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ITV (ended 1996)





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  • How did this not get a higher rating?

    How did this not get a higher rating? What an incredibly brilliant and funny show. I wish they would bring this show back. I can't believe that the american version, "D.C. Follies", didn't get a higher rating. I'm sure if both of these shows were on the air it would get high ratings.
  • Hilarious and ingenious, and yet so challenging to make.

    Spitting Image is the origonal version of Dead Ringers, but with the use of puppetry.

    The puppets were obviously accompaniecd by the voices like the peoples they were portraying,mocking the politicians of the 1980's and 1990's.

    The show always boasts the Margaret Thatcher shot of her walking alone through the house of commons late at night and crying, demanding if it wasn't for this, then the Conservatives would have voted against her, giving her a few more months at leats before they ousted her. Mistake!

    They also portrayed John Major as the most boring man in thr country, and highlighted the affair he had had, but not nessessarily with the right woman.
    He was always eating peas, demanded to be the most boring vegetable.

    The show should definately return, afterall, there's always something to laugh about the New Labour party, John Prescott comes to mind, just laugh, that's all he's there for.