Split Ends

Saturday 9:00 PM on Style Network Premiered Jan 01, 2006 In Season


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  • Season 5
    • The Big Cut-Off
      The Big Cut-Off
      Episode 10
      In this special competition episode, seven of the show's most sensational and talented stylists go scissor-to-scissor in three grueling challenges until one is left standing. Scissors chop and tempers fly as as Dontez Love, Arsenio Amadis, Symantha Lawrence, David Lujan, Kookie Maffett, Heather Mills, and Christian Rea (a.k.a. Crystal Mess) vie for the honor of being the winner of "The Big Cut-Off." With eliminations looming at the end of each challenge, the stylists showcase their skills and creativity in order to move on to the next round. And with a $10,000 cash prize and a feature in one of the industry's premiere hair magazines on the line, these stylists will stop at nothing to cut their competition and take home the title.moreless
    • Monica Boccella; Tamika Bonner
    • Sammy Mar; Stacy Padden
    • Kim "Tweet" Jones; Lensi White
    • Adi Simadi & Anthony Pazos
    • Bo Stegall & Ozell Graham
    • Samantha Skudlarek; Alireza "Denis" Chetzan
      Chetzan, a Persian diva from Brentwood, California trades places with Samantha Skudlarek, a spunky stylist living in Randolph, New York.
    • Keleigh Laier, Kamryn Weis and Sean Flynn
      Can a pair of Huntington Beach Barbie dolls handle the heat when they're thrust into Brooklyn's artsy punk rock scene? It's true culture shock when blonde beach babes Keleigh Laier and Kamryn Weis meet punk rockers in Brooklyn when they swap with flashy glamster Sean Flynn. This dynamic duo's philosophy is to take over the world one blonde at a time, but how will they feel when they enter the eclectic and outrageous New York salon where blondes are nowhere to be found! Meanwhile, flamboyant Sean Flynn has to learn to kick his cockiness to the curb when he leaves the Big Apple for a taste of the SoCal lifestyle. Can he clean up his potty mouth and prove his worth in his new high-maintenance location?moreless
    • Martin Ormaza & Seth Bogard
    • Shi Salon and Elgin Charles
      For the first time in "Split Ends" history, it's a mega stylist swap as two salons swap six different stylists from different sides of the track. Witness all the hair-raising action as three high-end stylists from an ultra-chic Elgin Charles salon in Beverly Hills swap with three of St. Louis' most sought after urban hairdressers from Shi Salon. Can the Beverly Hills' big league stylists hack it in the heart of the Midwest? And how will the fabulous Shi hairdressers fair when they leave the streets of St. Louis for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood?moreless
    • Keleigh Laier; Kamryn Weis
    • Adi Aloni and Anthony Pazos
      It's a clash of the coasts when a colorful New York City salon owner invades a posh Beverly Hills oasis and faces off with its outspoken European owners. Adi Aloni is a fierce stylist who embraces fashion and thrives on the fast-paced lifestyle the Big Apple has to offer. He's loud and flashy and refuses to change for anyone. Will Adi be able to adjust his attitude to suit his new surroundings? Meanwhile, Anthony Pazos is a posh Beverly Hills stylist who caters to celebrity clientele. But his insecurities surface when he's thrown into a chaotic new salon that pushes him outside his comfort zone. Can he man up and show this new salon what he's made of?moreless
    • Shi Salon, St. Louis, MO; Elgin Charles, Beverly Hills, CA
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