzy: That's a rather presumptuous conclusion, Linda.
        Jonquil: The nurse is right.
        Linda: I'm going to leave you two alone. And I'm actually a dental technician.
        Jonquil: Sure. If you need that title, take it.

      • Henry: Suzy. I've just spent the last four hours watching Rita defrost her fridge. If I wasn't already dead I'd kill myself.

      • Henry: Alright. Let's get this straight. Reincarnation.
        Suzy: If you come back as a little dog, you'll yap twice when I say your name.
        Henry: Right. And if I don't get a choice of animal?
        Suzy: Just bite me.
        Henry: Alright. Then you'll know.
        Suzy: Yep.
        Henry: Nice. Kay. And if I'm no longer a ghost, but in some other...
        Suzy: Spirit form. You'll...leave my wardrobe door open.
        Henry: Can I leave your wardrobe door open just all the time or?
        Suzy: Whenever you can. I always close it, so if it's open... I'll know it's has to be you.
        Henry: Oh. Hey, come on. Stop that.
        Suzy: I'm a bit drunk.
        Henry: Let's go dream.

      • Suzy: Why did you come back?
        Henry: 'Cause I didn't want to be anywhere else.

      • Henry: What the fuck are we doing?
        Suzy: We're walking somewhere.
        Henry: Suz, we're walking nowhere. You and me, we're going nowhere. Wake up. Fucking wake up.

      • Suzy: Henry, your words from all that time ago...
        Henry: Suz, the taxi's still there.
        Suzy: No.
        Henry: No? What's that mean?
        Suzy: There has to be a reason for all this. You-You gave me this. You gave this to me.
        Henry: Why does there have to be a reason?
        Suzy: I want to find out. I want to go back there.

      • Suzy: Verity, sweetheart, don't get into all those trendy diets that make you want to graze. Don't eat between meals. An apple or a Mars Bar, it's all the same to your mouth. It's acid. Just eat it quickly, don't savour it. And don't eat fruit after seven. And make sure you get a good Podiatrist. And wear a hat. And wear bright colours on rainy days. And never buy a two door car.

      • Suzy: Henry, what if it's for me?
        Henry: You can't even fucking see it.
        Suzy: I'm not dead. Yet. What if I'm going to die?
        Henry: Oh, f--
        Suzy: And that is why you are here. You are like my...my orderly. Who has been sent from beyond to escort me to the...next place.
        Henry: That is-- actually, that makes quite a lot of sense.
        Suzy: I can't breathe.
        Henry: Right, I'm going to go find Joan. Stick her in this fucking taxi.

      • Henry: I stumble. I fall. I scream to the world "leave me alone." And now I am. There's no one. I'm a faceless man, invisible to all that knew me. There has to be something more. And yet some small voice shouts loud, "Don't give up. Don't give up."

      • Henry: Hey.
        Suzy: Last night. I gave you a beer and you hugged me. It was so normal and real.
        Henry: I know. I'm sorry, Suz.

      • Suzy: Oh. We'll close for the rest of the day. I'll call the patients, kay? We did everything we could.
        Linda :She's dead.
        Suzy: Yes. Yes, she died. But you did your job perfectly and that is all that can ever be expected of you. Linda, I cannot think of anyone that I would rather have clear my airways.

      • Suzy: You know my patient?
        Henry: The one with the teeth?
        Suzy: Well, they all have teeth.
        Henry: Joan...Dart.
        Suzy: She died.
        Henry: What? When?
        Suzy: About an hour ago. She had a Cardiac arrest. In the chair.
        Henry: Brilliant.
        Suzy: I beg your pardon? She may have had awful teeth but she was-
        Henry: No, no, no, no, no, Suz. The cab, it must be for Joan.
        Suzy: What? What cab?

      • Suzy: Oh my God. Oh my God. Please don't tell me I'm dead.
        Elvis: Mum?
        Henry: Don't be ridiculous. You're not dead, you're halfway through a bowl of cereal.

      • Henry: Suzy.
        Suzy: Henry Mallet.
        Henry: That's me.
        Suzy: I love you.
        Henry: Suzy.

      • Verity: What? She's not insane. She just...has a cold.
        Elvis: Weird cold.
        Henry: Dear God, what am I doing to your lives?

      • Rita: Why would you keep this rubbish all these years?
        Henry: Rita no! Fuck me.
        Suzy: Yes!
        Rita: What are you doing?
        Suzy: You can't burn this.
        Rita: Why not?
        Suzy: You just can't.
        Henry: It doesn't belong to you, Rita.
        Rita: What are you talking about?
        Suzy: It's... got to be recycled. That is what's wrong with your generation. You screwed up the planet with your burning fossils fuels and your carbon emissions and you left us with a planet in crisis.
        Henry: Yeah.
        Suzy: Well not anymore. I'm sorry but the days of the 'backyard burn-off' are well and truly over.
        Rita: Thank you. I've decided not to burn it after all. Thank you.
        Suzy: I tried... Planet Earth. Yes, I tried.
        Rita: Thank you, dear. I'll keep that in mind.
        Suzy: Sorry.
        Henry: Thanks. You tried.

      • Henry: Oh thank God.
        Suzy: Cab's gone?
        Henry: No still here. Listen. Rita has got a box of my stuff. My stuff. From-when-I-was-alive stuff.
        Suzy: Where did she get it from?
        Henry: In the back of her fucking wardrobe.

      • Steve: I saw him, Suz.
        Suzy: Who?
        Steve: He knew my name. He called me Steve, not Steven. Like he knew me. Like we were mates.
        Suzy: Steve, I don't know what you're talking about.
        Steve: I have seen things. Things that other mortals don't usually get to see.

      • Suzy: Henry. Oh, I can't believe it. Who are all these people? Where have you been?
        Henry: Sorry, I didn't understand a word you just said.
        Suzy: Henry. Oh no.
        Henry: Is that my name? Do you know me?
        Suzy: Oh! You bastard.
        Henry: Got ya. Unbelievable. Suz, you're not going to believe. It was incredible.

      • Henry: This is so fucked. This is the most fucked up thing in the history of fucked up things. And that's a long fucking history. Come on, please. Stop. I can't bear seeing you in this pain. It's ripping me apart, Suz.
        Suzy: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
        Henry: Suz, you're not dying.
        Suzy: Oh God. Feels like I am.
        Henry: ...I'm gonna go.
        Suzy: What?
        Henry: I'm gonna get in the taxi. Let it take me where I'm s'pose to go.
        Suzy: No.
        Henry: It's not gonna go away. It's just gonna sit there until I do get in. I've started hearing its horns in my fucking head.
        Suzy: What will I do? What will I do without you?
        Henry: You'll have a normal life. Your kids will have a normal mum back. Your patients will get a normal dentist. And you'll. You'll--You'll meet...Suz, you'll meet a normal man. Who can make you a cup of tea when you're sick. And hold you when your fucking crying.
        Suzy: Stay one more night.
        Henry: Suzy.
        Suzy: One more night.

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      • In keeping with the show's thematic episode titles, this episode, If You Leave Me Can I Come Too? is an allusion to the 1981 single of the same name by Australian band Mental as Anything.