SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 12

All That Glitters / Wishing You Well

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jun 02, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • "All That Glitters" was absolutely TERRIBLE but I loved "Wishing You Well"

    All That Glitters: This is probably one of the worst SpongeBob episodes that I have ever seen. The thing that made me hate this episode was that SpongeBob was crying WAY too much in this episode and it felt like it was going on forever. It was also stupid... why would SpongeBob freak out about his spatula breaking if we have seen him break one before? come on!!! SpongeBob's non-stop crying was so annoying and I shoved my ears until it finally stopped. SpongeBob being naked through almost the entire episode wasn't funny at all, I think I only found it a little funny was when Mr. Krabs came in the kitchen and said "Don't you have any shame boy?". Here is the difference in my opinion, "Funny Pants" was only a little annoying and it was funny... "All That Glitters" was extremely annoying and rarely funny. I thought the other part that I found a little funny was when Patrick walked up crying along with SpongeBob in the beginning of the episode when SpongeBob was crying. SpongeBob trading in everything just for a spatula was absolutely pathetic. Plus, there was even more non-stop crying towards the end of this episode. Overall, a couple of funny scenes, but if SpongeBob didn't cry so freakin' much and wasn't naked almost through the entire episode, I would have enjoyed this episode more. 2/10

    Wishing You Well: This episode is WAY better than "All That Glitters" and it was a major improvement over that episode also. This is one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes. It was funny when Mr. Krabs decides to have a wishing well at the Krusty Krab. I also loved the song that SpongeBob sang about the wishing well TWICE. The first wishing well song was the original and the second wishing well song SpongeBob reprised it... that means they both have different lyrics. It was funny when SpongeBob and Patrick found the magic at the wishing well. It was also funny that Squidward fell in the wishing well and was stuck with SpongeBob and Patrick... haha that's what you get for laughing at SpongeBob and Patrick, serves you right Squidward. It was also funny when SpongeBob says that Squidward is afraid of Santa Claus. Everyone's wishes that were made in the wishing well was also very funny. It was also funny how Mr. Krabs didn't believe in magic and SpongeBob tries to prove it by seeing that everyone's wishes came true. It was funny how Mr. Krabs wished he was a steamed crab just to prove that there is no such thing as magic but it all came true and then the episode ends with the guy about to eat Mr. Krabs and Mr. Krabs says "I do believe in magic". Overall, one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes. 10/10
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