SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 5 Episode 10

A Flea in Her Dome / The Donut of Shame / The Krusty Plate

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Aug 01, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Underrated and superb pair altogether

    A Flea in her Dome: This episode is especially underrated. Everyone (of course, those post movie haters) are criticizing it because it is gross. Gross humor? I see nothing gross here. In fact, Fungus Among Us was much gross than this. The only things that I hated in this episode was Patrick's part after a flea bit him and said "I'm gonna turn into a vampire" (wow, you kidding me with those vampire reference) and blaming Sandy that she brought fleas in her place (wow, why made it a big deal), and then SpongeBob and Patrick eventually start fighting. Besides those, parts that I liked/found it to be funny are Squidward's cameos, montage of SpongeBob and Patrick making a welcome back surprise (funniest was Patrick making a Texas shaped cake), Sandy's fur is in the cake, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy kept needing the belt while the flea go into them, Patrick standing on top of SpongeBob and Sandy (he was actually eating an apple), and the last part. Score 9/10

    Donut of Shame: Like the previous episode, this was a superb episode. There were funny parts like Patrick hanging on the ceiling, Patrick trying to eat the donut while realizing it might be SpongeBob's, Patrick's ways to hide the donut, and the last part. The episode itself was a little boring so it isn't considered my favorite episode. Score 9/10

    The Krusty Plate: Third superb episode in a roll. SpongeBob trying to get rid of the spot was very funny throughout. The part with SpongeBob inventing something that could make the spot disappear was very funny as well. However, there is on thing that keeps my score from a 10. The screen got blurrier when the max power was activated and it was kinda starting to hurt my eyes a little bit. Though the ending was hilarious. Score 9/10
  • Perfect


    A Flea in Her Dome:
    Sandy goes away to a science convention in Texas and is coming back. So SpongeBob and Patrick decide to throw a surprise party for her. Everything goes well... until Sandy discovers she has a flea.

    The Donut of Shame:
    Patrick wakes up at SpongeBob's house from a party they had last night. Patrick sees a donut in SpongeBob's hand and takes it. But Patrick then has a guilty conscience about taking the donut.

    The Krusty Plate:
    It is closing time at the Krusty Krab and everyone is ready to go, until Mr. Krabs discovers a plate with a spot on it. So SpongeBob stays to get it off, but it doesn't come off that easily.

    10 out of 10

  • a flea in her dome and the kusty plate HORRIBLE

    a flea in her dome bad episode its about spongebob and patrick going to sandy;s house and later on they deal with fleas i only laughed once and that is he ending where everybody ended up in sandy;s treedome grade 3.4/10 F- the donut of shame the only good episode in this pairing its about patrick getting a donut from spongebob and he;s worried that he stole it this was a funny episode i give it a 8.4/10 B the krusty plate the worst of the three i hope an episode like this dosent happen again its terrible grade 2.3/10 F--- final grade 4/10 F kingnicky1 out
  • 1/3

    A Flea in Her Dome:
    Sandy goes away to a science convention in Texas and is coming back. So SpongeBob and Patrick decide to throw a surprise party for her. Everything goes well... until Sandy discovers she has a flea. This episode is just gross. Good thing I never ate while watching this episode.

    Grade: 1.3/10 F!

    The Donut of Shame:
    Patrick wakes up at SpongeBob's house from a party they had last night. Patrick sees a donut in SpongeBob's hand and takes it. But Patrick then has a guilty conscience about taking the donut.

    Grade: 7.5/10 B-

    The Krusty Plate:
    It is closing time at the Krusty Krab and everyone is ready to go, until Mr. Krabs discovers a plate with a spot on it. So SpongeBob stays to get it off, but it doesn't come off that easily. This episode is just boring!

    Grade: 1.2/10 F-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Three superb pairings in a row

    A Flea In Her Dome: This was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It was was very funny when SpongeBob and Patrick were crying in the beginning of the episode and Patrick mistakens Sandy to Squidward. SpongeBob and Patrick throwing Sandy a welcome home party was also very sweet. Sandy comes home with a bunch of fleas in her fur. Fleas take over Sandy's treedome and SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy can't get out. It was very funny when Patrick thought he was going to turn into a werewolf after being bitten by a flea. Patrick sitting on top of SpongeBob and Sandy to eat an apple was also very funny. The ending was also funny when everyone in Bikini Bottom was being sucked into Sandy's treedome. The only thing I didn't like in this episode was how the fleas laid eggs and when the flea was crawling inside Sandy's eyes. Overall, a superb SpongeBob episode. 9/10

    The Donut of Shame: I thought that this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It was funny when Patrick and SpongeBob were tired after playing tea party last night. Patrick getting the donut from SpongeBob's hand and then being guilty because he feels like he stole SpongeBob's donut was funny as well. Patrick trying to hide the donut throughout this episode was also funny. I thought it was very nice when SpongeBob showed Patrick the video of when he gave Patrick the donut because Patrick is his best friend and it was his birthday. The only thing I didn't like in this episode was the ending... it was just too gross for me and I wanted to puke just thinking about it. Overall, a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9/10

    The Krusty Plate: Just like the first two pairings, this was also a superb episode. SpongeBob trying to get the plate cleaned off throughout this episode as pretty funny. SpongeBob building that invention to get the spot of the plate was funny. The ending with Mr. Krabs getting mad and chasing SpongeBob at the end of the episode was funny. OMG... the highlight of this episode was when SpongeBob exploded the Krusty Krab. My score was a little low because there were maybe one or two scenes that could have been better. Overall, this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9/10
  • Another great trio.

    A Flea in Her Dome: The beginning was just funny. Patrick mistaking Sandy for Squidward and then his mom! LOL! I also loved it when the fleas attacked and Patrick made Spongebob get on Sandy just so he can get on all two of them to reach an apple from Sandy's tree. Final Grade: B+ (88%)

    The Donut of Shame: It was gross at the beginning and the ending. It had a pretty funny plot. Patrick going to the "atic" only to fall back down into his home since he didn't actually have an atic. Final Grade: B+ (87%)

    Krusty Plate: It may be too short, but I loved it! I loved all of Spongebob's failed attempts at getting one little plate cleaned up until he destroys the whole Krusty Krab. Final Grade: B+ (88%)
  • these episodes could have been better.

    I didn't really like a Flea In Her Dome. It was boring and felt pointless. Although I thought it was funny at the end when everybody got stuck in the treedome. Kind of dumb though. As for The donut of shame, I kind of liked it. My favorite part is when Patrick imagined SpongeBob saying "Get out of the way Patrick, cause I gotta go!" The ending was kind of gross though. With The Krusty Plate, it felt pretty boring and pointless as well. I thought it was kind of funny, but not much. So, these episodes could have been better.
  • The first one wasn't so good. The other two were decent.

    Overall, this is another okay episode trilogy. I didn't really like A Flea in Her Dome except for the beginning when Sponge and Pat cried and Pat confused Sandy with Squidward and his mom. The rest of the episode was kind of disgusting, especially when the fleas laid eggs (that was a little bit more than we needed to see) and bit Sponge, Pat, and Sandy all over. The ending was also stupid. What was sucking everyone into Sandy's house? Hmmm...:/ On to the Donut of Shame...I kind of liked this one. You can't go wrong with Patrick episodes. My favorite thing about it was when Patrick kept trying to hide the donut. The ending was gross, but it was overall a good episode. The last one, The Krusty Plate, was alright. It gets a little boring after watching it a few times, but all the trouble Sponge has to go through to get the spot off the plate if funny. Marebear2009, out!
  • 3 more good episodes from Season 5.

    A Flea In Her Dome:
    Well, the start was stupid (Patrick had a funny line though), but the rest was very good. Sandy brings home a flea from Texas, and it starts jumping to SpongeBob and Patrick, so they use the flea collar to protect them, and then it multiplies, making millions. A completely stupid idea, but actually a good episode. Although I needed to itch a lot when I first watched the episode (like Fungus Among Us, but then I always itch when I watch that one).

    Grade B

    The Doughnut Of Shame: (I'm British BTW, so I spell it our way, like I spell Good Neighbors Good Neighbours)
    Well, I just saw it on a great site I found like fifty minutes ago which shows you loads of SpongeBob episodes, and they all work! (Even for those in the UK!) So anyway, Patrick steals SpongeBob's doughnut they had at their little party, and he feels guilty. Another stupid plot, but the episode was much better than I expected.

    Grade B

    The Krusty Plate:
    SpongeBob blows up the Krusty Krab whilst attempting to get a spot of a dirty dish. Hillarious, but again stupid plot. Yet somehow I just love watching this one! I agree with RaeandAnasRock, this episode should be longer! And yeah, I guess they should shorten A Flea In Her Dome a tad.

    Grade A+

    3 stupid plots, 3 hillarious, well written episodes. :)

    Overall Grade: B
  • I cried when I seen The Krusty Plate. It was that afwul!

    A flea in her dome
    So, Sandy comes home and, she seems to brought home a flea. And, the flea multiplys and, becomes a nusnce. So, I was'nt really happy about this.
    Final Score: C-

    The donut of shame
    This episode made me hungry because of donuts! Donuts are my favorite food. I would risk anything for a donut! *drools*
    Final Score: B+

    The Krusty Plate
    Don't waste your time watching this. It was'nt funny. Too short. And, a big waste of time! I think this episode is a big waste of time! The only good one is "The donut of shame"!
    Final Score: F-

    Final Score: D, 4
  • A great episode of this series.

    This episode was one of the best of Spongebob. A Flea in Her Dome was super funny, it kinda made no sense like how the fleas multipied, and how they bit Spongebob and Patrick (cuz they had no fur), but still. Pretty hilarious. Out of the three I disliked The Donut of Shame the most, because it was kinda pointless and the donut at the end looked disgusting, but it was passible. The Krusty Plate had no plot (in a good way), so it was easy to watch Spongebob's funny ways to get rid of one stain. The ending slightly dissapointed, but it was still a good episode overall.
  • Shorten A Flea in Her Dome! The Krusty Plate deserves to be longer!

    A Flea in Her Dome: A really boring episode about Sandy coming back from Texas witha flea, so when trying to get rid of it, it forms into more fleas, swelling up SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy. The only part that was funny is when Patrick got a pencil and connected the dots, saying he made a horsey. I didn't understand how Patrick could breath in the air without his water helmet for 20 seconds. Made no sense, this was a really bad episode that should be 3 minutes long.
    GRADE: D+

    The Donut of Shame: Well, it was better than A Flea in Her Dome. It's about Patrick having some guilt when he steals a donut from SpongeBob at a party. The donut at the end looked disgusting (A paper clip and a bone was stuck to it! How digusting is that?), no wonder SpongeBob started to vomit at the end! But still, I call it an average episode.
    GRADE: C-

    The Krusty Plate: This episode deserves to be 11 minutes long! It's about SpongeBob trying to get a tough stain out of a plate when it's closing time. So when attempting to, he fails and decides to create a hi-tec cleaning machine that uses lasers in order to clean the stain out, and it ends up working, but it destroys the Krusty Krab. Since the episode was only 3 minutes long, most of the episode was revolved around the hi-tec cleaning machine. If the episode was longer, then more funny ideas could've been made, and that's what I wanted in this episode. What I didn't get is how could SpongeBob build a hi-tec cleaning machine so fast? Otherwise, this episode was pretty great, would've been better if it were longer.
    GRADE: B-


    P.S. An (11 minute) episode like The Krusty Plate should happen again.
  • Krusty plates a nice episode, but A flea in her dome and The Donut of shame are the most annoying episodes to me besides Atlantis Squarepantis, the best day ever, and Battle of Bikini Bottom.

    Alright Krusty plate is good so ill save that, but for now i'll bring up The Donut Of Shame. My favorite part of this episode wthe ending...when it ended. Okay They air this episode WAY too often. Its not superior to every single thing in the history of spongebob. So its like this, Patrick has a donut that he thinks he stole and he tries to hide it. Okay first thing, almost the whole thing is in Patrick's house so theres no change of scenery. Then Spongebob has a tape of the party that he "stole" the donut. All the tape shows is "A Donut this special could reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaly make a guy happy" and the Spongebob and Patrick pass out while looking like they had a 6 pack. no joke. So Patrick tries to hide it in his house. It's barely entertaining. Then in the ending Patrick gets to see the video. It wasn't a great ending. So to wrap up this, Its pretty bad. A flea in her dome: Okay its pretty dumb. Sandy gets a flea after she gets to bikini bottom from some place (sorry i forget where, i was having trouble paying attention to this painful episode) Then Spongebob tries to Sing as in every new episode. Here's where the good comes. The bus driver stopped him from singing!! No Joke! Alright so they eat cake while sandy makes bad jokes about fleas. So the flea jumps from person to person and we get 2 minutes of them swiching the collar to each other. then the fleas multiply and attack until Patrick gives a dumb speech. Then they open the door and get ride of the fleas. Its much better typed then watched.
    The Krusty Plate: After all of the badness they finally give us a decent episode. Its not a bad episode., but it eels so good to end the 2 shameful episodes before it. Okay nothing much happens except theres a piece of krust on a plate. Spongebob goes to big measures to get it off. He gets a machine that destroys the Krusty Krab in the process.
    In the end it gets the job done.
  • All three are aboslutely hilarious.

    A Flea in her Dome

    The Good: Patrick's "vampire" worries, the crying

    The Bad: fleas too graphic for younger audience (hilarious for the older ones, like me)

    Full Review: From the moment this episode begins, you are treated to complete hilarity. SpongeBob is spraying tears like a fountain and then using them as rocket thrusters. Then Patrick comes along and they cry their eyes out (literally, the tears come direct from the sockets lol) into each other's faces! This in enough gives the episode a 10, not to mention Patrick's "vampire" worries when he discovers that fleas suck blood. Sadly, the fleas are too graphic for the typical young viewer, but hilarious for older ones, like me.

    The Donut of Shame

    The Good: patrick's example scenarios, the donut "conscience"

    The Bad: see the one for the previous episode ie. nothing

    Full review: Patrick steals a donut, before treating us to hilarious example secnarios (in brackets here). He hides it in the toilet (SpongeBob: Patrick I need to go now! *finds the donut*). He hides it under the rug (*Spongebob steps on it and screams as blue goo comes from under the mattress*). he does several others too. Then, the angel donut actually agrees with the devil donut that Patrick should put it in his mouth on a chain. In the end Patrick would have got it anyway.

    The Krusty Plate

    The Good: EVERYTHING!!

    The Bad: too short

    Full Review: Possibly the most hilarious thing on the planet! This couldn't be funnier! To wash one plate, SpongeBob drives a tank through the wall of the Krusty Krab, shoots it with a laser and uses a three-laser device to obliterate the Krusty Krab! Could this be more hilarious? short answer: NO!
  • Great Episode!

    A Flea in her Dome was all about Sandy bringing home a flee from her science convention in Texas. Then, they had to get rid of it. I laughed when Patrick thought that Sandy was Squidward and his Mom. I also liked it when the bus driver didn't want to hear SpongeBob sing. But, my favorite part in this episode was the vampire flea. When Patrick thought he was going to turn into a vampire flea, that made me laugh so hard. The Donut of Shame was just as good. First of all, I loved it when SpongeBob and Patrick had the tea party. I also loved when Patrick kept forgetting that had he didn't have an attic. I loved the bad and good donuts. That made me laugh. And all the places Patrick hid the donut. The Krusty Plate was where SpongeBob had to clean off the plate before he went home. I don't really have much to say about this episode, except it was funny when the Krusty Krab exploded. I give them all A's.
  • incredibly pointless

    these episodes were stupid

    FLEA IN HER DOME:This one was ok but i dont recomend it.I did laugh but it was stupid, especially the ending. GRADE:C+

    DONUT OF SHAME:This episode had a bad storyline.Why would patrick think that spongebob would get mad over a donut? he didn't mean it.This episode was a waste of time. GRADE:D- THE KRUSTY PLATE:Another bad storyline.Spongebob tries to clean a spot on a plate, thats the storyline. i did laugh at the part when he was using the laser but it wasnt good enough.This episode was really pointless and a waste of time. GRADE:D

    Im glad these episodes were short. FINAL GRADE:D
  • Where in the world have good plots gone?

    "Nothing happened" describes these three episodes perfectly...because, well, nothing happened. Basically, all of them feature a minor problem in which the character(s) involved then try to do crazy things to try and fix it, for the entire episode.

    A Flea in Her Dome: What was the point of this? To watch Sandy, Spongebob, and Patrick itch? It was nice to see Sandy actually in a decent role, but this was terrible...there was no plot at all. 1/5

    The Donut of Shame: The best episode of the 3, which isn't saying much. But the plot wasn't thought out too well...the thing that saved this were some of the jokes ("things get reallly crazy after 8:30"). The plot was ridiculous though - Patrick takes Spongebob's donut and feels bad but it turns out to be the "donut of friendship"? Sub-par, but still the best of the batch here. 2.5/5

    The Krusty Plate: Again, what was the point here? Spongebob cleaning a plate...wow, so exciting. Pointless, stupid, terrible. 0/5

    Overall this just shows how sad this show is now...the writers need to pick up their game before Nick and the fans totally give up on the show.
  • These episodes were good enough.

    Flea in Her Dome: A very good episode, this episode might at least have pain, fleas, icthing, rash, more fleas, and more pain. Patrick I believe was funnny in this episode. Fleas engulfing the treedome may be good action to the episode as well. But I don't believe the treedome can fill the whole ocean.

    Episode Grade: B-(not one of my favorites though)

    Donut of Shame: Why do you hate this episode? This episode was okay because Patrick was sort of more like a friend to Spongebob. BTW, Patrick trying to hide the donut was kind of funny and the plot was pretty good too.

    Episode Grade: C

    The Krusty Plate: This one is worse as ''Pat no Pay!'' Mr. Krabs went horrible on this episode again. I mean, why would he care about every spot on a plate, including the whole Krusty Krab?! Shame on you!

    Episode Grade: C-

    Final Grade: C+
  • Ami and Yumi would know how bad this episode is!

    The episode was WAY to painful!

    A Flea in her Dome: The episode was not a little funny but the main plot of the episode wasn't well thought up. The flea should have talk! The episode got grosser and grosser like Ren and Stimpy. Overall, that episode was okay but the ending was stupid! I was expecting a ground breaking ending with fleas dying funny, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO! They made everyone stuck!

    The Donut of Shame: That episode was okay also. I expected it to be funny but it wasn't! All the episode was about was Patrick worring that SpongeBob would be angry at Patrick for stealing Patrick's own donut?! It needs more funny parts.

    The Krusty Plate: That episode was boring! All that episode was about was SpongeBob trying to clean a spot of a plate. It could be done in a snich. It was also short, but it deserved to be, since it was stupid.

    The episode was good in the beginning but got horrible at the end. Getting old, huh?

  • I hate to give SpongeBob a 5.7. I didn't like the episode much.

    Now, I am a huge SpongeBob fan, but this episode was bad. I don't think I saw a funny part in it. The Krusty Plate part of the episode stunk. It was boring and I wanted to turn the tv off, but I didn't. I wanted to see the rest of the episode. How many times have you seen a doughnut on tv before? Probally millions of times. I hope SpongeBob can find a breakthrew. These episodes just stink today. They have the same plots as The Golden Days episodes. They need to make a plot out of this world. That is what I think.
  • I didn't like these episodes for alot of reasons...

    These episodes were not good in any way. Almost every Spongebob fan can tell you that. The first part of it was called A Flea in Her Dome. It started off with Sandy coming home from a science convention. She must have gotten a flea while she was staying there because she gets all itchy. Here's where the good part of this episode stops. During the whole five minutes left there was nothing but Spongebob and Patrick being stupid. Nothing more and nothing less. The other part was called The Donut of Shame. It was about Spongebob and Patrick having a birthday party for Patrick and Spongebob giving him a donut. Patrick wakes up and takes it and later thinks he stole it. I liked this episode a little because they didn't give you all the facts at once. They waited and put in different information thought the show. The next and last part of this episode is called The Krusty Plate. I didn't like this part at all because Spongebob and Mr. Krabs were the only people who appeared in it. It had a few funny parts in it, but nothing a real Spongebob fan would like. In this part, Spongebob stays after closing time to try to clean a plate. After many things, it doesn't work and Spongebob eventually destroys the Krusty Krab. This isn't the best plot and not the best ending. At the end Mr. Krabs chases Spongebob. There was no point.

    I wouldn't recommend this episode because of the lack of characters. They limited down to three characters per part and it wasn't that funny. Only one part of this whole episode was good and even that didn't show us why were really love Spongebob. I give this episode 5 out of 10 because it wasn't that cleverly plotted and it didn't really have to have so many parts.
  • -Sandy comes back and Sponge & Pat throw her a party. She has a flea that annoys her the whole time -Patrick took what he thinks is Sponge's fave donut. and he's afraid he'll get mad at him. -Sponge needs to get a really really tough stain o

    IT's funny that I said that nothing happened in this episode because technically what ever DOES happen in a Spongebob episode? lol but yah this one was really really pointless. The flea one got on my nerves becuase it seemed to build up a plot and then go nowhere after it, and then the ending was mediocre. The plate one was kinda funny i guess, but could have been done better, or not been done at all. Seems like they're running out of ideas to me. Although, I don't really like Patrick centered episodes, I kind of liked the donut one. The ending was pretty funny when Spongebob ate it hahah! Anyways there have been better episodes, and you wouldn't have missed much of anything by not watching this...
  • Eh... I wouldn't really recommend this episode...

    You know, this is one of those cruddy four-minute episodes. If they do 11-minute episodes they won't run out of ideas in the future. I really hope that they do 11-minute episodes, because there has only been like, 2 in the fifth season. I wish Spongebob would go back to where he was in Season 3. The one with fleas in it was kinda good, and I think that was an 11 minute episode while the other two were 4-minutes. I guess it COULD be recommended, but not really. You really don't have to watch this episode. There are Season 5 episodes better than this by a long shot.
  • Not that good.

    This episode is not that well written, in my opinion. I hated Patrick's behavior in this episode. The flea bites may be painful, but come on! You don't need to be complaining that much! And why would fleas bite him in the first place? Sandy said they only affect land animals. And who cares if it's Spongebob's donut or not? IT'S JUST A FREAKIN' DONUT! He didn't have to go hiding it in the toilet and under the couch just so Spongebob couldn't find it! The only thing that saved this episode is "The Krusty Plate". The Ghostbusters reference and atomic explosion were hilarious.