SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 12

All That Glitters / Wishing You Well

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jun 02, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Both episodes are BOMBS!!!!!!!!!!

    ATG: Tied with One Coarse Meal and Good Neighbors as the worst SpongeBob episode ever. Everything about this episode sucks. SpongeBob's crying, The jerky spatula (which, by the way, new writers, what the f*** were you doing when you came up with that idea?), and the moral. This episode should be called "All That Crying", That's all it is, just 11 minutes of pure EAR MURDER, and of course the stupid moral. Worst episode ever. Grade: -1,000,000,000/10

    WYW: Overrated. Another awful episode. Not as bad as that Painful excuse for an episode, but still terrible. First of all, and I know I'll get many disagrees for this, but, I HATED THAT SONG! it has to be, minus the songs in Atlantis Squarepantis, the worst SpongeBob song ever. Besides, if you take out the song, all the episode is, is basically just another douchebag Krabs episode, and Squidward abuse episode. I mean, Mr. Krabs was such a jerk here! making SpongeBob go down in the well just to collect money for him! and insulting that kid? COME ON PEOPLE, WHY DO YOU GUYS OVERLOOK THIS EPISODE WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT HOW BAD IS NOWADAYS? the ending was SO predictable too! Horrible episode, in my top 20 worst. Grade: 1.3/10.

    Steve Hillenburg, if you are reading this, Please come back! this show is the worst ever without you!
  • i liked wishing you well

    all that glitters was just boring, there were no jokes (except for when spongebob is crying on top of a mountain and patrick joins him in a random fashion) , and it was one of the many bad episodes that season 4 has to offer, i would have given this episode a 1/10 but patricks hilarious cameo boosts it up. 4/10

    wishing you well was funny, it actually had jokes and humor, it was way better than the previous episode. 8/10
  • What a few users said...All that Glitters was awful while Wishing you well was awesome and saved the pair

    All that Glitters: Ugh, this was such an awful episode of SpongeBob. I admit, if a lot of people is bashing on Karate Island as the worst episode ever, then this episode could be ranked that name. However, this episode is tied with The Splinter with that position. In addition to being the worst season 4 episode ever, it is in my top 10 worst episodes ever (both the series itself and the season 4-8 episodes since that era has a bit of weaker episode compared to the first three seasons...that doesn't mean I liked the pre movie era better). I (and most of them here) pretty much hated it because we has to listen to SpongeBob crying over a spatula.which was pathetic. I has to be honest, SpongeBob's crying has been increased in the later episodes (another for those judgmental haters that the show after the movie is not so great...I don't care. This and a few other bad episodes doesn;t change my opinion on him and the show itself) and it had been getting very crying to listen to it. -__- But as I saying, this episode did not made me laugh at all. My only chuckle (a bit of funny but not big laughs) were Patrick's cameo and the doctor's appearance. Overall, just pass watching the episode and watch the wishing well one. Score 1/10 (tied with Splinter as the worst; least favorite for season 1)

    Wishing you Well: After that awful, dreadful, and abysmal All that Glitters this episode came and saved it from the sufferness we dealt with. Thankful no crying so great job Steven Banks for doing an awesome episode (yet he wrote the last one as well which was not as near good as this episode). I liked both of the songs of the episode (and it was funny that Squidward got annoyed by it). Anyway, the funny and great moments for the episode are Mr. Krabs getting hit by the mom's purse, everyone making a wish, Patrick throwing himself in on the wishing well, Squidward and Patrick fighting, all the wishes came true, and that hilarious ending. I has to be honest, it is one of the most funniest ending I've ever seen. (I wish I was steamed, and served with a side of melted butter.") 10/10
  • Wishing you Well was good.

    All the Glitters was not good. I just think it was pointless that SpongeBob got so upset that his spatula broke. I mean, since when has his spatula ment anything to him? I did not like this episode, because it was not funny and it was pointless. SpongeBob acted so rediculous in this episode. It was like his spatula ment everything to him. And then he goes and gets another spatula that is a total jerk to him.

    The reason this episode gets such a high rating is because of the second episode. "Wishing you Well" was probably one of my most favorite episodes. First of all, I loved the song SpongeBob sang. Very catchy, very good. I loved it when Patrick thought the wishing well was a magical talking trash can. Then, when it got into the santa clause jokes, I could not stop laughing. All that Glitters: D-

    Wishing you Well: A+
  • Wishing You Well saved this episode from the stupidity of All That Glitters

    This is a two faced episode of Spongebob. On one hand there is a really bad episode, and on the other is a really good one. It really was a shame tough to see a bad episode paired with a really good one.

    All That Glitters

    At the Krusty Krab, Spongebob is ordered to make a monster Krabby Patty, and in the process of flipping it he breaks his spatula. This causes Spongebob to have a nervous breakdown and cry a lot, and I mean a lot. Spongebob cries in 90% of this episode, and it is really annoying, and it's over a stupid spatula. I mean this is so stupid, and seeing Spongebob cry a in this episode throughout is really out of character. Spongebob even puts it in a hospital of all places! Has Spongebob ever heard of glue? He could have just glued the spatula back together. Spongebob then goes through of selling all of his stuff, and even his clothes for a new electronic spatula. He couldn't go to a cooking store, and get a regular one because? Seeing Spongebob run around naked in this episode is just unnecessary to say the least. It was good in Nature Pants, but this is inexcusable. After the new spatula refuses to help him cook the patties, Spongebob goes back to hospital, and tries to get his old spatula back, but turns him down because he used a new spatula. This causes Spongebob to have another crying fit, and the fact that the spatula turned down Spongebob all because Spongebob needed a new one was really stupid. In the end the spatula comes back and everything is back to normal, or as normal as it gets in Spongebob. This was such a stupid episode. The fact that Spongebob cries all through the episode is really irritating, and out of character. Seeing him run around naked in 95% of the episode was really stupid, and was not needed at all. Also what hospital admits a spatula into an emergency ward? Never mind the fact that there could be worse injuries, and they could use those rooms to keep the patients in. Apparently utensils come first in that hospital. There were no funny moments at all, and was a complete waste of time.

    FINAL SCORE: 0/10

    Wishing You Well After seeing a couple throw money down a well, and realized he could make a profit, Mr. Krabs makes a wishing well to get the money. Spongebob is sent into the well, and forced to stay there to get the money. Meanwhile several people come and make wishes like Sandy for a telescope, Plankton being big, and Misses Puff having a new car. At one point Patrick joins in, and Squidward does as well. They try to get out, but fail to do so. Spongebob wants to help the wishers make their dreams come true by finding the magic. In the morning. Mr. Krabs gets them all out, and it seems that all of the wishes came true for everyone who wished in the well. Mr. Krabs refuses to believe, and wishes he was a steamed dinner, and he becomes one just as he realizes he believes in magic. This was a huge improvement over All That Glitters. There were plenty of funny moments like Patrick dropping into the well. The song Spongebob sang was pretty good. I only hated how Mr. Krabs once again just was so greedy over money, but he did get his comeuppance in the end. a really good episode overall, and really funny as well.

    FINAL SCORE: 8.5/10

    Thank God for the episode of Wishing You Well, because All That Glitters was such a terrible episode. Don't waste any time with the episode All That Glitters, and see Wishing you Well instead, believe me you will thank me later.
  • "All That Glitters" was absolutely TERRIBLE but I loved "Wishing You Well"

    All That Glitters: This is probably one of the worst SpongeBob episodes that I have ever seen. The thing that made me hate this episode was that SpongeBob was crying WAY too much in this episode and it felt like it was going on forever. It was also stupid... why would SpongeBob freak out about his spatula breaking if we have seen him break one before? come on!!! SpongeBob's non-stop crying was so annoying and I shoved my ears until it finally stopped. SpongeBob being naked through almost the entire episode wasn't funny at all, I think I only found it a little funny was when Mr. Krabs came in the kitchen and said "Don't you have any shame boy?". Here is the difference in my opinion, "Funny Pants" was only a little annoying and it was funny... "All That Glitters" was extremely annoying and rarely funny. I thought the other part that I found a little funny was when Patrick walked up crying along with SpongeBob in the beginning of the episode when SpongeBob was crying. SpongeBob trading in everything just for a spatula was absolutely pathetic. Plus, there was even more non-stop crying towards the end of this episode. Overall, a couple of funny scenes, but if SpongeBob didn't cry so freakin' much and wasn't naked almost through the entire episode, I would have enjoyed this episode more. 2/10

    Wishing You Well: This episode is WAY better than "All That Glitters" and it was a major improvement over that episode also. This is one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes. It was funny when Mr. Krabs decides to have a wishing well at the Krusty Krab. I also loved the song that SpongeBob sang about the wishing well TWICE. The first wishing well song was the original and the second wishing well song SpongeBob reprised it... that means they both have different lyrics. It was funny when SpongeBob and Patrick found the magic at the wishing well. It was also funny that Squidward fell in the wishing well and was stuck with SpongeBob and Patrick... haha that's what you get for laughing at SpongeBob and Patrick, serves you right Squidward. It was also funny when SpongeBob says that Squidward is afraid of Santa Claus. Everyone's wishes that were made in the wishing well was also very funny. It was also funny how Mr. Krabs didn't believe in magic and SpongeBob tries to prove it by seeing that everyone's wishes came true. It was funny how Mr. Krabs wished he was a steamed crab just to prove that there is no such thing as magic but it all came true and then the episode ends with the guy about to eat Mr. Krabs and Mr. Krabs says "I do believe in magic". Overall, one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes. 10/10
  • Another good episode with a bad pairing.


    All That Glitters:
    When a customer orders the one thing that no one has ordered for years, the monster krabby patty, SpongeBob tries to lift it, but old Spat cracks in two. So he sells every single thing he owns [plus his clothes] for a new spatula, but the spatula refuses to flip a single patty, so SpongeBob tries to get his old spatula back. Will Spat forgive him? Will SpongeBob ever be dressed again?

    Wishing You Well:
    Mr. Krabs makes SpongeBob go down the new wishing well after experiencing one for himself, and Patrick and Squidward accidentally join in. So, will they be able to get out and watch everybody's wishes come true? Or will Mr. Krabs just make them stay down there when he enjoys the money?

    Wishing you well is perfect, all that glitters is awful

    7.5 out of 10

  • Ok, before you read this, you should know something. The 9.5 score goes towards Wishing You Well, and the 0.0 goes to All That Glitters.

    All That Glitters:
    SpongeBob breaks his spatula after trying to cook a monster patty and starts crying like an idiot forever. He goes half the episode sobbing over a stupid spatula. He gets a new one but it doesn't want to flip burgers, which is stupid because it's a spatula. After 11 painful minutes, this disaster of an episode is finished. The only good bit was when the ad break started. A pointless, sickening, stupid episode.
    Grade: F

    Wishing You Well:
    I don't understand. Why on earth did they air such a fantastic episode with a horrible episode like "All That Glitters"? In this episode, Mr Krabs makes a wishing well out the back of the Krusty Krab, where he sends SpongeBob down to collect the money. After a while, Patrick and Squidward end up stuck down there with him. Eventually they get out and everyones wishes come true. The writers did an excellent job with the dialogue in this episode. If they had the rubbish writers they did for Waiting, this episode would be terrible. The humor is very funny, and for that I will give this episode a 9.5!
    Grade: A

    Final Grade: C
  • Great episodes! ATG: 8.7 WYW: 5.7

    All That Glitters:

    When a customer orders the one thing that no one has ordered for years, the monster krabby patty, SpongeBob tries to lift it, but old Spat cracks in two. So he sells every single thing he owns [plus his clothes] for a new spatula, but the spatula refuses to flip a single patty, so SpongeBob tries to get his old spatula back. Will Spat forgive him? Will SpongeBob ever be dressed again?

    Wishing You Well:

    Mr. Krabs makes SpongeBob go down the new wishing well after experiencing one for himself, and Patrick and Squidward accidentally join in. So, will they be able to get out and watch everybody's wishes come true? Or will Mr. Krabs just make them stay down there when he enjoys the money?
  • 415

    The worst episode I have ever seen of this once great show. Hey guys, remember when Spongebob was actually a tolerable show on Nickelodeon that you can get a chuckle out of now and then, not to mention it was the best cartoon on the channel. Now this show has regressed. It's sad to think that a show that got so many awards back in it's first three season run (by awards I mean Nickelodeon award), has easily become one of the worst shows on Nickelodeon. Just end it now, while it still has at least some dignity.

    Honestly the show started going downhill after the Spongebob movie came out, everything after that is utter garbage that makes me want to bash my head in. Just an awful awful episode of this show. Whoever liked it has the attention span of a four year old.
  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaa!

    Well, this episodes are mixed. One is okay, and the other is great. Guess which is which? It's not that hard. Anyways, All That Glitters starts off awful with all the crying. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaa! However, I did like it when Patrick was crying. He always makes everything better. Anyways, this episode would be good without all the crying. Actually another part that made it bad was how Spongebob was naked for 7 minutes. My eyes were burning straight for 15 minutes. 65%
    Wishing You Well gave this episode the 9 rating. It's just so Patty-Flipping funny! I love the songs and the Santa Claus joke. this episode gets a 94%
  • Wishing you Well: Mr.Krabs builds a wishing well in hopes for more money. All That Glitters: A painful episode where Spongebob flips because his stupid spatula broke, and Tom King proves that he doesn't comprehend how to write a script.

    I would rather like to forget the first half of this episode. If WYW was separate from ATG, WYW would be rated 10, and ATG would have a -788 ( Aww, 0 is as low as you can go?) Seriously, it's that bad! One, spatula's suddenly become intelligent beings that can become hospitalized?!? It's just... stupid. Hopefully Stephen might start writing the show again before episode 100, because otherwise Spongebob would be axed. Stephen can't do that to Nick. Spongebo is they're most popular show. It can't die now!
  • In one episode, SpongeBob gets a fancy new Spatula after his breaks, but the new spatula has a snooty attitude. The next episode, Mr. Krabs wants money so he builds a well, putting SpongeBob in it so SpongeBob can get money for Mr. Krabs. Great episodes.

    Review for All That Glitters: This episode was a really funny one. SpongeBob was about to make a giant krabby patty but his spatula broke so he had to get a new spatula called Le Spatula, but it didn't want to make krabby patties because krabby patties were too greasy for it so it runs away. This episode is a really funny, yet great one. The parts that where funny was when SpongeBob goes crazy to get his old spatula and the part where he trades everything to get Le Spatula, even down to his clothes! In overall, this was a really funny episode.

    Review for Wishing You Well: This episode is a bit confusing, but it's a good episode. It all begins when Mr. Krabs spots another wishing well and he plans a scam to get money so Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, and Squidward builds a well, but SpongeBob gets to be in the well, waiting for money. Then Patrick accidently joins SpongeBob in the well, then later on in the episode, Squidward accidently falls into the well. The funny part was near the ending when Mr. Krabs wishes to be eaten with butter and it happens! In Overall, this episode isn't half-bad.
  • What the heck?!?

    This episode was totally ridiculous and I'm embarrassed to call it a Spongebob Squarepants episode at all. And that's why I'm giving a mere 1/10 to this episode. All That Glitters will be scarring my mind for the rest of my life. I mean, come on! So suddenly Spongebob actually cares about his spatula, spatulas become intelligent beings that can go to hospitals, and Spongebob sells everything, EVEN HIS FREAKIN' CLOTHES, just to GET A NEW ONE! I HATED IT when he just flippin' had a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN over breaking his freaking spatula! And his crying was SO ANNOYING! Ughhh! Wishing you well was okay, I guess. Without it, this episode would have been 0/10.
  • WORST episodes ever. Bottom of the barrel episode.

    All That Glitters:
    When a customer orders the one thing that no one has ordered for years, the monster krabby patty, SpongeBob tries to lift it, but old Spat cracks in two. So he sells every single thing he owns [plus his clothes] for a new spatula, but the spatula refuses to flip a single patty, so SpongeBob tries to get his old spatula back. Will Spat forgive him? Will SpongeBob ever be dressed again?

    My Grade: F
    Why: This episode consisted of so many loud and annoying cries of SpongeBob, I had to mute the TV. It wasn't even funny in the least bit and had a horrible plot (woo-pee, SpongeBob broke his spatula)

    Wishing You Well:
    Mr. Krabs makes SpongeBob go down the new wishing well after experiencing one for himself, and Patrick and Squidward accidentally join in. So, will they be able to get out and watch everybody's wishes come true? Or will Mr. Krabs just make them stay down there when he enjoys the money? My Grade: D-
    Why: A weak plot once again fueled by Mr. Krab's obsession with money. There was only one notable funny moment, when Patrick mentions Squidward's arm is in his ribs (which turns out to be the meat, ribs) The rest of the episode almost made me fall asleep.
  • All That Glitters was terrible, and Wishing You Well gets a perfect 10. It kills me to give the latter a 6, but that's the way things go in the review world.

    All That Glitters: What a painful, annoying, earsplitting episode. It didn't start out that bad. SpongeBob breaks his spatula after a big order, after which his spatula goes to the hospital. Then that infernal CRYING kicked in. "WAAAA-HAAAA!" I swear, that's the most annoying, gut-wrenching sound I've ever heard on SpongeBob SquarePants. I could'nt stand it. But enough with that. So, SpongeBob finally decides top get a new spatula, one he has to give the shirt off his back (literally) for. Okay, nudity jokes are usually okay in SpongeBob. However, for some reason this was annoying to me. I don't know why, it just was. Anyway, then the fancy-pants spatula doesn't want to touch the greasy grill. So, SpongeBob comes to his senses and goes to get his old spatula. Problem is, the old spatula doesn't want him back. Then, of course, SpongeBob starts bawling again, and then SpongeBob's clone or something pops up on the screen and stares at us while saying "All that glitters is not gold". Okay, just... no. That was just plain bizarre. Then spatula comes back, forgives SpongeBob, happy ending. Holy hell, what an abysmal episode. Wishing You Well: This brings back the SpongeBob we loved from Seasons 1-3. Classic gags, such as "you have your elbow in my ribs", and the whole claustrophobia thing. Squidward falling into the well with them was classic in itself, too. Everybody stayed in character, and it was an awesome, funny episode. Shame that it had to be paired with All That Glitters.
  • All That Glitters is awesome. Wishing You Well is alright.

    All That Glitters: Awesome episode! I didn't mind the crying because I thought it was funny the way Spongebob cried to Mr. Krabs, the police, a female fish and her baby, and even the mirror! I also liked it when Patrick came along and cried with Spongebob. Overall a good but underrated episode. Final Grade: A (93%)

    Wishing You Well: It's alright. I loved the song Spongebob and Patrick sang when they tried to find the magic as well as when Squidward got trapped in with them. Overall I think it's a fairly good but overrated episode. Final Grade: B (84%)
  • All That Glitters was just stupid, but Wishing You Well was impressive.

    All That Glitters:Below average. Some of it was okay, but Spongebob's crying was really annoying, and I thought it made no sense why he would trade everything to get a new spatula. Also, since when are spatulas living beings who can talk, walk, love, and hurt people's feelings?! Didn't care for this episode at all.

    Wishing You Well:Much better. This episode had a well written story and a hilarious ending. The scenes where Sponge, Pat, and Squid were stuck in the well were great, and Spongebob's first song was funny. I also loved Squidward's reaction to it. A classic from this season.

    Overall, All That Glitters was rubbish, but Wishing You Well was great.
  • I think these were the best episodes after the movie.

    All That Glitters really teaches a valuble life lesson, as told in the title. All that glitters is not gold. I loved this episode for many reasons but mainly because it was pretty touching the way SpongeBob got his spatula back. I don't think this episode could have been any better in any way. Next, Wishing You Well was awesome as well. I loved the two songs of the same tune SpongeBob sung. I also loved the ending when Mr. Krabs was about to be eaten. I think it's so cool how everyone's wishes came true and I thought both these episodes could have been made before the movie. Definitely some totally awesome episodes.
  • Most of the grade is because "Wishing You Well" which is great, "All That Glitters" I don't like as much...

    All That Glitters: I'm not too fond of this episode at all. Fist of all, the plot is a little iffy, I mean, OK, SpongeBob loves his spatula and blah but this s not the first time it breaks (like on My Pretty Sea Horse) and he never mad such a big deal about it breaking and in this episode he shows the biggest display of sadness he've ever shown before, crying until your ears bleed, it gets SO annoying! And it wasn't even funny crying like on Karate Island just obnoxious, except maybe the part when Patrick started crying with him or when SB was at the psychiatrist, other than that it's just ugh. I do like the little montage of SpongeBob doing things with the spatula.. Le Spatula, ugh, obnoxious "character" as well, overall, not one of he best episodes, final score: 7

    Wishing You Well: I totally love this episode, it's one of those few Season 4 ones that almost feel like Season 3. The plot, very simple but it was executed on a very funny way. It was hilarious to see Squidward's worst nightmare: being trapped in a hole with SpongeBob and Patrick, and the thins that happened n there were so funny, like Patrick thinking that "claustrophobic" meant being scared of Santa Claus en then trying to scare Squidward going "ho ho ho" lmao! The songs were pretty cool and catchy, and I liked that they gave a little importance to all the other characters making each of them make a wish and then have it come true. The end was so funny! Overall, this episode has the potential to go as a classic, I do think it's a bit underrated. Final grade: 9.2
  • The episode was alright despite some small flaws.

    I think the All that Glitters had a good part in showing how Spongebob deeply cares for his spatula at least in how the two work together. The way Spongebob felt about his spatula breaking in my opinion it was rather plain but with a feeling and how Mr. Krabs suggested him to buy another one was nicely in his part. What I didn't like was Le Spatula that Spongebob gave everything he has for it and yet the spatula turned him down, I must say that he could have investigated it a little more to not fall in such trap. But at the end it was nice to see how Spongebob's spatula was fixed and they continued to serve patties at the Krusty Krab.

    In Wishing you Well I say that Mr. Krabs managed to put such a scam which in fact worked at least in how Spongebob discovered the magic at the bottom of the well. The magic did all sorts of things and I liked how Patrick fought against Squidward for their space inside the well since it made it look hilarious especialyl when Squidward said he was claustrophobic which is a true condition but at the end I had fun looking at the prices everyone got. Mostly Plankton's that turned out to be tall and it was funny how he knocked all those buildings apart since he has wanted to do it all along; but Mr. Krabs' was rather cruel but it taught him to believe in the magic that was inside the well and I'm proud of that.

    The episode had it's good and bad moments but it ended up being seemingly good and I give it a 7.4 rating for this review.
  • All that Glitters was good, but Wishing You Well was better.

    All that Glitters is one of those episodes that's funny in an annoying way (or annoyingly funny or funnily annoying, whatever you want to call it), very similar to Funny Pants. Although Spongebob's crying is extremely annoying in this episode, it's also funny how he overreacted to breaking his spatula. I mean, seriously... nobody really gets that upset over a spatula breaking!:) This episode also contains one of my favorite quotes, "All that glitters is not gold." It's a pretty good lesson if you ask me. Now for Wishing You Well, the reason for the 9 rating...this is a great episode wish classic jokes, like the Santa Claus ones and Patrick thinking the well was a magical talking trash can and then not letting go of the coin before he threw it! Hahaha! Well, I suppose that's all for now. More reviews tomorrow! Marebear2009, out!
  • Good episodes

    IMO these are good episodes, if not classic ones. In All that glitters Spongebob's old spatula, Spat as he nicknames it, breaks and he is tempted into buying a new super spatula 'le spatula' with humurous consequences and a humurous employee saying no to his various offers until he finds enough cash to buy it. It however hates Spongebob and thinks of him as a low class Sponge and leaves Spongebob to reunite with Spat. In Wishing You Well Mr Krabs gets a bright idea to get some cash and builds a wishing well, with hilarious consequences. Both good episodes imo and entertaining and interesting.
  • All That Glitters=a piece of crap, Wishing You Well= Much much better.

    I did not like All That Glitters because one of the best Nickelodeon characters throws a big, gigantic fit the whole episode over a freaken kitchen utensil! He was so mentally ill in this episode, it was worst than the Family Guy episode, Lois Kills Stewie. Sponge Bob tries to flip a monster krabby patty and his spatula breaks, then he goes throwing a tantrum just because his stupid spatula broke, and he visits his spatula at the hospital(which is impossible!) and he looks for a replacement spatula. When he finds one, he gives away all his belongings, even his clothes, and when he gets back to work naked, the spatula runs away and Sponge Bob goes back to the doctor to get his spatula back, but the spatula refuses (like if a spatula can live)then sponge bob throws another tantrum! When he drags himself to work, his spatula does forgive him. What would Hillenburg say about this episode? Grade: Big fat ugly hairy F

    Whising you well was good, why would they air it with such a crappy episode? mr. Krabs builds a wishing well just to get the money, and Sponge Bob goes down the well to count the money for Mr. Krabs, the main characters make a wish and throw in a coin, and then Patrick throws himself in the well. Sponge Bob thinks no one's wishes are coming true so him and Patrick dig to find the magic, and they did find the magic. then Squidward falls into the well and him and Patrick start fighting. The next day, Sponge Bob, Patrick, and Squidward come out of the well and everyone's wishes come true. Mr. Krabs don't believe theem and he wished he was cooked with a side of melete butter, it came true!

    Grade: B
  • All that glitters:3/10 Wishing you well:8/10

    All that glitters: Bad episode. Even pokesponge123 hates it. This is worse than "have you seen this snail?" Spongebob throws a giant fit because he broke his spatula. What a crybaby! Spongebob was just plain out of character. I personally agree with everyone who says that this episode is bad. Final grade:F. Wishing you well:
    A good episode. This is the better episode. Mr.Krabs discovers about a wishing well, so he decides to make his own. Spongebob and squidward have to build it. Spongebob likes the idea. Squidward doesnt.Spongebob gets a job counting the money,patrick falls in, then squidward, and they come out the next morning. Pretty good episode. Final grade:B-. Final episode grade:C-
  • This is great. Especially Wishing You Well

    All that Glitters

    The Good: SpongeBob's crying session, the "doctor", what SpongeBob had to sell for Le Spatula, SpongeBob returning to the hospital

    The Bad: Unengaging between the funny moments, Spat being a stuck-up fop

    Full Review: This really is a good episode. The best parts, however, are confined to the start. SpongeBob clutches Spat's broken handle crying wherever he goes and then Patrick randomly starts crying before asking SpongeBob why he is crying! then, the doctor isn't a doctor. To top it all off, SpongeBob pays everything he owns for a high-tech spatula, even his clothes! Then, it runs away and spongeBob drags himself to the hospital on two streams of tears! Sadly, Spat's foppishness really lets down a great episode, as does the rather predictable overall ending.

    Wishing You Well

    The Good: Mr. Krabs' money-hunting, Plankton's wish, squidward

    The Bad: Nothing

    Full Review: This episode makes the previous one seem boring! The start is even more hilarious than the last episode's! Mr. Krabs is checking payphone coin returns for money(!) and then sees a quarter before picking it up. Then the boy who owns the quarter wants it back.

    MR. KRABS: How do i know he didn't steal it?

    lol. Then when someone says wishing wells are fun, the person is called a heartless brute! Then Mr. Krabs makes his own well and SpongeBob and patrick are put down there. Then they find "the magic" and wish Squidward down as well. Mr. Krabs then comes back to see Squidward in the bucket. All the wishes then come true. Including Plankton's one to become giant! He then destroys the city. This really is absolutely hilarious!
  • I only saw wishing you well, so i'll review that episode!

    Wishing you well: mr krabs decides to have a well by the krabby patty and sends spongebob down to collect the money. spongebob hears the townspeoples wishes: sandy wants a telescope, mrs puff wants a hot rod car to make her one hot mama and plankton wants to be ginormous to crush his enemies. patrick then wishes spongebob was there and falls down the well, staying with spongebob. they then dig for the magic. squidward the comes along and patrick wishes squidward was there with them, so squidward falls down the well. squidward says hes claustrophobic, but spongebob and patrick thinks that means hes afraid of santa. *patrick: ho ho ho* then next morning, mr krabs gets the 3 of them out of the well. spongebob tells mr krabs about the magic, but, he doesn't believe spongebob. they then see sandy with a new telescope, mrs puff with a hot rod boat and a huge plankton. mr krabs then wishes he was fried, buttered and served on a plate. it happens. a guys aboput to eat him *oh no*. the end!
  • Wishing You Well: Good, All That Glitters: Terrible

    All That Glitters: Spongebob's spatula breaks, it does seem that we learn that Spongebob really loves his spatula, but it breaks and Spongebob gives away everything for a spatula worth thousands of dollars, didn't like how Spongebob appeared naked for almost the whole episode, now the spatula became a disgrace, that spatula ended up acting like that customer from ''Pizza Delivery'' episode, the spatula was a big jerk to Spongebob. That stupid monster kabby patty ruined it!

    Episode Grade: D

    Wishing You Well: A good episode, no wonder why Mr. Krabs is still into money, Although it was funny with Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward around. BTW, how can Mr. Krabs would of thought that money will drop down the well in the night, especially the middle of the night?

    Episode Grade: B-(Well, its not one of my favorite episodes)

    Final Grade: C+
  • Mr.Krabs has a well built to get money. SpongeBob is excited because so many dreams will come true. Can SpongeBob prove the existence of magic?

    This episode was pretty funny. The beginning with of the episode with Mr. Krabs tiff with the mother and little boy was funny (especially him getting hit with that lady's purse). SpongeBob also shows off his singing skill again (much to Squidward's dismay). The scene in the well was pretty hilarious, with SpongeBob and Patrick digging for magic, Squidward attempting to climbing out of the well and complaining about being claustorphobic (Patrick thought he was scared of Santa Claus), and that little fight between Patrick and Squidward was pretty funny as well. The ending was great, when Squidward wished he was far away from SpongeBob, the bus came up and crashed into him and was going far away (Patrick said "Lucky"). Mr.Krabs tried to tell SpongeBob there was no such thing as magic, but when Sandy, Mrs. Puff, and Plankton got their wishes, it was pretty convincing (especially since Plankton was over twenty feet tall). Mr. Krabs refused to believe and even made a crazy wish to prove it. That was a big mistake.
  • All That Glitters is a fine example: You can never replace your best friends.

    One hilarious episode. I love all episodes that SpongeBob Sings in. There were some tight quotes too. Here\'s one: Squidward: This is the worst job ever! Well, at least I\'m not outside digging ditches.
    Mr. Krabs: Squidward! SpongeBob! I got a new job for you!
    That was tight. And Mrs. Puff\'s wish was pretty funny. She\'ll never become a hot riding mama with her age and job! All That Glitters: No one has ordered a monster krabby patty for years, but today that changed. SpongeBob tries to flip the GIANT patty, but \'Spat\' splits in 2. I liked it where SpongeBob was crying, and then another SpongeBob came on the screen and said, \"All that glitters is not gold\"(That means even though his spat is not gold, it still glitters.) Thanks! Great Episode! Hope to see mopre SpongeBob songs in the future AND episodes like this in the future of SpongeBob and Nickelodeon! Thanks creator of SpongeBob (Stephen Hillenburg)
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