TELETOON (ended 2010)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • One Joe Wingus - Joe Wingus wants to convince Two Legs Joe to take him to a family reunion and enlists Entree and Peri to help him. Poosh And The Quest For The Blargy Parble - Peri discovers he can make Entree do anything he wants by saying the word 'poosh'.

    • Whirrel Call - After a fall off a cliff, Entree and a Whirrel he was teasing wind up exchanging brains.

      Nighmare On Condemned Street - Perri uses a dream machine to enter his subconscious and confront the dream monster that is causing him to have nightmares.

    • Mister Wrinkles In Time - Entree time travels with Patricia and Peri to makes Two Legged Joe get along with him but things get out of hand.

      Bite, Shuffle And Moan - Peri is feeling under the weather and his refusal to stay in the bed lead to problems for everyone around him when his illness worsens.

    • 12/3/10

      Helen - Peri and Entree are both in love with a pancake they have named Helen. The Count Of Pinchy Crabbo - A mysterious mutant befriends Entree to the point that he forgets about Peri.

    • Yetis Don't Care About Nothin' - Entree uses jet skis to move the entire island to Antarctica and everybody finds themselves under attack by Yeti soon after. Clones Don't Care 'Bout Nothin' Either - Peri and Entree make clones of themselves but the clones try and take over their lives soon after.

    • 12/1/10

      Jetpackin' - Entree is very bored and decides a jetpack he sees Mr. Smarty Smarts wearing might cure his boredom.

      Mole-Sters In The Mist - Entree and a Mole-ster get into a ferocious fight and Peri looks to care of the Mole-ster afterwards.

    • 11/30/10

      Living Hellp - Patricia invents a computer that helps everybody on the island with everything but things get out of hand and Patricia seeks Peri and Entree's help in an attempt to shut it down. Sgt. Snuggums - Peri and Entree torment Fuzzy to the point that he becomes a musclebound brawler that challenges any mutant he sees to a fight.

    • Nobody's Cult But Mine - Peri goes into a cocoon to rid himself of a painful itch and emerges with beautiful butterfly wings that everybody admires and worships Stomach On Strike - Sick of the treatment given them, Entree's stomach, heart and brain abandon his body and Entree decides Peri will take their place.

    • Follow Your Dreamworms - Entree starts to hear a voice inside his head telling him to do things he had only dreamed about. Of Masters And Minions - Mister Smarty Smarts blames everything that goes wrong on his minion Octocat and the many legged cat decides to leave for good.

    • 7/31/10

      Pork Chop - Entree finds a helmet in the lab that teaches him kung fu. Same Difference - Smarty Smarts and Joe become unlikely friends due to their mutual dislike of Entree and Peri.

    • Walkie-Talkie Spinesuckie - Peri and Entree find a pair of walkie-talkies and use them to play pranks on the other island residents. My Fair Shark Bunny - Peri tries to teach Wunny Sharbit to behave properly around others and not try to eat them.

    • Livin' La Vida Lava - Peri and Entree find a remote control that can make a local volcano erupt and stop erupting. However, their playing with the remote drains the volcano of lava and leads to problems. Mo' Mayo Mo' Problems - Entree decides to go on a mayonnaise only diet and this results in him bringing a jar of mayonnaise to life.

    • The Mutants Who Cried Monster - Peri and Entree try to make a monster of a cute little mutant but things go wrong. Pink - Peri wakes up one day and finds he has turned completely pink and doesn't know how to handle the new look.

    • Compu Peri - Distraght over losing a new pet, Peri takes on a new look and personality. Marzipan Meadows And The Kingdom Of Adventure - Patricia tries to work on writing a new novel and discovers that she draws inspiration from an unusual source.

    • Best Before Date
      Best Before Date
      Episode 13
      Entree makes an unpleasant discovery about himself; Two-Legs Joe loses his temper.
    • 6/26/10

      Taste Of Friendship - Peri gains super powers after licking a glowing rock in the lab and Entree grows very jealous of him as a result. Sugar Low - Peri starts to move very fast from eating the sugar products received from doing favors for everybody but soon realizes his speed comes with a price.

    • Promises Promises - Entree makes promises to everybody to get stuff and has no intention to keep but soon makes one promise he regrets. There Will Be Stomp - After Joe finds he he has lost the ability to stomp, Peri and Entree endeavor to help him get it back.

    • Fuzzy's Great Journey - Perri and the others try to cheer Fuzzy up by making the island look like the long sought goal in Fuzzy's jungle journies. Octocataclysm - While Mister Smarty Smarts ponders where he went wrong after another plan ended in defeat, Octocat looks to carry out a plan of its own.

    • Stupid Means Never Having To Say I'm Sorry - Entree's lucky stone goes missing and Peri is determined to find out who took it. Cube Whacked - Entree and Peri have no interest in being friends with Compuhorse until they learn he has a new game they like.

    • Amazon/Juice
      Episode 8

      Amazon - Patricia goes on vacation and asks Peri and Entree to look after her house while she is gone. However, when Patricia returns, she finds her house has changed in many ways. Juice - Entree is obsessed with getting everybody to like him and figures a special type of milk that he is the only one who can access is the answer.

    • 10/31/09

      Best Before Date - Entree realizes he has only two days left before his body dissolves into goo and tries to change his fate. Stompabout - Joe is told by the town folks to go away until he can control his anger but events occur that may call for his tempermental tantrum.

    • Fairy Odd Princesses
    • Honorary Freak - Peri and Entree try to cheer Patricia up by making her into a mutant. Come To The Dork Side - Mister Smarty Smarts decides to use the power of Peri and Entree to take control of the island.
    • 10/17/09
      Roots - Entree decides he can't can be bothered wasting enegry moving on his own and after Peri gets weary of moving him, Entree stays put and roots start to form around hm. Two Arms Joe - In an attempt to make Two Arms Joe's life easier, Entree removes Peri's arms and gives them to Two Arms Joe.moreless
    • Fairy Odd Princess: In the jungle Fuzzy tries to be fired from a chair to fly off and explore, but Entrèe fell asleep on the chair and with Peri they end up being expelled upward. Entrèe's chicken wings saved them in the fall, but during that time they undergo a makeup store, a clothesline and a wig shop, that completely change their appearance. they land in the tree house of Princess Pony Ape Hands, who believes they are magical fairies. She gives them everything they ask, Entrèe uses they to get ice cream, burgers and rich snowmobiles. Until Mr. Smarty Smarts discovers how they tamed the beast and dress like the Fairy Queen to get everything he wanted. Peri then discovers that the "Fairy Queen" was Mister Smarty Smarts. They take off their clothes and he does the same with them. Princess, understands that they were not fairies and goes after them. After Lie on the couch again Fuzzy chair, returning to be fired for this. Brothers in Farms: Peri and Entrèe are looking for something to prove in the laboratory of Dr. conveyor, but in their quest they found a mutant that looks like Entrèe, with the difference of having a mustache, in a freezer. Peri and Entrèe are thawed, when the mutant comes back to life he tells them to call him aperitiv, he also tells them he speaks French and is refined, distinct from Entree, that bothers you until you reach a limit at which Aperitiv decided to mark the differences he has with his brother. After that, aperitiv is directed to people, to know the "delicious" Entrèe friends (and calls them), where we all admire. Meanwhile, Entrèe try knowing by heart every word in the dictionary, but his brain starts on fire, while his brother tempts people one by one, so that they are interested to go with him. Entrèe decides to take the place of his twin in the freezer, but then discovers that Aperitiv is dangerous. When he returns to town to warn the others he realizes that his brother grew in size by Deborah at their "succulent" friends. Aperitiv come after him and once inside Aperitiv stomach with the other mutants, he devises a plan to exit by pushing Aperitiv insideout. Aperitiv's body with exposed organs were returned to the freezer.moreless
    • 10/3/09
      Mr. Smarty Smarts is tired of the inhabitants acting like idiots, so he decides to create an enlisted to make them get smarter. But he gets jealous when they are so much better than him, for example, Perry, entree and Octocat could speak and grab stuff with their minds. Smarty Smarts now wants to make them stupid again, but it's said that it's impossible, so he gets into a time machine and gets stuck with 4 Mr. Smarty Smarts!! Gordon:
      Perry and entree finds an unused, abandoned car. They named it "Gordon",
      When Entree tried to repair it, Gordon begins to hunt Perry and entree everywhere they go. All Because of Entree used an evil robot's brain!
      Will this end good?moreless
    • No Play for princess: What happens if you mix a princess, a Gorilla and a Horse? You'll Get Princess Pony Ape hand! Anyway, when she finds Perry and entree, she wants to play with them, but when she gets rejected, she goes crazy around the island! Can Perry and entree do anything about it? Cleaning Up: When Perry finds out that he has got small cratures on his fur, he wants to keep them so they could have a little society there, but when he begins to stink, everybody wants to clean him! What will happen.moreless
    • 9/19/09
      Bowled Over: When Peri wants to know what he is good at, Entree finds this secret bowling room. Peri realizes he is very good at bowling. Stuck Together: In search of fun in the lab, Peri and Entree found the doctor diary, which supposedly tells what the purpose of Peri. The friends go to visit Mister Smarty Smarts to read to him his purpose, but the genius who actually could not read, end up saying it was meant to be the best friend of Entree.moreless