SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 5 Episode 10

A Flea in Her Dome / The Donut of Shame / The Krusty Plate

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Aug 01, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Underrated and superb pair altogether

    A Flea in her Dome: This episode is especially underrated. Everyone (of course, those post movie haters) are criticizing it because it is gross. Gross humor? I see nothing gross here. In fact, Fungus Among Us was much gross than this. The only things that I hated in this episode was Patrick's part after a flea bit him and said "I'm gonna turn into a vampire" (wow, you kidding me with those vampire reference) and blaming Sandy that she brought fleas in her place (wow, why made it a big deal), and then SpongeBob and Patrick eventually start fighting. Besides those, parts that I liked/found it to be funny are Squidward's cameos, montage of SpongeBob and Patrick making a welcome back surprise (funniest was Patrick making a Texas shaped cake), Sandy's fur is in the cake, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy kept needing the belt while the flea go into them, Patrick standing on top of SpongeBob and Sandy (he was actually eating an apple), and the last part. Score 9/10

    Donut of Shame: Like the previous episode, this was a superb episode. There were funny parts like Patrick hanging on the ceiling, Patrick trying to eat the donut while realizing it might be SpongeBob's, Patrick's ways to hide the donut, and the last part. The episode itself was a little boring so it isn't considered my favorite episode. Score 9/10

    The Krusty Plate: Third superb episode in a roll. SpongeBob trying to get rid of the spot was very funny throughout. The part with SpongeBob inventing something that could make the spot disappear was very funny as well. However, there is on thing that keeps my score from a 10. The screen got blurrier when the max power was activated and it was kinda starting to hurt my eyes a little bit. Though the ending was hilarious. Score 9/10