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SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the highest-rated children's cartoon shows of the era and of all time. It follows a naive and eternally optimistic sea-sponge named SpongeBob SquarePants and his endeavors in the underwater town of Bikini Bottom. Many supporting and equally popular characters tag along with SpongeBob, including a starfish, a squid, a crab, and even a squirrel who lives underwater. The show first aired on May 1st, 1999, and quickly took off with children. The series won 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program and Outstanding Sound Editing - Animation. The show is just as popular now as it ever was! Cast of Characters SpongeBob SquarePants - SpongeBob is the main character of the series and, as stated before, is somewhat dim-witted, sometimes to the point of driving his brighter friends up the wall. Despite this shortcoming, SpongeBob is a selfless creature. SpongeBob is a well-known fry cook at the Krusty Krab, Bikini Bottom's premier daytime eatery, and for good reason. No one denies that SpongeBob makes a delicious Krabby Patty, the burger of choice at the restaurant. SpongeBob lives in his pineapple home with his pet snail Gary. Patrick Star - Patrick is SpongeBob's best friend and is not the brightest fish in the sea - he lives under a rock, after all. Usually, SpongeBob and Patrick come up with a clueless idea that they think will be fun, but they usually end up in a lot of trouble for it. Because of his personality and dim-witted antics, Patrick is one of the most popular characters in the series. Squidward Tentacles - Squidward is a snobbish squid who lives in a moai between the houses of the two people he hates the most - SpongeBob and Patrick. He is constantly unhappy, mainly because of their antics. They have somehow been misinformed that Squidward is their friend, so Squidward is always badgered by them both. Squidward also dislikes his job at the Krusty Krab with SpongeBob. The only things that keep Squidward going are his tiki-shaped home and playing his clarinet. Sandy Cheeks - Sandy is a cowgirl from Texas. She is quite powerful and agile, so make sure you don't set her off! She is a very nice person though, and isn't all muscle. In fact, her love of science is what allows her to live underwater. She lives in a tree growing inside a large dome that keeps air in. If she leaves her air bubble, she'll wear a suit that lets her breathe. Mr. Eugene H. Krabs - Mr. Krabs is the owner of the Krusty Krab and is notable for his large cheapskate side. Mr. Krabs is completely in love with his money and lets nothing stand between him and it. He also has a daughter, Pearl the whale, though it is never explained how Pearl is a whale and Mr. Krabs is a crab. Gary the Snail - Gary is SpongeBob's pet snail and is the equivalent of an underwater cat. Although most of his sounds are cat-like mews, SpongeBob can understand exactly what Gary is saying, and Gary understands SpongeBob as well, probably better than SpongeBob understands himself. Sheldon J. Plankton - Plankton is Mr. Krab's arch rival and the not-so-proud owner of the Chum Bucket, the restaurant across the street from the Krusty Krab. Plankton has tried to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula from his rival Mr. Krabs on numerous occasions but has never succeeded. His wife Karen is a computer he built himself. Larry the Lobster - Larry is a macho lifeguard at the Bikini Bottom beach, Goo-Lagoon. He is constantly working out and is often the voice of reason when Spongebob tries something particularly dim-witted at the beach. Mrs. Poppy Puff - Mrs. Puff is the local driving school teacher in Bikini Bottom. She is a good teacher, but just cannot pass one student: SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob has failed her class many times and has gotten on Mrs. Puff's nerves so much that she now has a severe hatred for him and has actually been driven slightly insane by him. Squilliam Fancyson - Squilliam is Squidward's rich and snobbish rival. He boasts about his money and is everything Squidward wants to be. He and Squidward's neighbors are the main reasons for Squidward's bitterness. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy - These two are a retired duo of superheroes that have their own television show. Mermaid Man is portrayed as a senile character, and Barnacle Boy, who is 68 years old, is constantly annoyed by him. Man Ray and the Dirty Bubble - These are a pair of dastardly villains in Bikini Bottom. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are too old to fight them alone and usually need the help of SpongeBob and his friends to get the job done. The Dirty Bubble is literally a bubble and can be popped by pointy objects. Man Ray wears a mask and has no real face behind it. He has been known to have a bit of a soft side. The Flying Dutchman - The Flying Dutchman lives in his flying pirate ship and haunts Bikini Bottom. His hobby and main reason for existing is simply to scare the citizens of Bikini Bottom. Theme Song Captain: Are ya ready kids? Kids: Aye, aye, captain! Captain: I can't hear you! Kids: AYE, AYE, CAPTAIN! Captain: Ohhh..... who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Kids: SpongeBob SquarePants! Captain: Absorbent and yellow and porous is he! Kids: SpongeBob SquarePants! Captain: If nautical nonsense be something you wish,Kids: SpongeBob SquarePants! Captain: Then drop on the deck, and flop like a fish! Kids: SpongeBob SquarePants! Captain: Ready? Everyone: SpongeBob SquarePants! SpongeBob SquarePants! SpongeBob SquarePants! Captain: SpongeBob... SquarePants!

Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence


Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

SpongeBob SquarePants/Gary/Narrator

Carolyn Lawrence

Carolyn Lawrence

Sandy Cheeks

Clancy Brown

Clancy Brown

Mr. Eugene H. Krabs

Rodger Bumpass

Rodger Bumpass

Squidward Tentacles

Bill Fagerbakke

Bill Fagerbakke

Patrick Star

Fan Reviews (1559)

  • My attitude to this cartoon

    A thoughtful and inventive cartoon about a hopelessly optimistic sea sponge like watching it.
  • Why do people keep criticizing New Spongebob I don't get it

    I have loved spongebob my whole life and still love it to this day. Over the course of 16 years not much has changed in the show and I think the new writers do a great job so why do a lot of the older fans hate it the only notable differences between "Old Spongebob" and "New Spongebob" are ( A Spongebob's voice is higher pitched, (B Mr. Krabs and Squidward are getting more POV episodes, (C Sandy is into Karate less and in most of the episodes she is in she dose science or builds an invention, (D Squidward is a total Jerk to Spongebob even when he isn't trying to bother him and even when SB tries to be kind to him E) the art work improved , and don't say Mr. Krabs got cheaper in the newer seasons because he didn't watch ; "Imitation Krabs", "Squid on Strike, the Krusty Krab training Video," Sailor Mouth", "Krabby Land" and,"Born Again Krabs" and you'll believe me and other than that none of the characters act any different other than that so whats with all the hatemoreless
  • I feel embarrassed for yhe person who won't admit this show isn't good anymore

    When I hear about SpongeBob, I think of the biggest fucking grace fall from television history. The show was the master of fucking comedy in its hey-day. It was brilliant as a cartoon for a night after a long day for everyone to watch and as a Saturday Morning cartoon for the whole fam. Nowadays it has episodes that make Everybody Fucking Hates Goddamn Chris look appealing.

    Seasons 1-3

    The characters were likeable and very well developed (you could actually relate to them sometimes), the stories were actually creative, appealing and made sense, the jokes were good, the adult references were really clever(sexual innuendos, drug references) some of them even take someone up to a college level to get them , there were memorable secondary characters, the animation was unique in a very good way, the slapstick left people of all ages in stitches, and the voice acting was astonishing.

    Seasons 4-half of season 5

    A little step down from the previous seasons. SpongeBobs IQ definitely declined, his voice is a little off, some of the characters personalities were exaggerated, the adult jokes became much more subtle, the animation became a little wacky and some of the plots were a bit more childish compared to before but there were at least some decent episodes with decent jokes. Some episodes were good, some were really bad and some were there were questionable moments such as when SpongeBob was nude and in public and an old woman smiled at him (wtf? SpongeBob must have a nice one) and when SpongeBob giggled after a French guy kissed his cheek...

    Second Half of Season 5-9

    The characters are no longer likeable in any way (they are all flanderized to the point some seem like their on crack), the stories are terrible, not smart and completely unappealing, the so called "jokes' are too childish and terrible, there are no adult references except for suggestions that SpongeBob is gay, the new animation is way too steril and very uninspired, and there is a few additions to the series that was a HUGE mistake and they should have never added grossout gags, violence and cruelty. This was seriously a huge fucking mistake and I hope the writers get fired for it. For example, there are scenes that involve characters getting skinned revealing their muscles blood vessels and tendons , Patrick putting ketchup on a dirty diaper, SpongeBob getting an infected splinter with massive amounts of puss leaking out into Mr. krab's face, Squidwards toenail being ripped off showing blood, plots about Mr. Krabs becoming a psychotic stalker over a stupid penny, Mrs. Puff trying to violently kill SpongeBob, Squidwards dreams being crushed or Squidward being brutally abused until you question how is he still alive, Sandy telling SpongeBob to be nude in front of an audience so she can clone him nude (we get it SpongeBob is sexy, she might as well jerk him off), Squidward being depressed about hating his life and even Plankton having suicidal thoughts. Wtf???? Would you really see that on a family oriented cartoon or a Saturday morning cartoon? These seasons aren't appropriate for any age since mixing such childish subject matter with bad morals violence and gross out humor doesn't seem to fit in any goddamn age group.

    SpongeBob literally went from the Bugs Bunny of our generation to transforming into an abomination that is completely embarrassing to watch. Stephen Hillenburg should not have quit as showrunner cuz if I were him and saw this happen to my creation, I would be deeply ashamed and try to buy it back for good.

    Not even The Simpsons fell this badly even though that hasn't been very good for years it is still much better than this shit. I dont plan on checking out the second spongebob movie anytime soon and am not looking forward to season 10 either because I am not even the least fucking interested.moreless
  • SpongeBob SquarePants

    Season 1: Awesome

    Season 2: Awesome

    Season 3: Awesome

    SpongeBob Movie: Awesome

    Season 4: Good for the most part

    Season 5: Decent at best, but still bad

    Season 6: Bad

    Season 7: Horrible

    Season 8: Horrible

    Season 9: It was better than 6, 7, & 8, but still had some bad episodes. Decent at best.

    SpongeBob Movie 2: Really good

    Season 10: TBC...
  • Grew up with love it.

    Spongebob Squarepants is one of the best things to ever come out of animation. But it isn't perfect. I love this grew up with it all of the time. But I slowly see our favorite sponge slipping down. The first 3 seasons are with laughter and characters we love to this day. And to top it off the movie is probably the best movie to pop out of Viacom. Seasons 4 and 5 aren't didn't top seasons 1-3. Then...6 and above just went so badly. Seasons 6-9 offered so many bad episodes and unfunny the characters aren't as cunning as they were back then. But I still love Spongebob and will always tune in when it's on, New or Not. I hope they don't mess up season they will learn from 6-9.moreless

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