SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 18

A Pal for Gary / Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Jan 02, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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A Pal for Gary: SpongeBob thinks Gary is lonely while he's away at work all day, so he buys another pet... a flashy-colored nudibranch. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: Squidward gets in trouble and has to do community service.

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  • A Pal for Gary: It's definitely something, all right.

    Edit: Woohoo, my first thumbs down on this review.

    I don't remember Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful well at the moment, so I'm going to focus on A Pal for Gary.

    A Pal for Gary is one of the series' weaker episodes, but I don't think that it's the satanic abomination that everybody makes it out to be. To sum the plot up, SpongeBob feels that Gary is getting lonely, so gets a pet nudibranch(?) to be more responsible by providing Gary with a friend. The problem is, the pet - named Puffy Fluffy - turns out to be quite vicious around other pets, and grows into a huge monster that tries to eat Gary, which SpongeBob turns out to be completely oblivious to.

    The problem is, it tries to make SpongeBob's obliviousness over-the-top (particularly in the climax of the episode, where Puffy Fluffy has grown into a large beast and SpongeBob actually tells Gary to put him down) to be funny, but it doesn't quite succeed; the anguish that Gary feels combined with how out-of-character SpongeBob is are both felt too well. The plot climaxes towards this, so since the climax is rather unsatisfying, the whole episode's plot becomes weak as a result.

    A few good points: the plot at least gets off the ground somewhat quickly, and we're treated to SpongeBob actually caring about and being sweet towards Gary, at least in the first half of the episode. (Heck, while he is unhappy at Gary driving Puffy Fluffy away, he otherwise doesn't actually seem THAT mad at Gary at the end of the episode while they're at the Krusty Krab.

    Plus, while you do feel sorry for Gary while he's being chased around the house and being tormented by Puffy Fluffy, overall the scene is actually kind of dramatic in a bizarrely somewhat epic way; the scene would have been a good way to increase tension if the climax had been better.

    The bottom line: if they gave the episode another ending where SpongeBob actually recognizes the beast that Puffy Fluffy is and apologizes for being oblivious, the episode could have probably been a lot better.moreless
  • both eps are perfect, escpecially a pal for gary

    a pal for gary is another perfect episode because it showed sponge bob sleeping.
  • The only people who will ever like these episodes would have to be mentally insane.

    My god, this website is awful. Why in the holy mother of ass is this episode given a green light? I'll say this. These episodes are... abysmal. No, no no no no. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful was abysmal. A Pal for Gary though... is an episode so incredibly bad, it's demonic. I mean only Satan would be so evil to make an episode of this magnitude of trite. Let's begin the review of my 33rd and 2nd most hated episodes of Spongebob Squarepants.

    In Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, Squidward is just minding his own business. He steps on gum, gets tortured a bit and this cop comes and starts acting like an ass for the whole episode. Squidward didn't throw that gum on the street. What's more, it isn't even dry yet. The true culprit could still be in sight, you worthless asshole! He examines the gum putting it in his mouth... gross. And then forces Squidward to take it. The rest of the episode is Squidward working his community service with Squilliam acting like an arrogant jackass. Spongebob is somehow roped into this and there's more Squidward Torture. Like him living his daily routine with garbage. At least the episode ended on a high note with Squilliam losing in the end.

    But oh my god... that wasn't even the worse of the 2. No, Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful was just another Squidward Torture Porn. A Pal for Gary though... that is my 2ND most hated episode of the whole show. Being pursuited by One Coarse Meal and being exceeded by Pet Sitter Pat.

    Spongebob is about to leave for work when he notices Gary wants to go for a walk. You know, nothing bad yet... then after Spongebob closes the door, he wonders if Gary will be lonely. Hmm. You know with you being able to SPEAK SNAIL, YOU'D WONDER WHY HE DOESN'T ASK THE DAMN SNAIL HIMSELF. And why now of all times? Is he learning from the time his pet left him when we was preoccupied? Even still, nothing majorly wrong yet, but the worst is yet to come. While at work, the situation of Gary being left alone lonely is magnified with Mr. Krabs coming off as a plot device. After work, Spongebob sees a Gypsy selling nudibranches. And despite her warning and obviously demanding some time of payment, Spongebob steals the one he wants and leaves paying nothing, not even attention to the precautions. He names it Puffy Fluffy because unlike me with Pokemon, Spongebob is terrible at nicknames apparently. He presents it to Gary and when Spongebob isn't around to see them to get some enchiladas I guess? starts roaring... LOUDLY. Okay how doesn't Spongebob hear that? What's more is that Gary is clearly afraid of the damn thing. You'd think that Spongebob would show a little concern to his little gare-bare, but nope. Spongebob is acting like an asshole all the way for the rest of the episode. Then there are parts where Gary's toys are being destroyed or the food they have to share is eaten by the nudibranch with Gary going hungry. My question is how the fuck did Spongebob remain completely oblivious to Gary's pain? That's so stupid! And Spongebob is still blaming Gary for what Puffy Fuckup is doing to the poor mollusk and is forced to sleep in a closet. Anyone think Spongebob is being a LITTLE out of character here? No. He's acting downright evil. Trust me. It gets much worse from here. Puffy evolves in the middle of the night and this episode gets incredibly cruel VERY quickly. Gary is forced to fight for his life against that monster because his owner is blind, deaf, and incomprehensibly stupid! Gary passes out, Spongebob smells smoke and thinks that Gary is trying to burn the house down UNDER FUCKING WATER. He sees Gary is about to be eaten alive. And instead of trying to help at such a critical moment, he says and I quote: "Gary!! You put Fluffy down RIGHT NOW!" Oh my FUCKING GOD. That was the worst moment of the whole fucking show for me. I'm convinced that Spongebob was trying to retaliate for the events of the episode Dumped at this point, but that would be a weak motive. And then when the beast is about to eat Spongebob, he addresses it like another fish and acts polite, even when HE HIMSELF IS ABOUT TO BE EATEN ALIVE. HE EVEN ACKNOWLEDGES THAT IT HURTS!! Okay 3 questions. 1: How could you POSSIBLY recognize Puffy Fluffy if it evolved into something completely different? 2: Would YOU the viewer possibly even CONSIDER that your pet was the antagonist if it was going to be eaten before your very eyes? and 3: Why the fuck is Spongebob treating Gary like a piece of shit? Gary used to mean the world to this yellow fuck and is being tortured like a Jew in the holocaust. This is beyond out of character. Words can't possibly describe how incredibly stupid Spongebob has been through out the entire episode. Back on topic though, Gary manages to escape and uses his skills from the western movies to save Spongebob and drive the beast out. And despite the trite Gary had to endure, guess what? Instead of being eternally grateful for having your life saved, he still gets pissed off at Gary for scaring that monster out and deprives Gary of his fun for free labor at the Krusty Krab. Home of the asshole that tried to drive Plankton to suicide.

    Okay Zeus Cervas, Casey Alexander and Richard Pursel. What's the word that describes you? Dipshits? No, that's too good for you. Assholes? That's still to generous. How about fuckers? No, not even that. Oh I got it. Crude, juvenile, idiotic and tallentless ASSCLOWNS. What reality do you 3 live in? I'd really want to know. I'm genuinely curious. In this reality, it's conventional wisdom that it actually takes an adult to write for children. What am I saying, that's not fair. Children would make better writers than you three. Hell, infants would. My DOG would and it's fucking dead, you mindless, degenerate hacks. You three may want to thank your lucky stars, every second of every day, that whoever the fuck you sold your souls to was stupid enough to give you your jobs. Because if you lose your jobs writing this trite shit, you most likely will never work again. Not just in television, but in ANY job. I don't know anyone who would lower themselves so substantially, to even reluctantly want your demented, poisoned minds around. Just leave us all alone, and go back to the fucking sludge you came from. And that also goes for ANYONE ELSE that likes this episode. So you like A Pal for Gary, go fucking die in a hole.moreless
  • Very Bad.

    Pal For Gary:

    I personally think this episode is very sad. Gary is so innocent. I felt bad for Gary because his BLIND and DEAF owner (SpongeBob) couldn't see the torture Gary was going through when it comes to Puffy Fluffy. Especially the part when SpongeBob was asleep and Puffy Fluffy transformed into this.... Uh huge monster thing? And Gary had to fight this monster alone. Poor thing! And I hate SpongeBob in this episode. Gary saved SpongeBob's life from getting eaten by Puffy Fluffy. But when Puffy Fluffy ran away, SpongeBob blamed Gary for it. Wow! That's really awful.

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful:

    This episode is a waste of time for me. Basically, this episode is nothing but garbage. Literally! And it super annoyed me when the Police Officer keeps giving SquidWard tickets. If I was SquidWard, I would yell at the Police Officer for spamming me with tickets! I can go on forever!moreless
  • Worst Episodes Ever!

    I hate A Pal for Gary because Spongebob acts like a dumb*** even though it is Gary that is being harmed. Also I really hate that Spongebob says to Gary " You put Puffy Fluffy down RIGHT NOW!. He still blames him at the END???!!! Thats pathetic and now takes him whereever he is because he's so WORRIED!!!!, And he STOLE a PET from the lady!!!!! How PATHETIC!!!!

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful is ok but A Pal for Gary is the Real Deal Here!

    I cant believe 3 writers thought this would be funny. But ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!??????

    Im mad right now like what the FURGE is going ON!!!!!!

    I really wish Spongebob would stop being evil and he gets Squidward 8 Tickets!!!!!

    Man Squidward was minding his own buisness and Officer John, REALLY!!!???

    You Should get FIRED for Giving Squidward 8 Tickets!!!! ANd Squidward is innocent.

    You have got to be kidding me Im never seeing those episodes ever again!!!!moreless
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