SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 18

A Pal for Gary / Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Jan 02, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Worst Episodes Ever!

    I hate A Pal for Gary because Spongebob acts like a dumb*** even though it is Gary that is being harmed. Also I really hate that Spongebob says to Gary " You put Puffy Fluffy down RIGHT NOW!. He still blames him at the END???!!! Thats pathetic and now takes him whereever he is because he's so WORRIED!!!!, And he STOLE a PET from the lady!!!!! How PATHETIC!!!!

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful is ok but A Pal for Gary is the Real Deal Here!

    I cant believe 3 writers thought this would be funny. But ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!??????

    Im mad right now like what the FURGE is going ON!!!!!!

    I really wish Spongebob would stop being evil and he gets Squidward 8 Tickets!!!!!

    Man Squidward was minding his own buisness and Officer John, REALLY!!!???

    You Should get FIRED for Giving Squidward 8 Tickets!!!! ANd Squidward is innocent.

    You have got to be kidding me Im never seeing those episodes ever again!!!!
  • Why does this have a green letup?

    Both of these epodes were horrible. It deserves a red letup.

    1.5 out of 10
  • Why? Just why?

    Okay keep Bikini bottom beautiful was just another Squidward torture porn, but A Pal for Gary is the shit that hits the fan. Why would Spongebob be so oblivious to what's going on with Gary and Puffy Fluffy? Hello! There's a big monster in the middle of your house and your snail is about to get eaten yet you blame Gary. WHY WOULD THE WRITERS MAKE SPONGEBOB SO DUMB!? Are you freaking serious with this episode writers? In fact this episode is so bad, and I do mean so bad that most people who enjoyed episodes like One Coarse Meal and The Splinter agree that this was the worst episode they have ever seen.
  • The only people who will ever like these episodes would have to be mentally insane.

    In Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, Squidward is just minding his own business. He steps on gum, gets tortured a bit and this cop comes and starts acting like an ass for the whole episode. Squidward didn't throw that gum on the street. What's more, it isn't even dry yet. The true culprit could still be in sight, you worthless asshole! He examines the gum putting it in his mouth... gross. And then forces Squidward to take it. The rest of the episode is Squidward working his community service with Squilliam acting like an arrogant jackass. Spongebob is somehow roped into this and there's more Squidward Torture. Like him living his daily routine with garbage. At least the episode ended on a high note with Squilliam losing in the end.

    But oh my god... that wasn't even the worse of the 2. No, Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful was just another Squidward Torture Porn. A Pal for Gary though... that is my 2ND most hated episode of the whole show. Being pursuited by One Coarse Meal and being exceeded by Spongebob, you're fired.

    Spongebob is about to leave for work when he notices Gary wants to go for a walk. You know, nothing bad yet... then after Spongebob closes the door, he wonders if Gary will be lonely. Hmm. You know with you being able to SPEAK SNAIL, YOU'D WONDER WHY HE DOESN'T ASK THE DAMN SNAIL HIMSELF. And why now of all times? Is he learning from the time his pet left him when we was preoccupied? Even still, nothing majorly wrong yet, but the worst is yet to come. While at work, the situation of Gary being left alone lonely is magnified with Mr. Krabs coming off as a plot device. After work, Spongebob sees a Gypsy selling nudibranches. And despite her warning and obviously demanding some time of payment, Spongebob steals the one he wants and leaves paying nothing, not even attention to the precautions. He names it Puffy Fluffy because unlike me with Pokemon, Spongebob is terrible at nicknames apparently. He presents it to Gary and when Spongebob isn't around to see them to get some enchiladas I guess? starts roaring... LOUDLY. Okay how doesn't Spongebob hear that? What's more is that Gary is clearly afraid of the damn thing. You'd think that Spongebob would show a little concern to his little gare-bare, but nope. Spongebob is acting like an asshole all the way for the rest of the episode. Then there are parts where Gary's toys are being destroyed or the food they have to share is eaten by the nudibranch with Gary going hungry. My question is how the fuck did Spongebob remain completely oblivious to Gary's pain? That's so stupid! And Spongebob is still blaming Gary for what Puffy Fuckup is doing to the poor mollusk and is forced to sleep in a closet. Anyone think Spongebob is being a LITTLE out of character here? No. He's acting downright evil. Trust me. It gets much worse from here. Puffy evolves in the middle of the night and this episode gets incredibly cruel VERY quickly. Gary is forced to fight for his life against that monster because his owner is blind, deaf, and incomprehensibly stupid! Gary passes out, Spongebob smells smoke and thinks that Gary is trying to burn the house down UNDER FUCKING WATER. He sees Gary is about to be eaten alive. And instead of trying to help at such a critical moment, he says and I quote: "Gary!! You put Fluffy down RIGHT NOW!" Oh my FUCKING GOD. That was the worst moment of the whole fucking show for me. I'm convinced that Spongebob was trying to retaliate for the events of the episode Dumped at this point, but that would be a weak motive. And then when the beast is about to eat Spongebob, he addresses it like another fish and acts polite, even when HE HIMSELF IS ABOUT TO BE EATEN ALIVE. HE EVEN ACKNOWLEDGES THAT IT HURTS!! Okay 3 questions. 1: How could you POSSIBLY recognize Puffy Fluffy if it evolved into something completely different? 2: Would YOU the viewer possibly even CONSIDER that your pet was the antagonist if it was going to be eaten before your very eyes? and 3: Why the fuck is Spongebob treating Gary like a piece of shit? Gary used to mean the world to this yellow fuck and is being tortured like a Jew in the holocaust. This is beyond out of character. Words can't possibly describe how incredibly stupid Spongebob has been through out the entire episode. Back on topic though, Gary manages to escape and uses his skills from the western movies to save Spongebob and drive the beast out. And despite the trite Gary had to endure, guess what? Instead of being eternally grateful for having your life saved, he still gets pissed off at Gary for scaring that monster out and deprives Gary of his fun for free labor at the Krusty Krab. Home of the asshole that tried to drive Plankton to suicide.

    Okay Zeus Cervas, Casey Alexander and Richard Pursel. What's the word that describes you? Dipshits? No, that's too good for you. Assholes? That's still to generous. How about fuckers? No, not even that. Oh I got it. Crude, juvenile, idiotic and tallentless ASSCLOWNS. What reality do you 3 live in? I'd really want to know. I'm genuinely curious. In this reality, it's conventional wisdom that it actually takes an adult to write for children. What am I saying, that's not fair. Children would make better writers than you three. Hell, infants would. My DOG would and it's fucking dead, you mindless, degenerate hacks. You three may want to thank your lucky stars, every second of every day, that whoever the fuck you sold your souls to was stupid enough to give you your jobs. Because if you lose your jobs writing this trite shit, you most likely will never work again. Not just in television, but in ANY job. I don't know anyone who would lower themselves so substantially, to even reluctantly want your demented, poisoned minds around. Just leave us all alone, and go back to the fucking sludge you came from. And that also goes for ANYONE ELSE that likes this episode. So you like A Pal for Gary, go fucking die in a hole.
  • I'm just going to review the WORST EPISODE EVER!!!!

    Okay Keep Bikini Bottom beautiful was bad, but don't get me started on A Pal For Gary. I mean I thought Atlantis SquarePantis was terrible, but this is even worse. I cannot handle the atrocious stupidity SpongeBob has in this episode. For one, he decides to steal the pet (which he named PuffyFluffy) and despite Gary saving him from being mauled, he STILLS BLAME GARY! ARE YOU SERIOUS!
  • Could not agree more with 2006retro, AnsonGee, and other reviewers of this episode.

    Once again we have an okay episode paired with an infuriating episode. In this episode, SpongeBob's brain must have been taken over by Puffy Fluffy, or else he would not have treated Gary so horribly! Either that, or maybe he lent his brain to Patrick again like he did in House Fancy.

    Not even the redeeming episode Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful could me make want to give this episode more than a 1. A Pal for Gary not only is one of the worst episodes, but also one of the scariest, cruelest, and most infuriating. I seriously wanted to hurt SpongeBob for being a dumb@$$ even AFTER Gary saved his life! Not even Patrick could be that dumb, at least not before both he and SpongeBob's IQs were reduced down to the floor by the new writers. It's gotten to where they are now both so dumb, that they might even be dumber than characters like Dez, Paisley, Gibson, or Fletcher from ANT Farm and Austin & Ally on Disney Channel. And every Disney Channel show has at least one dumb character, such as the ones I mentioned from the said shows.

    Speaking of dumbness, both Disney and Nick seem to be in a secret competition for who can make the dumbest characters and/or shows. So far Nick is winning, at least in the shows department. Here are examples of the dumb characters in each show:

    * On Disney Channel:

    ** A show like ANT Farm or Austin & Ally with an unlikely premise and dumb characters. Or Jessie with Emma, who's also a stereotypical passion for fashion diva.

    ** Shake it Up which, like Austin & Ally, features an extremely dumb character who has red hair. With these shows, the general stereotype is that a character who is either blonde, or a redhead is dumb. CeCe on Shake it Up and Dez on Austin & Ally fit the dumb ginger stereotype to the max.

    Speaking of ANT Farm, "interesting factoid" as Olive would say, is that there are actually TWO stereotypes to the blondes. One is Paisley who's a stereotype of a "dumb as a doornob" dumb blonde, and the other is the "Oh my God, I'm so gorgeous! Somebody hand me a minor so that I can stare at myself all day!" blonde. That's Lexi, who's also the stereotypical mean girl.

    On Nick they have Cat on Sam & Cat/Victorious, who's also a dumb ginger. Meanwhile PJ from Good Luck Charlie on Disney Channel is another dumb blonde. But, unlike most dumb blonde stereotypes, he's not a girl.

    Nick also has Cosmo who's neither blonde nor ginger, but green haired. And last but also possibly least, they have another dumb character with a different hair color, on Dog with a Blog. Tyler, who's a copycat of PJ from GLC, and yet no matter how dumb he can be he's a math genius? What? That makes no sense!

    Sam from Sam & Cat/iCarly could also be a mean girl stereotype. However, I will say this. Disney Channel's upcoming comedy Liv & Maddie has two twin blondes, who are either talented or extremely smart. That may be Disney's first and only aversion of the dumb blonde/mean blonde stereotypes.

    OK, back on topic, I went on a tangent and digressed for way longer than Olive ever would, so I'll say this. TL;DR Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful was worth at worst a 4.5, but A Par for Gary gets a -100/10 Although, I do not consider it to be THE WORST episode, that is an honor I can bestow only to The Battle of Bikini Bottom. However, that episode actually got a -99/100 and not -100/10 because it had an okay opening, and the "How do you spell not my friend?" part was rather funny. But this episode was not funny, not even a little. Even The Splinter, House Fancy, The Gift of Gum, and Restraining SpongeBob were better than this. And they all have LOTS of gross-out gags.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2 (originally posted last year on August 25): Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig
  • Can Anybody Really Be This Stupid?

    I'm not going to talk about Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, but A Pal For Gary. Oh man I just could not believe how stupid SpongeBob had become. I swear he was almost as stupid as Patrick, I am dead serious. I mean when the monster had Gary in ITS MOUTH, SpongeBob still assumed Gary was being a bad snail and tried disciplining him. I don't even think Homer Simpson could be that stupid if Bart was in the mouth of a monster. Even when the monster goes after SpongeBob and Gary saves his yellow butt, SpongeBob still assumed Gary was a bad snail and started taking Gary to work with him even though before the monster thing, Gary was quite happy being home alone.
  • I hate both episodes

    I am sick and tired of these "fans" who blindly like every episode after the movie (no matter how terrible the episode is) just because they have their spongebob beer goggles on. i didnt like the pointless "keep bikini bottom clean" episode, no humor there, just visual gimmicks. But a pal for gary was freaking terrible, basically, spongebob feels bad for leaving gary home alone (uhh, hes left him home alone in at least a million episodes, come on now) so, spongebob steals a dangerous pet from a store and leaves him with gary so gary wont be lonely, this results in gary getting tortured and nearly killed because of spongebobs unfunny obliviousness and stupidity to reality, so spongebob wakes up and finds gary about to get swallowed by "puffy fluffy" (or whatever he called that damn thing) and spongebob of course, being the jackass he is, blames gary for no apparent reason, .spongebob is almost eaten by the thing, but gary saves him. SPONGEBOB STILL BLAMES GARY. I hate it when an innocent character gets punished like that.
  • Two horrible episodes. Almost every episode Season 4+ are all failures. But A Pal For Gary is the straw that broke the camel's back.

    Unbelieveable. Two horrible episodes. These newer episodes make me SICK with how horrible they are! First it just started out as not very great and now it's pure garbage! I hate every second of new spongebob, and I wish SpongeBob was already put out of it's misery. So, did this episode kill puffy fluffy (good episode), escaped puffy fluffy (meh episode), or get eaten by puffy fluffy and didn't make it? (scumbob episode) It got eaten by puffy fluffy and failed to escape, meaning it's a horrible scumbob episode, like any other newer episode. I'm off to review Caillou, folks. See you there!
  • Review

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: Well. It was good. But the Cop is a idiot for being mean to Squidward. But i think this Episode was good and Okay

    A Pal for Gary: Horrible! Spongebob blames Gary for Nothing and when she see that Fluffy is a Monster. And that Gary is getting eat by Fluffy. He still blames Gary for Nothing!. What a Horrible Episode!
  • Spongebob could put an easy stop to the problem if he wasn't causing it

    I wanted to make this review only about A Pal For Gary,so I'll make Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful short.

    This episode was average. They actually got to fit some decent humor into this episode. Okay,review's over. Now to get to an absolutely horrid episode of Spongebob.

    Spongebob is guilty that Gary is supposedly alone and bored when in reality,Gary is having fun at home

    watching wild west shows. When going home,Spongebob encounters a gypsy who is selling "the

    cutest pets"! While the gypsy warns Spongebob about the weird fish,he doesn't care and just takes it

    without paying. This is yet another Gary abuse episode. Spongebob tries to get Gary to make peace Fluffy,but he is completely oblivious that Puffy Fluffy is a monster. Such an example

    come when Spongebob is eating enchiladas.

    (Puffy Fluffy rips a carrot toy into pieces,all of them landing on Spongebob,and Spongebob keeps eating

    unaware of the loud chewing sounds Puffy Fluffy is making)

    After night,Puffy Fluffy reveals his true monster form,while Spongebob is sleeping,and chases Gary

    around the house. This keeps going on until daytime,and wouldn't ya know it? Spongebob wakes up to

    find his possessions destroyed and Gary Cornered by the monster. Instead of sympathizing with Gary,

    he yells at GARY. It's times like this where Spongebob deserves to be punished. So,using what he

    learned from his . show,Gary drives Puffy Fluffy away. And Spongebob still blames his pet for this?!

    The end is Spongebob taking Gary to work and Mr. Krabs making Gary work for free,and Gary is

    unhappy(obviously). There ya have it! My review!

    NOTE:The only reason I gave this episode a 5.0 is because it's paired with Keep Bikini Bottom


  • The worst for SpongeBob.

    UGH! SpongeBob sucked butt in this one. He blames poor Gary for nothing, especially after Gary saving SpongeBob's life. Man, SpongeBob's so irritating because he thinks Gary is being mean to that so-called pet, which happens to be a monster. This tells me he's stupid. The "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful" episode is a little better.
  • These episodes SUCK!!!

    A Pal for garry just shows how mentaly ***ed SpongeBob is.

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful.. Oh gawd! I swear that parole officer is a stalker
  • Pal For Garry is very Scary!

    Pal for Gary reminded me of the Gremlins, because Puffy Fluffy was a cute, but deadly creature from an unknown, possibly unholy place. It's mature state was the creepiest thing I've seen on this show. And I saw it about when I turned 18 I believe. I wasn't scared, but thinking through a kid's eye of view...... Run for the covers! I didn't care too much for Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful though.
  • I enjoyed both of the episodes but I thought "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful" was a little better than "A Pal for Gary"

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: I thought that this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". Squidward having to do community service was funny but I didn't like how he had to do community service for nothing... he just just stepped on the gum that was stuck to the street and I think the person who threw the gum on the street should do community service instead of Squidward. I also didn't like that cop who is always giving Squidward tickets and that cop is so annoying. Despite that annoying cop that always gives Squidward tickets... this was a superb episode. I thought it was funny when Squilliam told Squidward that he has a statue for this community service accomplishments and then that fish looks at the statue and says "Bless you Squilliam Fancyson... bless you". It was also funny that SpongeBob helped Squidward do community service by getting all of the trash and put it where his house is and his house is above all of the trash... it was kind of gross that Squidward was eating trash because he thinks it's his house when it's actually a pile of trash that looks like his house. It was also funny that the stench of the trash melted Squilliam's statue at the end of this episode. Overall, despite that annoying cop that gave Squidward tickets, this was a superb episode. 9/10

    A Pal for Gary: I thought that this was a great episode in my opinion but there was one major problem that I had with this episode but I'm gonna tell you why in a little bit. I thought Gary watching his western TV shows or movies was funny. I just didn't like that SpongeBob didn't listen to that lady that sold him those fluffy pets but it was funny when that lady said "Why bother?.. they never listen". I thought it was totally freaky that the pet went from a small fluffy pet to a giant sea monster. That was the freakiest thing I've ever seen but I love freaky and I'm pretty sure most guys love freaky. Now to get to the major problem, the major problem that I had with this episode was SpongeBob... I didn't like him in this episode because he blames Gary for everything when it is actually Puffy Fluffy. It also totally bugged me that even when Gary saved SpongeBob's life from that giant sea monster... SpongeBob still blamed Gary. Overall, a great episode but if it weren't for SpongeBob blaming poor Gary then my score for this episode would have been higher. 8/10
  • Neither of these episodes were really great, but I liked A Pal For Gary a lot more than Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful.

    First, let me say that I hardly liked Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful...at all. It really wasn't worth it to get out of bed at 8:15 to see this episode. I thought it was very unfair to Squidward, even though Squidward is usually very unlucky, so it doesn't normally bother me. I just thought this episode was taking it a little too far. I also thought it was disgusting how we had to see garbage covering everything through the whole entire episode, and there was barely even anything funny about it. The only parts I liked were when Spongebob was hiding in the garbage and when Squilliam's statue melted. Oh, by the way, I also did like that we got to see him again for the first time in a while. Overall, though, I didn't like this episode at all even though it had a couple mildly humorous moments. Now, onto the latter episode. I thought it was much better, but it certainly wasn't one of the best episodes of season 7 I've seen so far. I loved Gary's performance near the beginning when he wore the cowboy hat on his shell and laughed at the TV. I also liked how SpongeBob started to care about Gary being home alone while he was at work. However, when Puffy Fluffy came into the picture, it kinda went downhill. I didn't like how he kept growling at Gary, and I hated how clueless Spongebob was about Puffy Fluffy's behavior and how he blamed all the destruction on Gary. It did have a funny ending, however. So overall, this was a pretty good episode, but it could've been better. All in all,though, these episodes weren't very good, but the second one was way better than the first. Marebear2009, out!
  • With every good episode, there has to be an abysmal pairing.


    A Pal for Gary:
    SpongeBob thinks Gary is lonely while he's away at work all day, so he buys another pet... a flashy-colored nudibranch.

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful:
    Squidward gets in trouble and has to do community service.

    A pal for Gary: 0 out of 10-- It was disgusting and disturbing

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: 10 out of 10-- it was great and funny

    5 out of 10

  • Good eppies.

    They were good episodes. Very good. Very,very,very,very good with assorted cashews on top. Oh wait, wrong episode. This episode wasn't that good, but it was pretty funny. I liked KBBB a bit better, though APFG had its moments. A pal for Gary: I thought this one was okay. It kinda reminded me of Gremlins. I didn't expect the nudibranch to turn into a terrible, ugly, horrifing monster. oh wait, that's just patrick's bellybutton. Anyways some good parts, like the worm in The krusty krab. And remember"Enchiladas!"

    Keep bikni bottom beautiful was better. I loved the walk cycle, Squilliam, the garbage tiki head, and of course the cop! Although he was a bit annoying.
  • Pretty good. Improvement was needed here and then, but they were fun to watch.

    A Pal for Gary: To star with, the plot is a little weak. The little pet thing looked so cute at first, I knew something was gonna happen but not it converting into this horrific and disturbing-looking monster. You gotta feel sorry for Gary, he didn't even feel lonely in the first place, but I do understand SpongeBob, he didn't know Gary didn't mind being alone and he just wanted to be a good pet-owner. The jokes were ok, SpongeBob was pretty funny and so was Gary. The eppie could have used more plot and involvement but it turned out just ok, the ending was meh. Final grade: 7.9/10

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: I wasn't too crazy about the plot but I turned out liking this episode a lot. First of all, loved at the beginning with Squidward doing what you may call a "walk cycle" really funny, specially the song that was playing, lol. Then that officer, ugh, I wanted to hit him on the face. Loved that Squilliam appeared, he's one of my favorite minor characters and his appearances are always funny. I didn't like some of the gross scenes, like Squidward eating trash and SpongeBob too, all covered in trash, yuck. But the ending was pretty funny and it's good that basically neither Squilliam or Squiddy won, well, at least Squiddy got a statue...of garbage xD It was hilarious when all three of them got tickets!
    Final grade: 8.9/10
  • A Pal for Gary was a pretty good episode. But Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful was just a completley annoying episode.

    A Pal for Gary:

    Spongebob feels bad about leaving Gary alone by himself all the time everytime he goes to work. So he buys a new pet as a playmate for Gary. The pet is a green, small, nudibranch, named Mr. Puffy Fluffy who looks cute at first. But the problem is that that the Nudibranch hates snails and eats them. THe nudibranch trys to eat Gary when Spongebob is not noticing it. I hated how Spongebob was so clueless on Puffy Fluffy's behavior. The thing when i really wanted to punch Spongebob in the face was that when Gary was getting swallowed by the nudibranch, Spongebob yells at him and wont save him. But Gary saves Spongebob's life from getting eaten as well and yet he still yells at him and gets him in trouble.

    Overall, this episode had some funny moments and the ending was funny and it was a pretty good episode, but Spongebob was completley out of character.

    This episode gets a B-.

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful:

    Squidward is forced to clean up litter after a cop finds some litter near Squidward and thinks he threw the litter. Squidward trys to get a statue because Squilliam Fancyson was awarded one for being a good litter cleaner.

    This is why i give these episodes a 7, because the dumbass cop ruined the episode. He caused all the Squidward abuse and kept giving him all the tickets when he had no proof and didnt see him drop it. Squidward was innocent the whole time and still gets blamed. I also thought that Spongebob was a little gross and annoying.

    Overall, this episode was not one of the best episodes, it was a very annoying episode and the dumbass cop ruined it. I felt bad for Squidward for all the tickets he got for littering which he didnt do. But the ending was funny and it was good that nobody won. I felt that this episode went too far with the Squidward abuse.

    This episode gets a C-. Im out!
  • Meh, both had a lot wrong

    A Pal For Gary- Spongebob brings Gary a new bizarre pet as a friend. But the pet turns into a big monster that clearly wants to eat Gary. But Spongebob thinks Gary is the mean one.

    KBBB- Squidward needs to do community service and tries to pick up a lot of trash for a statue in recognition of him.

    Now, A Pal For Gary had a better plot, but the monster was way too surreal for my taste and just was not funny.

    KBBB was interesting, but it wasn't funny and the cop who gave Squidward tickets all the time was ANNOYING.
  • Could have done better.

    A Pal For Gary was a lot like Gremlins.But KBBB needed mayjor improvements.Squlliam lost again,but here's the real reason why:The cop.He was so annoying that I wanna get a knife and stab him.He gave Squidward so many tickets for littering.Oh come on,He didn't even do it for God's Sake.The ending was bad.He gave both of them tickets.See,this is why in the shows,cops are idiots.The only good parts are when Spongebob covered in trash and Squidwards house.And that cop gave Squidward another ticket for throwing trash in another person's.Oh come on!Who gave this cop's permission to do something and the cops are idiots in the show.Next review:South Park:Bigger,Longer & Uncut.
  • these episodes are a bit too twisted

    well these episodes didnt seem too thrill me i thought keep bikini bottom bautiful was alright but i just didnt lke how much garbage squidward had to clean up and him getting tickets for things he hasent even done i dont have alot to say about keep bikini bottom beautiful but it was alright i guess grade 7.4/10 now i dont know if the writers have written out of ideas but i did not like a pal for gary i thought this was going to be a good episode but i was wrong the pet that spongebob pet was so annoying and unfriendly and plus spongebob thought it was gary;s fault not a good episode to go to the classic spot grade 4.0//10 final grade 5.5/10 kingnicky1 out
  • For these two episodes, there is a good half and a bad half.

    OK, lets start off with the bad half... A Pal for Gary is an episode that needs a plot change. Spongebob was so stupid in this one that he actually didn't like Gary when Puffy Fluffy almost KILLED him. This episode could have been a lot more original. What I thought the plot was before I watched it was when Spongebob thought Gary was lonely, and he bought a new pet that hogs all the attention, and Gary does something to drag it back. Anyway, here are the scores... Dialouge and Language: 6.8/10 (average) Not the best lines. But, still decent. Graphics and Animation: 7/10 (adequate) Not the thing I was worrying about. The graphics are decent. Plot: 4.3/10 (shabby) Right, the plot could have been a lot more original. Not like some kind of Pet Horror movie that starred Gary in it. Sound and voice casting: 7/10 (adequate) The monster sound effects were a nice touch, though. Did anyone notice that Spongebob's voice changes after he said "enchiladas". Humor: 6.7/10 (average) "What is that filthy animal doing in my kitchen?". Grossness Factor: 4/10 (bearable) -0.6 off the original grade. Overall: A 5.0/10
    _____________________________________________________ Next, the good half... Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful is the first time we ever get to see Squidward doing community service because he littered litter while an annoying Police Officer who blames Squidward for everything. Then all of the sudden, Squidliam brags about himself being the first person to clean up Bikini Bottom in a week. So Squidward challenges himself to clean up Bikini Bottom in a week. Umm... The scores please? Humor: 7.9/10 (adequate) Way better than A Pal for Gary. Plot: 8/10 (magnificent) Original. Graphics and Animation: 7.8/10 (adequate) It seems brighter than usual... Sound and Voice Casting: 6/10 (average) If the cop wasn't annoying, the score for this section would be magnificent. Dialougue and Language: 7.5/10 (adequate) Good. Grossness Factor 1/10 (extremely low) -0.1 off the original grade. Overall: A 7.9 out of ten. Well, it looks like my work is done here, stay tuned for my next review.
  • A Pal for Gary, very epic. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, annoying, but alright.

    A Pal for Gary: This episode was epic. Spongebob thinks that Gary is lonely at home (even though Gary has the time of his life), so Sponge buys a buddy for him that happens to be vicious. You just feel very bad for Gary in this episode as he almost gets killed, and yet, Spongebob never finds out what he just bought. This episode was very good due to it's suspense.

    Score: 10/10

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: This episode was very annoying, but still good. Squidward keeps getting tickets for littering and has to do community service. This episode was pretty funny about how he kept cleaning all the trash. The cop gag was very annoying. How was that cop allowed to give Squid tickets, even though he didn't see him do it or had any proof that he did. It's as if I just walked to a bus stop, and there was a coke can on the ground, and some passing cop just gave me a ticket all because he thought I was the one who threw the can there. But what's funny is that in the end, no one wins, not Sponge, not Squilliam, not Squid, no one, which is fair. So this episode was good, but annoying

    Score: 7/10
  • A Pal For Gary: Spongebob buys a new Pal for Gary when he thinks he is lonely but the new pal turns out to be a hideous sea monster. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: Squidward gets in trouble with the law and has to do community service after

    A Pal For Gary: This is a great season 7 episode. I love how the cute little Nudi-branch was but when Spongebob left the room he was scary. To be quite honest I was actually quite frightened by the nudibranch as a sea Monster. A great episode and my 3rd favourite season 7

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: Also a good episode not as great as the first one but still good. Squilliam was in it so that made the episode great an it was great to see Squidward get his own statue and that neither Squidward or Squilliam didn't win in this episode.

    A Pal For Gary: 7.9

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: 7.4
  • I liked these episodes, but they weren't quite what I was expecting.

    First of all, I thought A Pal For GAry was better than Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful. In KBBB, Ijust thought Squidward got a ticket too many times, and how should that cop be allowed to give him one if he didn't see him do it? I don't know, it just didn't seem right to me. As for APFG, I thought it was a little better but just didn't understand why Puffy Fluffy turned into a big, giant, monster. And even then SpongeBob didn't notice he was evil. But yes, it was better. I just think they need to hire different writers on the show, the current ones just aren't doing too good.
  • Not bad, they could have been better though. See my review for more details.

    A Pal for Gary : This episode was ok, i was kind of disappointed with it. Spongebob was too dumb and i can't believe he had no idea that Puffy Fluffy was the giant nudibranch creature. Puffy Fluffy was cute, yet scary. Though, there were some funny moments like Gary with the hat. It wasn't that bad though. Grade : B

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful : This one was a bit better, but that Cop gag was annoying and funny at the same time. I did lol at when everyone thought it was trash day and when Squilliam's statue was destroyed. They didn't do too much Squidward abuse, which was ok. Grade : B-

    Overall Grade: B+
  • A pal For Gary- Spongebob gets a new pet to play with gary when he is gone. However, the pet is hostile to gary. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful- Squidward gets a bunch of tickets for littering that is near him, but not caused by him.

    A Pal For Gary- I liked this one. It had some pretty funny jokes and the ways spongebob ignores the fact that the new pet dosen't like gary are creative. All though, when spongebob sees his destroed library and blames it on gary, I wonder " How can a snail cause that much damage?" All and all, a 8 out of ten.

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful- I didn't like this one more than the other one. For one, there was too much squidward abuse! Second, I HATE that cop. He was the one who caused the squidward abuse! Third- Spongebob was a little anoying in this one, but that is only minor. However, on the positive side, like the other episone it was creative, and, it was a squidward episode, and we don't get too many of those. A 6 out of 10 Final Virdict- A 7 out of 10 when these two episodes are packadged together.
  • A Pal For Gary kept it's standards.

    Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: This one was okay. The cop was SO annoying! He's overboard! Squidward has a competition with Squilliam again and decides to pick up all the trash in one day. Unfortunately, nothing worked, not even Spongebob helped a bit. So he decides to built a statue out of garbage, luckily, the stench melts Squilliam's statue and he gets a ticket. By technality, Spongebob and Squidward get one too. Mainly because of the garbage Squidward statue. Minus points for the ANNOYING cop.


    A Pal For Gary: This one was better! Mr. Krabs is good cuz' of accepting pets that are lonely, but minus the filthy part and not accepting regular pets that are "filthy." Spongebob buys a sweet colorful nudibranch: which are dangerous snail slayers! Due to Spongebob's naiveness, he does not blame Mr. Puffy Fluffy, but Gary for his cowerness and non-acceptance to Puffy Fluffy. It's also kinda funny with Puffy Fluffy standing motionlessly when Spongebob's around. Unfortunately, Puffy Fluffy evolves into something worse. Spongebob eventually gets in danger, and Gary gladly saves him. Good job Gary. Now Spongebob takes Gary anywhere he wants. But not all the time due to the no continuity theory. Mr. Puffy Fluffy= NOT cute.



    Happy 2010!