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SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 5

A Pal for Gary / Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Jan 02, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

A Pal for Gary: SpongeBob thinks Gary is lonely while he's away at work all day, so he buys another pet... a flashy-colored nudibranch. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: Squidward gets in trouble and has to do community service.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • All of you, be quiet.

    A Pal for Gary: Not a bad episode. I like it. Let's be real here. WAS GARY PUT AT ANY PHYSICAL HARM? NO! Why do you guys hate this episode? We get some really good fight scenes and a really good plot. I'll have you guys know that there was a SEASON 3 SPONGEBOB EPISODE THAT HAD GARY IN PAIN AND IT'S REALLY INTOLERABLE (The episode is named "The Great Snail Race")

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful was a good episode. I liked it. Not going to say much about it because that's not what I came here for.moreless
  • Look up, look up, LOOK UP YOU IDIOT!!!!!(original score-5.5/10)

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------REVIEW UNDER CONSTRUCTION

  • A Pal For Gary was mediocre while Keeping Bikinni Bottom was good.

    APFG: This episode was mediocre. I liked the idea of SpongeBob getting another pet, but I did not like his behavior. SpongeBob had the jerkass ball in this episode. He scolded Gary for things that he did not do and was ungrateful when Gary saved him. I would give this episode a higher rating if there was a better ending or if SpongeBob acted like his usual sweet yet innocently insensitive self, instead of having the jerkass ball. That is all I have to say. I give this episode a 5/10.

    KBBB: This episode is underrated. Yes, it is a Squidward abuse episode but I still enjoyed it. I thought it was funny when Squidward kept getting all of those tickets and when his house was above all of the trash. People don't seem to like SpongeBob in this episode because they think that he caused Squidward to get all of those tickets, but I disagree. SpongeBob was trying to help Squidward. He tried to get rid of the trash for him and built him a statue, which caused Squilliam's statue to melt. That's what Squilliam gets for being a snob, but that does not mean Squidward won. I also thought that it was a little disgusting when SpongeBob absorbed the trash in his body and spit it out. Other than that, this episode is good. I give it a 7/10.

    One more thing, BladderPharmist, TheAngryBlackRino and Aaron24, lets respect opinions over here. If you don't like those episodes, that's fine, but lets not call anyone who likes them stupid or insane. Why can't you respect opinions? And Aaron24, was insulting the writers necessary? I think that was very cruel of what you said about them. They are people too.


    I have heard so many rumours about this episode being so awful and being a SpongeBob fan, I didn't believe them at first (because I was ignorant) and then started to be curious about it BUT I was wrong, it DID suck and the fans were right.

    This episode was a torture fest that continuously pushed Gary all no wonder Gary isn't happy. Poor Gary, I just wanted to give the poor guy a hug because of the shit he goes through. This was the episode (along with One Coarse Meal) where the rose-coloured glasses were coming off and where fans started to wisen up. I cannot critically pan this episode enough, this was an unwatchable mess. I mean I have watched so many bad cartoon episodes but this one really made me angry and made me want to smash my TV. With other bad cartoon episodes, there is always at least a watchable moment but is an entity all on its own. You can normally work with a bad plot or unlikable characters but you cannot overcome anything with this episode.

    The plot is another one of those "A cutesy character/pet/animal acts all cutesy to everyone except for that one poor person. That cutesy character/pet/animal would always torment, bully or torture that poor person and then do bad things which gets the poor person to get blamed and leave that cutesy character/pet/animal I hate it when cartoons have plots like that!!! And it just so happens to be on a lot of this one was the topping of this shit sunday!!!

    SpongeBob sucks in this episode. He ignored that woman's warning about that ugly green motherfucker, why? It's SpongeBob, did you really expect him to listen? Oh and he also steals Puffy HELLO, THAT IS A CRIMINAL ACT!!! He was also an ignorant little twonk and even when he is clearly looking at the two where Fluffy attacked Gary, he DOESN'T DO SHIT BUT OH WHEN GARY DOES MINOR THINGS OR TRIES TO DEFEND HIMSELF, THIS REALLY FUMES NOW YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL!!! HE WAS SO ANNOYING IN THIS EPISODE, I'D RATHER WATCH THAT BUBSY PILOT THAN THIS TORTURE FEST OF AN EPISODE!!! Another bullshit moment was when SpongeBob was asleep, he can SOMEHOW hear Gary move when Gary did not do anything wrong but when Puffy Fluffy attacked Gary and destroyed the house (IN A LOUDER VOLUME) SpongeBob is somehow DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?!!! FLUFFY IS NOT CUTE AND IS RATHER A BOTHERSOME LITTLE RASCAL. EVEN THOUGH GARY SAVED SPONGEBOB'S ASS, HE STILL GETS ANGRY AND PUNISHES SPONGEBOB, REALLY?!!! Sorry for that rage but it really did piss me off. Gary saved SpongeBob's life but OH NO, HE ACTS LIKE AN IGNORANT LITTLE ASS (GARY SHOULD HAVE LET HIM DIE BUT GARY IS BETTER THAN THIS).

    All those parts were bad but the one part that enraged me the most was that one like with that one scene:

    -Gary gets bullied and then gets picked up and nearly eaten-

    SpongeBob: "Gary, you put Puffy Fluffy down right now!"

    Is SpongeBob blind or just stupid? Did they put the wrong audio on? Because this makes no even though Puffy Fluffy VERY CLEARLY tried and wanted to eat SpongeBob too, SpongeBob was nice to him and blames him for what?!!! For saving your ignorant ass?!!!

    This was the worst, the worst of the worst. This gives Bella Swan a run for her money as being the most unlikable character of all time (She isn't even comparable to SpongeBob in this ONE episode). How did this get good ratings? BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE FUCKING STUPID LIKING THIS EPISODE IS LIKE KILLING ALL YOUR FAMILY, IT IS GOING TO HURT AFTERWARDS!!! If the rating system allowed lower ratings then I would gladly give this a score below one.moreless
  • A Pal For Gary, should've been a pal who could kill Spongebob!

    I hated this episode, hated hated hated hated hated hated hated hated hated hated hated this episode, hated it, hated every single stupid little moment of it, it was absolute torture, its filth, not even Satan himself would accept this pile of abomination to hell, this concentrated torture, thilth and abomination. This makes Twilight and Jar Jar Binks and GPK Movie look like a work of art, OH YEAH I FRICKIN SAID IT!

    This episode had 7.4? Really? did the creators just create many accounts to like this episode? anything below -10 is just too high! This episode kept rubbing in Spongebobs braindead STUPID IDIOCY moments in our faces and grinding down into our skulls, the creators purposely turned his head around and around and sleeping relaxingly as Gary is attacked, he WATCHES AS GARY IS BEING THREATENED TWICE! WHAT IDIOT DOES THAT?! Theres no ending where "SpongeBob is mad but Gary ends up happy and watching Cowboys", no this episode tortured Gary the whole way through, and that pissed me off because he was one of the best characters. This episode was an abomination and is "The Worst Cartoon Episode Ever Made" and I have seen a lot, it isn't as cruel and braindead as "Horrid Henrys Unhappy Day" no its not as infuriating as that, but in terms of annoyance, stupidity and horrificness, its an all time worst! And just like Horrid Henrys Unhappy Day, a certain character is tortured the whole way through and isn't given a break, though at least this episode is acknowledged as horrible unlike Horrid Henrys Unhappy Day, this episode sucks, it absolutely sucks, it sucks Globes of concentrated and dense abominable thilth with a pin prick straw, and it does it quickly! I cannot rate it lower than one which is stupid!

    A shattered brick does an episode much better than this, like 10000000x and over! And I usually don't criticize opinions but, if YOU like this episode even just a bit, your critically mentally ill and you probably like SpongeBob Squarepants One Coarse Meal and Horrid Henrys Unhappy Days too don't you?moreless
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