SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 8 Episode 1

Accidents Will Happen / The Other Patty

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jul 18, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Not a good Season 8 episode.

    So, this is basically Squidward being selfish. He gave Mr. Krabs a hard time taking care of him or Squidward will report him to OWS. Only Patrick and the ending were able to save this episode from failing.

    Grade: 5.6/10 E+
  • Mmm...nobody really sympathetic in this episode

    Summary: After Squidward gets hurt at work, he gets Mr. Krabs to take care of him by threatening to call the Office Worker Safety Department on him.

    Okay...it was really hard to feel sorry for anyone in this episode. Sure, Squidward probably really got hurt, and it was satisfying to see him get back at Mr. Krabs throughout the episode. But at the same time...he was actually slacking off when he got hurt, and even if his getting back at Mr. Krabs was satisfying, it was still blackmail, which is pretty clearly a no-no.

    And then there's Mr. Krabs. Once again, he showed how much trivial, inanimate objects mean more to him than his employees (he chose the buns over Squidward), even losing the smallest amount of money drives him into hysterics (he would have been fined only $1.00 by the OWS), and he apparently has no qualms about stealing from the airport (the source of his security camera). Sure, when it comes right down to it, he had a right to be mad about being taken advantage of, but when you weigh that next to the more unsavory characteristics he shows throughout the episode, you can't really feel bad for him. It doesn't help that at the end of the episode, Krabs has Squidward doing all the things Squidward made HIM do throughout the episode. How does that make Krabs any better than Squidward?

    So...yeah, not a good episode. Thumbs-down.
  • While it can get disgusting, it could have been a lot worse.

    While at the Krusty Krab, Squidward twisted his ankle in the bun room. So with this, Squidward has to be taken care of at all times by Mr. Krabs, or he will call the OWS, an organization in charge of injuries on the job.

    I found it funny that Mr. Krabs cared more about the buns than Squidward, even though that was a bit too selfish.

    So, Mr. Krabs has to give Squidward pillows, give him foot rubs, massage, etc. While I found it hilarious how Squidward abused Mr. Krabs on making him do everything, as well as ifhe refuses, he'll call the OWS, and Mr. Krabs will pay a fine. However, some parts did get a bit gross. Important examples include Mr. Krabs massaging Squidward's feet with French Fry Grease, popping Squidward's back barnacles, and Mr. Krabs cooking a Krabby Patty while he still had the grease on. While it was funny, I felt uncomfortable. But to the episode's credit, it wasn't as gross as "The Splinter" or other episodes.

    Meanwhile, Spongebob is investigating the accident with Patrick. I found it hilarious how Spongebob kept trying to reenact the scene with Patrick, but he kept getting hurt again and again.

    At the end of the episode an OWS worker was called by Spongebob for help in the crime scene. Squidward says this happened, because he was going to give a customer a new bun so it will have 11 seeds, instead of 10. So, while he gets slammed by it, and laid down in pain for several hours. I found that story was really creative, and shows how funny Squidward can be. So, Mr. Krabs has to give the OWS a fine of one dollar, and of course Mr. Krabs flips out. That joke was funny, but I've already seen it for the entire second half of the series, so it wasn't as hilarious. Really, this joke has gotten too old. However, it happens that Mr. Krabs "borrowed" some surveillance cameras at the airport. ("Life of Crime" reference?) So, it happens Squidward was sleeping on the job, and slept on the cupboard the buns were, which caused the twist of the ankle. So now, Squidward takes care of Mr. Krabs, and the end shows Mr. Krab's back barnacles (Oh joy...) So overall, while it does have a lot of disgusting, the story was enjoyable, and the interactions between Squidward and Mr. Krabs was awesome. I'll give it a 9 out of 10.
  • This is one of my favorite Spongebob season 8 epiosde.

    I thought that this was a perfect episode of Spongebob. Now this episode is about Squidward tristing his angle and he says that Mr. Crabs did that so Mr. Crabs becomes his personal servant. I thought this was a hilarious Spongebob. Now the funny parts were when Squidward was telling his made up story of how he got injured, Mr. Crabs eating the phone and a couple of more parts, and Squidward sleeping was kind of funny. Now the scene when Mr. Crabs was being Squidwards servant was hilarious to me. But there was that gross scene when Mr. Crabs had to pop Squidwards back barnicles. Now the ending was a little bit boring and predicable but i won't lower the score for that. Well his was a n enjoyable hillarious Spongebob. Let's hope the rest of the season will be as good as this episode was. Overall 10/10.
  • A decent episode, but I thought some of the parts were gross and predictable.

    After Squidward gets injured at work, Mr. Krabs must help him with everything he needs before he's reported to the OWS. Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Patrick try to investigate the incident to find out what really happened. I thought this episode was good. This episode has not so much humor, just kinda predicable. It was predicable that Squidward would sleep in the Krusty Krab since he hates his job. It was also predicate at the ending (which most SpongeBob episodes had always been). I knew Squidward tries to pamper Mr. Krabs. There were some gross stuffs in this episode (like Mr. Krabs trying to get the customer to eat the Krabby Patty, and the ending) and I only liked the first part. Anyway, it was funny when Patrick kept falling down. That's the only funny part I can think of. Overall, I9 don't hate this episode, but it was just decent a couple parts that were gross. 7/10
  • perfect


    After Squidward gets injured at work, Mr. Krabs must help him with everything he needs before he's reported to the OWS. Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Patrick try to investigate the incident to find out what really happened.

    After Squidward gets injured at work, Mr. Krabs must help him with everything he needs before he's reported to the OWS. Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Patrick try to investigate the incident to find out what really happened.

    10 out of 10

  • FINLAND returns

    Squidward breaks his ankle on the job and blackmails Mr. Krabs by telling him that Mr. Krabs must be his servant or he will call the OWS. Mr. Krabs obeys Squidward's every whim, to the dismay of his customers. Mr. Krabs eventually caves and Squidwards reveals he called an OWS inspector. When the inspector arrives, Squidward lies about how he broke his ankle and gets Mr. Krabs entwined in a 1 dollar fine. Soon after, Mr. Krabs realizes a surveillance camera and shows what actually caused Squidward's broken ankle. SO to give my review i gotta say that this episode was yes we all knew squidwar was a liar. but it was still a great season 8 episode
    patrick had thr best role as the dummy to see what happened and he says..FINLAND! again since the golden era of spongebob(like i said spongebob still rocks)

    i give this episode a B+ downsides:predictable and a little gross

    upsides: funny as hell moments, finland, anchovies return and everyone had a great part.
  • Funny, but too predictable.

    I thought this was a good episode for the most part. The plot sort of lacked originality since it was a little too similar to "Can you Spare a Dime" at times, but it certainly made me laugh at several parts, such as the joke about criminal negligence, Mr. Krabs eating the phone, Squidward sleeping on the buns, and Mr. Krabs freaking out even though he only had to pay the OWS a buck. I also liked the fact that the anchovies from the earlier seasons returned. There was nothing else that really made me laugh in this episode, though. The main issue I had with this episode, however, was how predictable it was that Squidward's story about his injury was just made up. The ending was also somewhat predictable and sort of grossed me out, as did a few other parts. For the most part, though, I thought this was an alright episode, although I really hope the others this week are better than this one. Final grade: B-. Marebear2009, out!
  • Kinda gross in a couple of scenes but an excellent way to start a week of brand new SpongeBob. :D

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It was enjoyable and pretty funny. The plot seemed a little similar to "Can You Spare A Dime?" but the plot in this episode was handled well and I'll give it credit for that. There were a couple of kinda gross scenes in this episode such as when Mr. Krabs shoved the krabby patty in that customer's mouth with the fry grease and Mr. Krabs popping the barnacles off Squidward's back... they were pretty hilarious though. Squidward telling the O.W.S. his made-up story about how he got injured was very funny. Patrick getting injured when Spongebob was testing out the shelf that got Squidward injured was funny. It was funny when Mr. Krabs had to just pay 1 dollar for Squidward's injury and he still freaks out. Everyone looking the security cameras and Squidward injuring himself by sleeping on the shelf full of krabby patties which got Mr. Krabs furious was very funny. The ending was also funny when Squidward had to pop the barnacles off Mr. Krabs' back as revenge... again, kinda gross. Overall, an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" that made me laugh pretty hard. 10/10